Learning magical spells

Learning magical spellsDraw and everything by ConejoBlanco

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/30131382/

I sure wounder what type of spell this bunny trying to be good on? Maybe it is some sort of diaper spell off some kind?

But this sure make for a cute drawing.

Pichu learned a new move

Pichu learned a new moveThis Pokemon is trying to learn a new move by reading a book. I think it called thunder

Pichu Pichuboy

Draw and text by Zanten94

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/20017789/

Yes this Pokemon sure looks very happy about trying to learn a new move and his diaper butt look super cute to.

Potty 101

Potty 101Fox: ?

Draw by Lincub

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18751072/

The good thing about diapers is that you dont need to stop reading when you need to pee or poo you can slowly empty it into the waiting diaper. And if you have someone that change you diaper when you need a new one you dont even then continue reading your book and let the caretaker handle the diapers change. Looks like this little Fox have a wonderful time right now. He seems to be very focus on reading that book right now or maybe he youst watching the pictures.

Little bookworms

Little bookwormsMaybe they´re still in diaper but their reading is better than many big ponies!

Order by artiecanvas

Draw by CuddleHooves

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/18592852/

It is good that they still wears diapers if this book that they are reading turn out to be a scary one.

Order new ABDL books from Madeline De Hywis

Now when i have finish the first 6 book about Peteys New Life In Diapers is it time to order some more abdl books that i can read. This was the book that i order this time from Amazon kindle store.

Book Description

Petey is back at it again. He can’t seem to stop finding himself in the company of dominant women wherever he goes. His dominant motherly wife Stephanie is taking him on the trip of his life, to her mothers for 2 weeks! Unknown to Petey, a couple dominant friends will be there… And of course, Steph still has Petey in diapers and she makes him use them in the most humiliating ways! A several part story begins here, with a very humiliating trip through the supermarket, a long drive in diapers, a very embarrassing introduction to the mother in law and her friends, and a steamy scene with Steph. Can Petey avoid falling deeper into the pit of diaper humiliation?

Not light hearted adult baby/infantile play. This is for those who enjoy a strong dose of humiliation with their adult baby play. No minors involved.

forced adult diaper wearing (and using)
sexual themes
consenting adult baby/infantilism play (NO MINORS INVOLVED)

Book Description

Three tales of male submission. The first and longest story, “It’s So Easy to Get you Back into Diapers” is a first hand account of a dominant woman’s methods of slowly breaking down your defenses, bringing you to the point of finally allowing her to first panty and then ultimately diaper you. Many humiliations follow. The second story “Stinky Pants”, Tracy makes Marty do very humiliating things in his diapers as a “fun” dominating game. The last story “My Story of Total Humiliation” involves a main character (male) who meets a beautiful woman in a bar and tries to give up his diaper fetish. Can he do it?
It should be nice to read the last book and see what that is all about.

My second order from abstories.net

Yesterday i bought some ABDL books from abstories.net and they turn out to be weary good and interesting reading. Special one off the book that i like allot and that was Flying with Baby i really love that one. The only bad thing is that you dont get any information what is going to happen when they are in London. Maybe it is another book for that? But this time i decided for this ABDL book:

  • Training Mark
  • Mummy and Me
  • From Boyfriend To BAby
  • Percy’s Punishment
  • Nappy Discipline
  • Return to the Nursery

It sounds like this can be some weary nice books that i decided to order this time.

You can also order most of the book from abstories.net on the Kindle Store.