Mom why do i need to where this pink diaper?

Mom why do i need to where this pink diaper?Something that Foxy dont like is when some of mommy’s friends is visiting. They like to dress him in thick diapers and some time even a short skirt thats dont cover match of the pink diaper that he is force to wear. And if i dont do what they say i receive a spanking.

The most blushing is that sometime he have a friend over for a playtime and it is kind of blushing to waddle around in a skirt and a pink diaper.

Draw by: Diapered-buns


StinkerLooks like I’m not quite ready for undies….or even Pull-Ups for that matter. Having the nickname ‘Stinker’ has a dual meaning with me.

This is paddedringtail ‘s depiction of me in my third poopy diaper. This is all before afternoon nap as well. Seems like a few too many stinky diapers, but I did have a lot of bacon and eggs for breakfast…

Caiden and text: tugscarebear

Draw by paddedringtail


Yes if this is his third messy diaper today i dont think that Caiden tummy like the bacon and eggs that hi had for breakfast. Maybe his tummy is not ready for that sort of food yet.

  • Pooping in my diaper-inside view series 3 (

avarios veemon pamper power up

avarios veemon pamper power upwhere do all these different cursed/hexed/possessed pampers keep coming from?

he may wanna stop what he’s doing before he’s enthralled again…

Order: avarios

Text and draw by catmonkshiro


Yes where is all this cursed/hexed/possessed pampers coming from?

I think it is already to lathe for this Veemon. It seems that he already enjoy wearing his diaper and to hear all the crinkle sounds from it when he rub the front of his diaper.

Now is it only one thing left for him to do. He need to wetting his diaper to.

Comic: Caiden and Kyle

Comic: Caiden and Kyle


Hope Kyle learn to behave now after this spanking season and being put back to diaper like his little brother.

Kyle you are newer going to hide that diapers of your whit that t-shirt that you are wearing now. It is to short for that.

Dian Spanking

Dian Spanking

Draw by Spanking649


Poor Dian cannot be so match fun to receive a spanking from his sister Diana. I can understand way his face is so red and it seems like she is spanking him weary hard to.

Wounder what he have done to deserve something like this.

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