Babyfur Comic: o sonho da regra 63, página 1

Babyfur Comic: o sonho da regra 63, página 1Draw and everything by Yure16


Poor cat it really seems like he always ended up whit a full bladder and soggy diaper.

Maybe he should decide to start wearing thicker diapers or change his diaper more frequently. Then he should stop having this sort of problems :)

It sure going to be nice to see what is going to happen to him in the next page.


FetichezinhoYure holding it in, to beautiful scenery.x3

Draw and text by Yure16


This cats bladder is really going to burst at any minute now and he is going to flood his diaper :)

Babyfur Comic: o sonho do gigante, página 5

Babyfur Comic: o sonho do gigante, página 5“I’m too desperate, I don’t think I’ll be able to withstand it.”

“If I were to relieve myself, where would it be?”

“No place seems acceptable; wherever I look at are…”

“…cities, rivers, mountains, praires. I can’t ruin places like those!”

Pant, pant…

“And what if I, simply, used my diaper? Would it endure the pressure? And if… if it leaks… would not I cause a…”


Draw and everything by Yure16


Poor cat it really seems like he need to go potty. His acing bladder is going to burst any moment now. I think he can relax his diaper should handle it youst fine i hope.

YSM 5 hour incontinence problems

YSM 5 hour incontinence problems
YSM 5 hour incontinence problems

yiffskritchmurr was expecting a quiet day at home. so he figured he’d indulge himself a little with a beverage that gives the one to consume it, 5 hours of incontinence… in this case… only his bladder was affected…
however after drinking it… he gets a call for an important job interview

“why now?!”

let’s hope his dress clothes can conceal a thirsty pair of pampers…

Draw by: catmonkshiro

I have not draw this page and the characters is not me.


Seams like it turn out to not be any quiet day for yiffskritchmurr. We can only hope that the dont found out about the diaper when he shows up for the Interview. That should be something very embarrassing if the found out about the diaper special a wet diaper.

How to Use Urinary Catheters With Diapers

Urinary catheters are often used in patients recovering from surgery or for those who can no longer control bladder function or have been diagnosed with a disease process that blocks the ureters or has damaged the urinary system. The catheter and diaper are also often needed in pediatric situations. A combination of a catheter and a brief, the more correct and dignity-saving term for adult diapers, is often seen in nursing homes or long term care facilities. Medical staff as well as home-based care givers can offer quality care for those using both catheter and brief by learning a few basic tips.

Step 1

Inspect the catheter insertion site to make sure you don’t see any signs of blood or infection. In men or women, the catheter is inserted into the urinary meatus. Once the catheter is in, a balloon is inflated to hold the catheter in place. You should be able to very gently tug on the catheter line to make sure it’s in place and won’t slip out.

Step 2

Place the catheter line against one leg, making sure there’s enough slack in the line to enable some movement. Velco straps are available from medical supply stores to help secure the catheter line against the thigh wherever it’s most comfortable for the patient. For infants, toddlers and small children, ensure that the line offers enough room for movement without allowing so much that the toddler or child can play or pull out the catheter.

Step 3

Prepare the diaper or brief, opening it up and laying it flat in preparation for use. Placement of the brief is the same for anyone, whether she’s wearing a catheter or not.

Step 4

Turn the patient so you can place the brief along her bottom, then pass the front end of the brief up in between her legs, making sure you don’t crimp, bend or otherwise catch the catheter tube in the brief in the groin area. Attach the brief using the tabs provided for securing.

Step 5

Attach the end of the catheter to a leg or drain bag. Catheters for infants may drain directly into the diaper, but others should be equipped with a bag to catch the urine. The catheter tubing should be long enough to allow placement of the bag around the lower part of the leg where it can be hidden in pants or under a lap blanket for dignity issues.

Step 6

Attach the tubing to the lower calf with another Velcro strip to prevent either catheter tubing or urine bag from dragging on or touching the floor.


Wounder what the diaper it there for? Maybe it is there to handle some bowel problem or so?

Wet pants at the hospital

Wet pants at the hospital
Its hard to control thing like your bladder when your paws hurts. So that leads to some wet pants and bed. The nurse try to calm me down whit a pacifier before she going to diaper me. Thats going to help me to keep my pants and bed dry.

Draw by:  tato

As the morning light creaked through the young kit’s bedroom. He heard the usual knock on his door by Mother, signalling it’s time to get up. It may have been a Saturday, But the kit didn’t want to make any fuss. Don’t want Bedhead anyways. As he got dressed he hummed his usual tune, Slipping on his socks he walked out, Wiping the eye boogies from his face and heading to the bathroom. Brushing his teeth, For two minutes like his mom said to do or else the Dentist. Ever since he heard the “An Apple a Day” saying, The red fur kit rolled his eyes as he tried this theory for about a month. Every day, biting into an apple. Didn’t really help keep the Dentist away, If anything it brought him closer since biting into those things loosened so many baby teeth. But he didn’t mind. He didn’t really want to shower today, He didn’t smell.. At least, to him. He walked downstairs telling his Mom a good morning and after they’re lovely breakfeast he waved goodbye, went through the backdoor to the Garage and picked up his brand new bike. So shiny, So lovely and it’s got the smell of a new day. As he rode he gave his usual neighbors the wave. The typical snickers of the neighborhood boys, Always spreading rumors that the poor Kit is actually just a big baby and should be in diapers. But he didn’t care. Course, isn’t it lovely that the ONE TIME he decided to close his eyes and ride to really enjoy the wind blowing through his fur. He falls off. But.. Instead of a scrape, something felt wrong. For a mere second he had to think, Before a sharp pain was introduced into his arm. He cried for his Mom, Which almost in an instant she was there. As the kit explained to her, She rushed him to the hospital. The Nurse understanding her worry, Merely the second he was laid on the bed, To add the worse feel he had an accident. A. 10. Year. Old. Kit. Has an accident. Not just in his house where’s it is private, but a Hospital. He tried covering it but moving his arm only made him cry in pain, As the Nurse tried calming him down with a Pacifier for infants it only made him feel worse..

Story by:   pieforberries1