Cutesie Tootsie Beekay

Cutesie Tootsie BeekayThe cute cat Beekay2

Draw by Perfectly.Patches


Aww this sure is one super cat that’s we having here and it seems like it soon is time to change this cats diaper. But it is not so soggy yet so i bet we can wait a little and change it lather.

Sisterly Love

Sisterly Love
Here we have Sapphire and her sister Beekay in the nursery, Sapphire was playing with her sister before smelling the air noticing a familier stink fill the air as she went over and squeezed the back of her sisters diaper proclaiming “Awww…. who’s a widdle stinker?” Beekay in return blushed and flattened her ears putting her paw on a new package of diapers wanting a change right there, and it seems Sapphire is not far behind as her diapers are quite buldged out in the back as well, seems its time for both princesses to change each other before they go back to playing~!

Sapphire bestsage

Beekay beekay2

Art by Diegesis


Looks like someone get a squishy diaper check here to see if the little toddler needs a new diaper its looks like she is a stinky one. But from my point of view it seems like the both are some stinky cubs and in the need of a new clean diaper :)


DJ Beekay2 is padded up to not have to take unnecessary potty breaks during their gigs :)

Cheetah Beekay2

Draw and text by Yookey


Yes it is good to wear some thick and poofy diaper when you are visiting a party. Because when you do that you dont need to worry about to stop having fun and go and have a potty break. You can youst use the diaper that you are wearing and change it after the party :)