Foxy and his ball

Foxy and his ballFoxy was playing in the playroom at the preschool where he have found a nice and big boll to play whit. After he have play whit it for a wile one of the teacher decide to ask him if he could let some other kid borrow it for a wile now and that he could go and play whit something else now. The teacher also needed to check his diaper to see if he needed a change and that was kind of hard when Foxy was playing whit that big ball.

Foxy that still wont to play whit the ball decided to look up at the teacher whit some big cute eyes and hope that should work for him to get his wish come true.

What do you think happen?

Draw by Zanten94

Sparkypup big ball time

Sparkypup big ball timeWolf sparkypup

Draw by ZombiNeko


Looks like this cute little wolf have a nice and fun playtime on the big ball. I only hope that he dont fall down and hurt himself.