Double up diaper wetting – dl-teen

Wow it sure seems like he is flooding is diaper pretty big. Looks what a big wet spot his diaper front ends up whit. Good thing the Comficare diaper is there to handle it.

The new BetterDry

If you dont already know ComfiCare have change the name to BetterDry and they have release the new product now that is assign to that name.

M10 (5)-1000x1000BetterDry, the all new ComfiCare successor.
Very thick to use super-absorbent diaper briefs for heavy incontinence.
Also provides mobile users maximum convenience and security.

Since this diaper for the night is developed, it is comparatively very thick (about 0.5cm) and is thereby contributing not very discreet
Now with four large double adhesive tapes instead of a landing zone in order to refasten your diaper well again, Extra high anti-leak walls of approximately 5.5cm.
Fully equipped with sturdy plastic outer layer with moisture indicator.

M10 = 75-110cm (29.5-43.3 “), max. Absorption 4394g
L10 = 110-150cm (43.3-59 “), max. Absorption 5128g

M10 (6)-1000x1000

ComfiCare is now change to BetterDry

In this video we give you an update on the ComfiCare production status and changes to the product itself. Furthermore, the brand name will be changed to BetterDry to address trademark issues in the USA.

Video and text by BetterDry

Should be nice to see how this new version of the diaper is going to look like and work.