Wet soggy cloth diaper morning – goldenboyuk-blog


It sure seems like this diaper boy sure have woke up whit a pretty wet cloth diaper this morning. Good thing he decided to put it on last night :) It sure seems like it was needed pretty bad.

Three soggy diaper furry – Satuki_rabbi

This three furry sure seems to be in need of a good diaper change. There diapers sure seems to be pretty wet and soggy right now. At least they are wearing some good protection for there bedwetting problems.

Vulcan bedwetting – Satuki_rabbit

At least Vulcan seems to be a pretty good boy and wear his night time diapers :) It really seems from the big yellow spot on his diaper front that he really needs them to.

Wet Undies Again? Looks Like it’s Back to Diapers

Wet Undies Again? Looks Like it's Back to Diapers

Looks like someone’s getting put back into diapers after soaking their big boy pants.

Characters belongs to ALittlePrince and lulukitten

Text by ALittlePrince

Draw by Wen

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/27716354/

Awww poor looks like ALittlePrince have woke up whit another night time accidents and this time his mother think it is time for him to get back into diapers again. Special during his sleep so the diaper can handle his bedwetting problems and the diaper helps his bed to stay dry and soft instead of being wet and cold. That most be match more nicer :)

Luxe bedwetting – Satuki_rabbit

Poor Luxe looks like he is going to need to start wearing some protection here. He sure have one big wet spot on his bed and cloths now.

Luxe before bed at night – Satuki_rabbit

At lest he is a good boy and wear his pull ups. So he is well protected for his night time accident so he dont end up whit a wet and soggy bed. That should be even more blushing then a soggy diaper and match less cleaning to be handling whit.