There’s an app for that 5

There’s an app for that 5Centzon emerges from the washroom. clad only in his new garment, as his underpants and shorts were a complete write off… I think the best he can hope for is for not many people see him…

Order Centzon

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


I think it is going to be hard to cover this thing. If one see him in this state it is going to spreed quickly in the school. But i hope it going to end up well for him.

Kupo Public Diaper Change


Poor Kupo it looks that everyone is going to watch him get change into a clean and dry diaper now. I bet that must be very blushing and embarrassing for you.

But you need a new diaper and you are to little to do the diaper change your self.

Strung Up Diaper Baby

Strung Up Diaper BabySeems that I got myself a lil ties up in a diaper training program, don’t quiet know how to get out of this situation hehe.

Jackal and text: anu_skyrise_jackal

Draw by Crinkles


Seems like this boy have end up in a bad situation. Wounder how long they are going to let him lie there in a messy diaper. It really look like he needs to be change now.

Babystar birthday babying

Babystar birthday babyingbabystar was having a birthday and was treated to a little party with a few friends… with cake and balloons and everything!

yeah… shenanigans happened, and the cat is totally at fault here…^^

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Yes it really seems that they forgot to tell here about that very imported part that she is going to end up messing the diaper when she have starting to eat the cake.

This was no not that kind of birthday that babystar wont to have. Can not be so fun to mess the diaper in front of others when you eating a cake. But i bet they understand.

Squishy touch

squishy touchKat really needs a new diaper urgently lol
Keep that diaper away from my nose!

I did old/vintage diaper here, more thicker, more jelly and less absorbent lol

A little note i want do, David turning his head catching her wet padding front of him, this is why him is embarrassed :)

Draw and text by ConejoBlanco


Wounder if he could smell that wet diaper smell? I bet he could special now when his nose was so close to the wet diaper.

At least it seems like he still have a clean and dry diaper.