blort Bolt- messy diaper

blort bolt- messy diaperBolt fillin his pamps like a good boy.

Draw and everything by yourfur

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Wow it sure looks like Bolt know how to use his diaper. Look what a big stinky mess he have release into it. It sure is one huge mess inside his diaper now.

Bolt the diaper save the night – diaperfur4life


Yes it sure looks like Bolt the diaper saved the night for this little boy. Otherwise he should have wake up in a wet bed and that should be a really sad thing. The diaper should be wet and soggy not the bed.

Finger painting with friends

Finger painting with friendspichuboy finger painting with his brother Bolt and poke5869 Darny as his eevee self ^^

Now they can paint with three times as many colors at once!


Darny poke5869

Draw and text by pichu90

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Yes finger painting is very fun but the diaper and the cloths get get very messy if they get allot of paint on it.

Good that this three cubs only is playing around whit the paint wearing only the diapers.

Wave at the camera

Wave at the camerapichuboy commission, this time his brother Bolt is waving

He is a Tiger-Fox pichu if you’re wondering ^^

Order by pichuboy

Draw and text by pichu90

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Bolt looks very happy that someone is going to take a photo of him. I bet it is going to be a nice photo.