New diaper – help him?

New diaper - help him?Poor Ricky can’t put it on himself, he will need some help pronto. Anyone?

Ricky: pichuboy

Draw and text by pichu90


Poor little Ricky it seems like he needs some help to put on the new diaper. Thats is nothing to be blushing about little friend everyone needs help sometime and getting the diaper on right is very imported so the diaper dont leak.


KidnappedCharacters belongs to Tommy13

Draw by BabyStar


Looks like this two girls have end up in kind of bad situation. Wounder what have happen to them? Have them been kidnapped?

But one thing for sure as long they stay in this place i think they are going to be forced to wear and use there diapers.

A Little Play

A Little Play
Alone time in wet diapers, who can blame her?

Netto and text by UK-Brony

Draw by naughty-nat


Yes who can blame Netto for wanting to have a nice special time in here wet diaper? Seems like she have a awesome time and like to masturbate when she is wearing the diaper.

First time trying diapers uodated

First time trying diapers uodated
Later of saving money selling candies in her school, she had enough for buy a whole pack of diapers, and looks like she likes them :)

Everything done by ConejoBlanco


Yes the diaper that she have found sure looks very nice and cute on this bunny. Now can she relax and have a wonderful time whit here new diaper package.

Wet pull-ups accident

Wet pull-ups accidentSource: omutsu

Poor little girl it seems like she have end up whit a accident in here pull-ups and i cna understand that she is crying about it. I dont think she is going to be allow to wear big girls pants for a long time. Maybe they even decide that she needs to wear tape diaper instead of the pull-ups that can handle her big accidents in a better way.

Oh gosh

Oh goshOh gosh what is happen whit my pants now can everyone see my hart printed diaper butt. This is so embarrassing. It is not my fault that my mom put me in the wrong diaper this morning. This diapers is for my sister that. Way do mother always do this kind if mistake in the morning.

Now is everyone going to teas me about this.

Draw by Zanten94