Azipad Extra Thick Maxi Boosters

Azipad Extra Thick Maxi Boosters

Rectangular maxi inserts, about twice as thick as other maxi inserts.

This absorbent insert can be used as an absorption booster in diapers or as an inserter in waterproof pants.

The cellulose pad without SAP* is extra soft and allows for rapid absorption.

Dimensions: 15 x 60 x 2 cm (5.9 x 23.6 x 0.8 inches)

Absorbent Capacity: 1000 ml

* without SAP (superabsorbent polymers)

The price start at €11.95 but if you order 4 or more bag the price drop to €11.35

You can place you order here.

ABU PowerUps

ABU PowerUpsABU Power Ups™

Boost Your Diapers!

 Get a boost in absorbency with ABU PowerUps™! At 1/8 inch thin, ABU PowerUp can expand to 1.5 inches providing you with far greater endurance while doing just about anything!! Want 2x the boost? Just use 2 ABU PowerUps™! What’s stopping you?

The Features:

  • Absorbs Over 900ML!
  • Dimensions: L 16.5″, W 6″
  • Height: 0.125′
  • Swell Factor: 1.5″ Boost
  • Quick Absorb Core
  • Lock In Place Adhesive
  • Optional Baby Fresh Scent

The boosters can be order from this website

Wow i sure love the design and the name on this new boosters. I hope some store in Europe or Sweden is going to store this boosters :)