Looks like my bedtime protection failed – littlebigott

Yes it sure seems like someone is in need of some thicker night time protection then the pull ups he is wearing now. It seems like they cannot keep up whit his wetting and starting to leak pretty bad :(

Poor thing he sure have woke up whit a pretty big wet spot around his padded butt :( I sure wounder what his mother is going to say about this?

Plush Starbuck and Plush Artie soon time for crinkly fun – BlankiePlush

Yes soon they are ready for some crinkly fun :) But his friend sure have one special look on his face. Something maybe is wrong here?

But it is sure nice to wear some thick nice diapers :)

Sleepy cuddles with @RTheotter

Aww looks like they are sleeping good together :)

But we can sure ask our self way is it only one that are wearing a diaper? Should not the other one wearing a night diaper to?

What a nice way to spend the night! – BlankiePlush

Looks like they have a nice and fun gaming time :) Wounder what type of game they are playing?

Adellinden is going to need a new belt – BlankiePlush

Aww poor Adellinden :( looks like his big secret is out now that he still needs to wear diapers :( Poor thing he sure going to receive allot of teasing now :(

Snuggling whit cubs – BlankiePlush

Looks like someone have a nice and snuggling time together whit some cubs :)