BlankiePlush – My ABDL Life

Fun day at the park

It sure seems like this little furry have a fun time at the park playing around on the playground :)

Looks like FriskyFolf is about to get caught

Yes it sure seems like poor @FriskyFolf is about getting caught whit his pants down :(

Sleepy time after adventure in the park – BlankiePlush

After a couple off hours at the park playing it is time for a diaper change and heading back home. And like all others babyfur they almost instantly fall asleep. I only hope that he is going to have some nice dreams now.

It is sleepy time for FlipBunny


Yes it sure seems to be sleepy time for this cute little furry :)

Naptime for this furry

Yes it sure is a nice naptime for this cute little furry and it seems like his LittlePawz diaper is still clean and dry.