Jack’s Plan Chapter 1

Story written by abdl5622

Riiinnnngggg, the bell signaling the end of the school day rang. Finally, that day seemed to drag on forever. I got up from my desk eagerly and threw my folders in my blue backpack.

“Summer at last and not a moment to soon. Am I right Jack?”

“No kidding” I said as we walked toward the bright yellow school bus to take us home.

“Any plans?”
“None that I can think of. How about you Sam?”

“I have a vacation with my family planned”

“That sounds fun”

“Yeah, we are going to a lake house for a month”

“Oh, cool”

Now what am I going to do this summer? I thought as I stared out the window watching the brightly colored houses pass by.

“Well this is my stop. Talk to you later Jack”

“Have fun on your vacation”

“Thanks” he replied as he got off the bus.

So bored… I bet my sister never gets bored. She just gets to play all day without a care in the world. She doesn’t even have to worry about the bathroom. Man, what I would give to relive those days. Looks like this is my stop.

I got off the yellow school bus and walked to my house.

“Happy last day of school Jack” my mother said with glee.

“Thanks, it couldn’t have come a day later”

A rancid smell reached my nose and in waddled my little sister in her bright blue dress.

“Mommy… I make stinky”

“I will be right there dear”

“Sorry Jack, I am going to have to cut this short. Wouldn’t want this little stinker to get a rash now would we” she said while tickling my little sister before scooping her up and taking her upstairs.

Never anytime for me. I guess I can go watch some TV.

I plopped down on the couch and flipped on the TV and noticed the commercial playing was for a product called Goodnites. It had a mother reading to her happy child.

That would be nice, just me and mom together. Hmmm… I wonder.

Before I could finish my thought, in walks my mother.

“Sorry about that Jack”

“No problem”

“Thanks, your always such a good sport about stuff like this. So, how was your last day?”

“Good, Sam is leaving for the month though”
“That’s unfortunate”

“Ya, but I can find other things to do”


“So, how has your day been?”

“Busy, but not more than usual. I think I might start potty training your sister in a couple months or so. I just don’t know if she is ready. So what are you watching?”

“Nothing yet, just flipping channels”

“I am going to get dinner started. I will call you when it is ready”

“Sounds good mom”

She then walked out of the room as I continued to stare blankly at the screen. I could not get my mind off of the Goodnites from earlier.

What would it be like to wear those things? They look like my sisters Pampers.

I wanted to learn more about it. It filled my mind.

Maybe I will find something online about it?

I walked up the old stairs to my room. It was silent as usual. I grabbed my laptop from my desk and jumped on my bed. I began looking up the product.

Goodnites… says here that they are to help manage bedwetting. So, if I wet the bed, mom might get them for me and as a result, spend more time with me. But I don’t know, I do not need diapers, I am old enough. Though it says here that they are not diapers. I don’t know, this plan doesn’t seem sound.

“Jack. Dinner is ready” my mom called up.

“Be right there”

I guess this will have to wait.

With a click, I closed my laptop and went downstairs.

“What’s for dinner?”



I sat down at the table, my sister was in her high chair already being fed by my mom.

She gets all of the attention and I don’t even get a glance.

I made myself a plate and ate alone at the table. I put my plate in the sink and went back upstairs to continue my research. I opened up my laptop and began looking at the Goodnites page again.

If this is what it takes to get mom to notice me. Or even if it gives me a chance… A small tear formed in my left eye. A chance at not being alone. It has to be worth a try. I wiped away the tear from my eye.

Now for a plan. I thought as I came up with a strategy for the next few days, but it started tonight.

I soon began to get a little tired. So, I went to the bathroom to get a drink of water. I found my least favorite pajamas and climbed into bed. I could feel pressure building in my bladder as it began to fill.

“Night mom”

“Night Jack” she called back from her room.

As I lay in bed and stared at the ceiling I just kept thinking. Do I really want to do this? I mean I can still turn back. I could feel pain coming from my bladder as it asked for relief. But all I could picture in my mind were the Goodnites. Here it goes. I slowly relaxed. It took a while to overcome the years of potty training but soon I could feel my crotch becoming warm and damp as the stream increased. I glanced down to see a dark patch forming on my sheets. Soon, the stream stopped as a faint smell of urine filled the room. Well, the deed is done. Now to see the results. As I drifted off into a damp sleep.

Story written by abdl5622

Jody’s New Job Chapter 7

Story written by neverdry.

Jody heard the door close. She wiped some tears from her face. There was a little light coming from around the blinds on the window. She placed her hand on the front of her training pants. How could she let herself get put into these? I don’t need them. Jody grabbed  the training pants on each side and pulled them down.  She tossed them over the railing.  She wiped a few more tears from her cheeks and closed her eyes. I don’t think I can stay. Something is just not right. Before long, Jody fell asleep.

Kim and Susan watched as Jody removed her training pants.

“I should go right back in there and put them back on her.” Susan said.

Kim chuckled. “We don’t want to give away that we are watching her.”

“Good point.”

“Can you believe how far this has gone, in a very short amount of time?” Kim asked.

Susan held up her iPhone. “No I can’t.  Getting the toilet raised up was the best thing we did. I can’t believe she did not ask for help. All she had to do was ask.”

“I know right. I guess at 22, she thought she should not need help.”

“Being 22 and peeing in your pants, twice is okay.” Susan said, and both her and Kim laughed together.

“What are we going to do tomorrow? You know that more wet pants are going to happen. She is so scared of using that toilet. I don’t think she will even want to go into that bathroom.”

Susan thought for a moment. “I don’t really know. Let’s just see how it all plays out. I was thinking of going out for breakfast, but I don’t want  her to see a regular sized toilet for a while.”

“True. That reminds me. Did you take the washroom sign off the door in the office?”

“I did. We just need to make sure that door stays closed.”

Kim receached out her hand and put in Susan’s. “I really think by tomorrow night, we can get her into a nice thick diaper.”

“I believe you may be right my love. Can you believe we finally have a little girl after waiting so long?” Susan said putting down the iPhone and giving Kim a kiss.

“I’m so happy right now Susan. I’m so glad you found her. She is going to turn out perfect.”

Jody slept well until about 6am. She was having a nice dream. She was working in the office, on the computer. Everyone that she saw was telling her what a great job she was doing. Looking out the window she could see her new car. A red little sports car. The beautiful dream turned into a nightmare fast. All of a sudden she was  standing in the bathroom, getting ready to use the toilet. “Little girl, you  cannot get up on me.” Jody stepped away and turned, facing the toilet. The toilet rose up. It  had a mouth and eyes.  The toilet showed it’s big sharp teeth. “That’s right little girl. You can’t use me.”

“But, I have to.” Jody said, putting her hands between her legs. She had to pee and she had no time to wait.

“That’s to bad, little girl.”

“Please. Please let me use you.” Jody pleaded.

The toilet laughed, showing it’s big sharp teeth.   “I don’t think so. Only big girls get to use me.”

“But I am a big girl.”

Jody heard water running in the sink. She looked at it. The faust rose up from the sink  and started to spray warm water all over her. Jody screamed out loud when the warm water hit her.

The toilet started laughing in a very dark way. . The warm water had soaked Jody. Jody turned and ran. She was now running down a long gavel road. She could hear the toilet laughing and saying, “You can’t use me, little girl.”  Jody kept running and running until she  started to feel very cold. Her running turned into a jog, then a slow walk. Jody felt sleepy and found a patch of green grass. She lied down and feel asleep.

“Honey, wake up.”

Jody slowly opened her eyes.  She blinked a few times, trying to get her eyes adjusted to the light.  Kim was standing over her.

“Is everything all right? I heard you screaming.”

Jody looked around the room. There was a lot of  light coming from around the blinds. She felt  the cold wet sheets under her bottom. She slowly moved her hand down under the blanket  and felt the sheets. Soaking wet. ‘Oh no. Had she wet the bed?’ Jody closed her eyes and waited for a few seconds. When she opened them back up, she hoped that the sheets would be dry. Jody gently placed her hand on the sheet, close to her bum. The sheets were cold and wet.

“Did you have a bad dream?” Kim asked, pushing a little hair away from Jody’s face.

Jody nodded her head up and down. The nightmare came back to her. She could see the big toilet, with giant sharp teeth. “Th….Th…Th toilet has big teeth.”

“Oh honey. Are you still worrying about the big scary potty?”

Jody did not want to move. Memories of yesterday flooded her mind. Susan taking her to the bathroom at the bus station. Wetting her pants twice. The huge potty in the room across the hall.  “I…I’m sorry.” she said.

“Oh baby, What are you sorry for now? Come on. Let’s get you up.” Kim took a hold of the blanket and tried  to pull it down off of Jody. Jody held the blanket up around her neck.

“Noooo. I don’t want to get up.” Jody said, not wanting Kim to see that she had wet the bed.

Kim pulled on the blanket a little harder. Jody tried to hold them, but she couldn’t. “Come on sweetie.” Kim looked down and saw the soaked sheets. “Oh baby. You wet the bed?”

Jody placed her hands on her face, covering it. “The toilet was laughing at me.”

“The toilet was laughing at you?” Kim said, smiling wide as she look down at little Jody lying in the middle of the soaked bed.

Jody nodded her head up and down. “Yes.” she squeaked out. “And the sink sprayed water all over me.”

“Oh you poor thing. What are we going to do with you?” Kim placed her hands under Jody’s arms and lifted her up over the railing, standing her on the floor. Half of Jody’s pink night shirt was wet. Kim slowly and gently removed it. It took a bit to get Jody’s hands away from her face.  Kim picked up the training pants that were on the floor. Holding them up she said, ” You should not have taken these off last night!”

Jody opened her eyes and looked between her fingers. Kim was holding the pink and white underwear in front of her face.

“JODY! I put these on you for a reason. If you had of left them on, the bed would not be soaking wet right now. What is Dr. Wells going to think of this?”

Jody stood naked. She was cold. Her body started to shake. She did not want to remove her hands from her face. “Don’t tell her.”

“I have to tell her Jody. You peed in her bed. I’m going to have to wash your bedding. That was very bad of you, removing your training pants like that.”

“I don’t need training pants. I’m 22. Please don’t tell her.” Jody said, leaving her hands up over her face.

Kim took Jody’s right hand and gently pulled it away from Jody’s face. “Jody, open your eyes and look at me.” Jody slowly opened her eyes. “Thank you. I will not tell Dr. Wells that you wet your bed.” Kim paused. “You’re going to tell Dr. Wells that you wet the bed. If you are 22 like you say. Then you can be a adult and go tell her your self.”

“No please. She is already mad at me. It’s not my fault. It was the sink that got me wet.” Jody pleaded.

“Jody, we both now that it was not the sink that got you wet. You wet the bed, just like you wet your pants twice yesterday. I really think you need some help. Will you let me help you?”

“I’m sorry. It’s just…..Okay.” Jody had nothing really to say. It was hard to defend herself.

“Okay, I will make you a deal. I will not tell Dr. Wells that you we’re a bad little girl. Removing your training pants and then peeing in your bed.  It will be our little secret.”

Jody took her other hand away from her face. “You won’t tell?”

“No I won’t” Kim took another dramatic pause.”But, you have to let me help you. Okay? That means, you need to listen to me. You need to do exactly what I say.”

Jody thought for a second. “Okay.” Anything not to have Dr. Wells mad at her again.

“Okay. Now come on. You need a bath to get all that pee off you.” Kim took Jody’s hand  and lead her into the bathroom. When Jody saw the toilet she tried to pull her hand out of Kim’s and run away.

“Noooo. I don’t want to come in here.” she screamed.

Kim kept a hold of Jody’s hand and bent down. Pulling Jody in close to her.  “Oh baby. Just close your eyes. Is the big scary potty laughing at you?”

Jody quickly closed her eyes and buried her face into Kim. Kim wrapped her arms around  Jody. “It’s okay baby. Don’t look at the big scary potty. Just keep your eyes closed. Okay? I will keep you safe.”

Jody nodded her head up and down, keeping her eyes closed tightly. Kim reached over and turned the water on. She had to let go of Jody to push down the drain plug. As soon as she did. Jody latched onto Kim’s leg. Jody held on for dear life.

Kim reached down, picked Jody up and sat her in the tub. “Just keep your eyes closed baby. Just let Mommy clean you all up.”

Jody kept her eyes closed. All she could think about was the giant potty with big teeth. The voice of the potty kept saying over and over.  ‘You can’t use me, little girl’

Susan  watched Jody and Kim from bed, on her iPhone. She wished now she had put a camera in the bathroom. Susan was not really that surprised  to see that Jody had wet the bed. After all she had peed in her pants, twice yesterday. They had both heard her scream earlier and decided that Kim should be the one to go see what was wrong. When Kim held up the training pants in front of Jody. Susan  could only imagine what Kim was telling her.

Kim used a wash cloth on Jody. Cleaning her up gently. “It’s okay baby. Keep your eyes closed. Mommy will get you all clean.” Kim was not sure Jody was even listening to her. She was sure Jody would react in some way, when Kim said, ‘Mommy”  Jody seemed to be out of it. Jody never moved the whole time Kim bathed her.

Kim pushed the plug on the tub, letting the water drain out. She picked Jody up and stood her on the bathroom floor. “Don’t look baby. Keep your eyes closed.” Kim said, as she wrapped a towel around her. Kim picked up Jody, setting her on her hip. She carried little Jody out of the bathroom and into her bedroom. “Okay baby. You can open your eyes now, you’re safe.”

Jody slowly opened her eyes. Seeing she was back in the bedroom made her smile just a little. The voice of the potty stopped in her head. She felt much better now. She was warm again. Kim let her down and she stood on the floor. Kim dried her with the big fluffy towel.

“Just one more day before you start working in the office. Are you excited?” Kim asked, as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening or happened.

Even after all the strange things that had happened to Jody . Waking up in a wet bed. The bad nightmare. Jody managed a  smiled. “I’m looking forward too starting work.” Then something dawned on her. Why was Kim still here. Should she have not gone home last night? Did she stay over? It took her a bit to muster up enough courage, then she asked, “Why are you still here?” Did you stay over?”

Kim stopped using the towel on Jody and just held it up against her. “I did stay over. I stay over a lot. Is that okay?”

Kim has been so nice to her. She promised she  was not going to tell Dr. Wells that she had wet the bed. She was glad Kim was there with her. She would have been horrified if Dr. Wells had found her wet bed this morning. “That’s okay with me.” she said, almost cheerie like.

“That’s good, honey. Now remember our deal. I will not tell Dr. Wells about the accident this morning, but remember you have to do what I tell you.”

“Okay. Thank you Kim.”  Jody replied.

Kim was debating in her head, how quick she should take Jody down the path of becoming their baby girl.  She so wanted to get one of those cute animal print diapers they had purchased from Rears and put it on Jody’s bum. Oh, she so wanted to see Jody toddle around the house in nothing more then her cute diaper. It has been such a long road her and Susan have gone down, trying to adopt their own baby. Now, finally the little girl she has always wanted was standing naked right in front of her. Kim pulled Jody in close and hugged her, not thinking about anything more then being so happy.

It was the first time Jody enjoyed the hug. It has been a while since she as felt any true affection.  Sure it was a little weird having a person she just meet yesterday, hugging her, but for all that has happened to her in that past day, getting a nice hug felt good.

Kim let Jody go and held her by the arms. Looking her straight in the eyes Kim started.  “Now Jody. I’m not sure about how you are going to feel about this, but I think after all that as happened with you wetting your pants and now the bed. I think it would be a very good idea for you to wear something that will help protect you. We have to keep Dr. Wells happy, right?

The voice of the potty came back into Jody’s head. ‘You can’t use me, little girl.’ Jody pictured the big potty, showing it’s teeth. Without any hesitation Jody bruited out, “I don’t want Dr. Wells to be upset with me. I don’t like that potty!”

“That’s okay baby. Stay calm. Stay right here. Let me get something for you to wear.” Kim stood, but before she could start walking towards the closest, she felt Jody wrap her arms around her leg.

“Don’t leave me.” Jody cried out. Jody suddenly felt scared.

Kim pulled Jody’s arms from around her leg and bent back down. “Oh baby. I’m not leaving. I just need to get you something to wear.”

Jody’s 22 year old mind seem to fade. Her brain should be telling her that this was all crazy. That she should not be scared of being left alone or be scared of using the stupid big potty. But, it was not. All Jody could think was wanting Kim to be close to her. She did not want her to go.

Kim picked naked Jody up and sat her on her hip. “It’s okay.You can stay with me. Let’s get you into some clothes, Okay?”

Jody held on tight to Kim. She nodded her head up and down. She felt safe in Kim’s arms. As safe as she has ever felt before. Kim walked over to the closest and unlocked it from the top. She slid the door open. On the top shelf, 3 packages of the Safari diapers sat. Kim reached up, but before she reached them, she stopped. Putting Jody into a thick diaper,  might not be the best idea right now.  Kim looked to her left and saw a package of disposable training pants. She grabbed them and set them on the floor. She took a pink dress they had bought off the hanger and slid the door closed. Kim bent down, placing Jody on the floor. “Arms up sweetie.”

Jody lifted her arms in the air and let  Kim pull the dress down over her. It was a straight pink dress that came just above Jody’s knees. Kim picked up the package of pull-up training pants and ripped open the top. She pulled one out. Kim placed her hands inside the pull-up and stretch it out.

“Now Jody, these are just in case. I know that you are a big girl and if you need to use the big potty, you just need to let me know. Okay?”

“I don’t want to use the potty.” Jody said, loudly.

Kim tried not to laugh, but she could not help herself. Holding out the pull-up the whole time laughing, she said,  “Okay baby. You don’t have to use the potty. Step in.  Hold your dress up for me please.”

Jody took her dress from the bottom and pulled it up. She carefully stepped in the pull-up. Kim pulled it up around her waist and then gently patted the front of the pull-up. “There all safe and secure. They feel good, don’t they?”

Jody looked down past her dress. A picture of Barbie was on the front of the pull-up.  She let go of her dress with her one hand and placed it on Barbie. The pull-up made a little noise. It was not as puffy as the underwear Kim had put on her last night, but they were still much thicker then regular underwear.

“Just what you needed, isn’t it? Now you don’t have to worry about that big scary potty.”

Jody looked up at Kim. “I don’t? she asked.

“No baby. You don’t. No more big scary potty. Maybe if you are a good little girl. Maybe, just maybe, I will get you a little potty to use.  But you have to be good. No complaining about having to wear training pants. Okay?”

Jody smiled at the thought of not having to see that stupid big potty. She let her dress go. Jody pulled the dress down over her pull-up. “I will. I will be good.”

“That’s my girl. Come on. Let’s get some breakfast.” Kim took Jody’s hand and led her out into the hallway.

Susan sat at the kitchen table. She turned her iPhone off and turned to see her cute little girl walking with Kim. The pull-up was very noticeable under Jody’s tight dress. Susan smiled and could hardly wait for Jody to get close to her.

“Good morning Jody. Did you sleep well?” Susan asked.

Jody looked up at Kim. She was not sure what to say. She had to keep their secret.

“She slept very well. Just a little nightmare but that’s all. Right Jody?” Kim said.

Jody was glad Kim did not mention her wet bed. She was glad she could trust Kim.  “Yup. I slept good.”

“That’s good. I hope your nightmare was not to bad. I heard you scream this morning.”

Kim let go of Jody’s hand and let her stand in front of Susan. Jody became nervous. She started pulling at her dress. She put her head down and looked at the floor.  “The potty has teeth.” she said quietly.

Susan was delighted at the sight of little Jody. Pulling at her dress, not wanting to look up at her. Jody’s pull-up showing through her dress. It would be a prefect picture. In a voice that would be more suited towards a toddler, Susan said,  “It does. Oh my. That’s not good. Well, you just stop thinking about that big scary potty and sit up there in your chair. We need to  get you some breakfast.”

“Okay.” Jody said, still not looking at Susan.  She took a few steps towards her chair and climbed up. Jody got her feet under her bum and knelt on the chair.

“Would you like a glass of orange juice?” Kim asked standing in the kitchen.

“Yes please.”

Kim got Jody a big glass of orange juice and handed it to her. Jody took a little sip. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome honey. How about some pancakes? Does that sound good?”

“Yes. I like pancakes.”

Susan looked at Jody kneeing in her chair, drinking her orange juice. Susan slowly took her phone and held it down below the table. She opened the camera and took a picture of Jody, with out Jody knowing. “Once we eat breakfast. I will take you down and see the office. How does that sound?”

“That sounds good.” Jody said, still not wanting to look in Dr. Wells direction. She was afraid Dr. Wells would figure out somehow that she had wet the bed. She needed to keep on the good side of Dr. Wells. She knew she did not make a great impression yesterday.

Story written by neverdry.

John’s Regression Part 5 to 6

Story written by abdl5622

Chapter 5

“What is for dinner mom?” I asked.

“Mac and Cheese” she replied and then proceeded to examine my diaper.

“See aren’t you glad your in diapers. Your soaked. I will change you after dinner into your nighttime diapers. Which reminds me I have to make some adjustments to those” she said as she got some bowls out and began to fill them with Mac and Cheese. “I am wet! I did not even feel a need to go… This is getting worse. Or better. I am unsure. Who do I want to be? A 15 year old in diapers or a normal two year old?” I thought still kinda at odds with who or what I wanted to be. I went to sit down at the table when an odd sensation began to occur in my crotch. I felt warmth spreading and pooling in the bottom of my diaper waiting to be absorbed. My diaper was being saturated by another wetting. I put my hand on the front of my diaper and felt how warm it was. I gave it a gentle squeeze and felt liquid ooze from the inside and join the pool that was forming at my bottom inside my diaper. It sort of aroused me. Then my mom put my plate in front of me and we began to eat.

“How are you doing sweety?” my mom asked.

“Not to bad. I could get use to this” I replied.

“Oh, good I thought you might have more issues with this than you have. Or that you would cause a larger fuss. You are such a good baby” my mother said with a smiling face, a face that filled my heart with joy. I loved to see my mother happy and it seemed that this was bringing her joy.

We finished dinner and I followed her up to her room. She brought a knife with her this time. I was confused on what she was doing. This time she pulled out two diapers from the package. Confused I watched as she sliced holes in the plastic of the first one and laid it down for me to get on. This was a different changing experience though, as I was not taking a shower afterward. “My diaper is being changed” I thought as I was soon interrupted by the ripping sounds of the tapes of my soaked diaper.

“Wow you really did a number on this one baby” she said with a chuckle. I blushed a little. “I was just a normal fifteen year old boy” My thoughts were interrupted by the cold moist baby wipe making contact with my skin. “Now here you are, an unpotty trained two year old… Is it so bad though? Maybe I will

be happier? Maybe this is the age I am suppose to be.” I thought to myself while my mom taped up the first diaper.

“Tonight I am going to double diaper you sweety. You were nearly leaking when you woke up this morning. So I thought that it might be better to be on the safe side” my mom said while taping up the second diaper.

“All set” she said enthusiastically.

I stood up, or at least attempted to stand up as much as I could. The mass between my legs was so thick that I had to keep my legs spread wide apart. “So this is why babies waddle” I thought to myself.

“You want to watch some TV with me for a couple hours baby?” my mom asked as she began to gather up the supplies.

“Sure that sounds great mom” I said as I began to waddle to the door.

“I will meet you down there I just have to finish up the order for your new clothes,” and with a gentle pat on my bum she went to get her smart phone to complete the order.

“Oh good, it will be nice to where pants again. I said as a waddled down the stairs. I sat down on the couch with a crinkle. “Wow, these are really comfortable” I thought to myself as I enjoyed the thick pillowing cushion attached to my rear.

“So what do you want to watch sweety?” my mother asked as she entered the room.

“Not sure, lets just see what is on,” I replied as my mother sat down next to me.

After flipping through the channels we settled on a kids movie. “Even if it is a kids movie that does not mean it cannot be good” I thought to myself as my mom gently put her warm arm around me and scooted me closer to her. She then put her other arm around me and I at close to her warm comforting chest. She began to stroke my hair. I had never felt so comfortable or secure in my life. I was in my own little slice of heaven.

About halfway through the movie, I felt a familiar feeling in my

bladder. A slight pressure, signaling my need to pee, a feeling that I had not had for a the last day. “I can hold it until the end of the movie and besides I am in such a comfortable spot, I really don’t want to move” I thought to myself as I lay in front of my mother with her arms cuddled around me. Five more minutes passed, the pressure in my bladder grew. It was beginning to become uncomfortable. “Shoot, I really have to pee but I don’t want to get up from this spot” I thought as I remembered the bulk between my legs. “Well I mean, I am wearing a diaper, and it will be wet by tomorrow morning anyways… Mom did say that she double diapered me so it could hold more… Maybe if I just let a little bit out. Just to relieve a little bit of the pressure” I thought to myself as I began to relax my bladder. I instinctively put my thumb in my mouth. “If I am suppose to be a two year old, I guess it would be ok to act like one” I thought to myself as the warm stream began to flow into the crotch of my thirsty diaper. I had only intended to let a little bit go but now that I had started, I could not stop. The warmth spread to the rear of my diaper as the liquid sloshed around before being absorbed by the thirst diaper. “ahh… that feels good… Oh no I was only suppose to let a little out. But whatever, it is a diaper, it is meant for this” I thought to myself while enjoying the warm squishy feeling of my wet diaper. Then my mother suddenly asked me “Baby, did you have an accident?”

“She must be able to feel it. Oh well”

I thought to myself as I took my thumb out of my mouth.

“Maybe” I sheepishly responded still feeling the warm mass between my legs growing.

“It’s ok sweety, I will check you when the movie is over” she responded with a gentle pat on my head. After about ten more minutes I began to feel tired. My mother had pulled a warm red plush blanket over the both of us. I felt very cozy and let out a yawn.

“Someone looks tired” my mother whispered while stoking my hair.

“A little” I yawned. My eyelids were becoming heavier and heavier. After about five more minutes I was fast asleep.

Chapter 6

I awoke again to a familiar feeling between my legs. The thickness of the two diapers was more than I was use to so it took me a minute or so to sit up. I looked out the window, but instead of the warm sunshine, I saw rain. “Aww, I guess that means no playing outside, in addition to the internet still being out what am I going to do today?” I thought to myself as a growl from my stomach reminded me of something that I should do. I got up from my bed and tried to walk to the door but the mass between my legs was so thick that I had trouble and fell right onto my bum with a squish. The force of the fall caused my diaper to release some of the cool liquid up into my crotch. I shiver went up my spine. “I dislike having a wet diaper on for to long. It just gets cold and clammy. Also, it makes it nearly impossible to walk” I thought to myself as I crawled on all fours to the door. I managed to stand up and get the hang of waddling with the mass between my legs. My mom noticed me as I waddled into the


“Good morning baby, did you sleep well?” she said in a cheery mood.

“Come to think of it I slept really well. I don’t even remember going upstairs” I replied.

“You were so tired last night that you fell asleep in my arms, it was so cute. So, I carried you upstairs and put you into bed” my mother responded.

“Now, me only weighing 65lb probably made and being 4’5″ made things a bit easier, but still that was really nice of her to do.” I thought to myself.

“That was very nice of you, thanks mom” I said with a smile.

Noticing the state of my diaper my mom said “I will change you when we finish breakfast. Also, your new clothes should arrive later today” my mom said after making me a plate.

“Cool, I assume the internet is still out” I said with a sigh, while sitting down with a noticeable squish at the table.

“I am afraid so baby. Looks like you will have to watch TV or something due to the rain outside. I am sorry baby” my mom emphatically said.

“I think that it will clear up for tomorrow so we will have a nice sunny day at the zoo. Speaking of which I have an idea on how we can save a little bit of money for entry. I will discuss it with you while we get you out of those soaked diapers and into some nice fresh ones,” my mom said with enthusiasm. We finished up and I waddled upstairs noticing the slosh and squish that accompanied every step.

I laid down on the mat as my mother removed the soaked diapers. I felt a familiar rumble in my bowels, like I do everyday around this time. “There is no way that I am ever going to do that in a diaper” I thought as I got up to use the bathroom before taking a quick shower.

I went back into my mothers room, where she was waiting after taking a shower of her own.

“So, baby I was thinking. Since tickets to the zoo are 24 dollars per person and that children under 5 get in free… would you mind trying to pass for a 5 year old. We can go for ice cream after. What do you say?” My mom asked nervously while applying powder.

“Go out in public as a 5 year old… that would be so embarrassing. However, free ice cream does sound good. Hmm… I mean, I am already in a diaper and I don’t quite feel like I am 15. So maybe it would be fitting to go to the zoo as the age I feel. Besides I think the real reason she is asking me to do this is because she misses having a baby to take care of and if this will make her happy than I will do it” I thought as she applied the cream. Not really thinking about the whole diapers in public thing.

“Well it probably wont be hard considering my current attire, sure mom, I will try it. It might even be fun” I responded with a light chuckle.

“This is going to be so fun baby, it will be like it was all those years ago. Just me and my sweet baby boy” my mother enthusiastically said.

“I guess I never realized how much she missed not having a baby. She has been so nice to me. I really want to make her happy” I thought as she taped up the diaper.

“All set, now I am going to go do some work in the office. But first I need to get some things down from the attic” she said after giving me a gentle pat on my padded bum.

I waddled up to my room and just sat on the floor. “What to do?” I thought as I scanned the room. My eyes landed on my closet. “I remember there being some toys somewhere in there and some puzzles from when I was 10” I thought as I creaked open the closet door. however, to my disappointment there was nothing but clothes. “Right we gave most of that stuff away when I stopped using it. Maybe there is some left in the attic” I thought to myself while beginning to head for the attic.

My mother was already downstairs and I noticed a large purple bin beside her bed. I did not think much of it and I opened the attic door and proceeded up the dusty steps. I clicked the light on and noticed that some things had been moved around. “hmm… toys, toys, ah toys” I said as I saw the label of a green plastic bin. I carried the bin down and closed my door. “Wow this is really dusty” I said as I wiped off some of the dust and began to open it up. The lid came off with a clack and I took a look inside and to my surprise even though there were toys in there, they were from when I was just a baby. “Darn, wrong box. I better put this ba… hey is that my old fire engine” I thought as I reached in. “I loved this thing. Maybe I can play with this instead.” I thought as I began to get blocks out to make a little city. There were other things in the bin including a couple of plastic colorful rings that had bite marks on them and a rattle and my teddy bear. “Beary! I missed you” I said as I gave my warm fluffy friend a great big hug. “Maybe this day would not be so bad” I thought as I began to play fireman in my little city.

Story written by abdl5622

John’s Regression Part 3 to 4

Story written by abdl5622

Chapter 3

I was watching TV in the living room when my mom came in.

“Sweety, it is nearly 11pm and I am getting tired. I think that we should both go to bed,” my mother yawned.

Forgetting about the incidents that had occurred earlier in the day I responded “But it is the summer, I do not have to wake up in the morning,”

“Yes, but you are still a growing boy and you need your sleep, now could you go into the kitchen and grab the plastic bags and bring them to my room?” she asked

Feeling a bit defeated, I thought to myself “Maybe a little more sleep would not be so bad. It might even help with the bedwet… Diapers, I completely forgot. Well this is sure to be an interesting night”

“Ok mom” I replied

I went into the kitchen to get the two bags. One of which contained the large package of pampers, the other I had not investigated yet and assumed it was just some make-up for my mom. However, I still paid little attention to its contents at this point. They just did not seam to matter. So, I brought the bags up to her room where she had laid out on the floor a mat of some sort.

“hey mom, here are the bags you asked for” I said in a puzzled manor. Still curious about the whole situation.

“Thank you sweety, just set those down right next to me and go get your pajamas” my mother replied as she reached into the bag and pulled out the package of pampers.

I walked up to my room slowly, pondering the current situation, “Well this is actually happening, I am going to be put into a diaper by my mom like a two year old. Me, John, a fifteen year old man, or I guess I should say boy now. I don’t feel quite grown up enough anymore to call myself a man. Anyway I don’t think I am quite ready to give up being a kid” I thought to myself as I grabbed my pajamas from my oak dresser.

“I guess I will not be needing these” I said to myself while refraining to reach for the drawer containing my underwear. I then hurried back to my mom’s room. As I walked in and noticed what my mom had prepared for me I stopped cold in my tracks.

“Sweety, put those on the bed and strip down for me”

I humbly complied, now content with my fate.

“Lay down here for me” she asked as she pointed to the blue mat. However there was a white bottle of baby powder next to it and some cream. I complied with her request and sat down on the mat. It was cold and made a crackling sound as I sat down. A shiver went up my spine.

“Good, now lay down and lift your rear up” she asked as she began to unfold the diaper. The smiling red face of Elmo looking at me almost brought a tear to my eye. While the silence was being interrupted by the crinkling of the diaper and my moms soft humming.

“I cannot believe that this is happening to me,” I thought quietly to myself.

My mother seeing me in some distress soothed me “Baby it is ok, I am sure that a lot of boys your age share your issue,” she reassured as she wiped the one stray tear from my eye. Her warm touch calmed me and I felt as though everything would be ok. I felt oddly very safe and secure.

“You can relax now sweety,” she said in a very calming voice. I the sat back down with a crinkle from the diaper and a crackle from the mat. The diaper was soft and thick. It felt like I was sitting on a pillow almost. It was warm and nice, much better than the cold hard mat. I her a small pop as the smell of baby powder filled the room. It was cold at first but it soon warmed up to my body temperature.

“Lift your legs up for me sweety,” she kindly requested. I silently nodded and pulled my legs up and my butt off the diaper. I felt her sprinkle more powder onto me.

“Wouldn’t want to get a rash now would we” she said in a joking voice. I smiled and shook my head. I then felt a very cold cream being placed onto my backside. It smelled kind of funny but the smell of baby powder overpowered it.

“Ok, you can put your legs back down now sweety” she said. I lowered my legs once again feeling the warmth of the diaper under me. The cream was beginning to warm up to my body temperature.

“Spread your legs for me dear,” she asked. I did so and she then took the front end of the diaper and pulled it up to my belly. Then she fastened the two tapes snugly with a smile on her face.

“I think that she is enjoying this. She might have missed not having a baby to care for,” I thought. I was an only child and she was not able to have anymore children due to a complication during my birth.

“All done baby” she warmly said. I sat up and discovered that I was unable to fully close my legs together due to the bulk between my legs. I stood up to get my pajamas on while hearing the faint crinkle sound of the diaper. As I through my shirt on my mother recommended that I not where pants.

“baby are you sure you want to wear pants it is rather hot and you usually do not where them anyway during the summer. I am the only one who will see you. You don’t have to worry about your diaper being visible,” she said while placing her hand on my back. The warm touch reassured me that everything would be ok and the snug warm grip of the diaper added to this feeling.

“Thank you for helping me with all of this mom. You always do look out for me,” I said as I gave her a hug.

“You are my baby, of course I will look out for you” she said. “Now, get on into bed and I will be up in a minute to tuck you in,” she said as she gave my padded rear a pat. I went up to my room and got into my warm covers. “She has not tucked me in for five years. This is a pleasant surprise,” I thought to my self eagerly. I then heard the door crack open. As my mother came in.

“I just want to make sure you are ok still baby. You have been so good about all of this I think that I will reward you with a trip to the zoo this weekend. How does that sound?” she asked as she tucked my sheets in.

“That sounds wonderful, the uh diaper does feel a little different but I can get use to it. It actually is not that bad,” I said enthusiastic. I loved the zoo, the animals, the food, and the time I would get to spend with my mother.

“Goodnight John” she said while flipping off the lights.

“Goodnight mommy” I yawned. I guess I was more tired than I thought. I shut my eyes and went to sleep.


Chapter 4

The golden sunlight from my windows warmed my face as I cracked open my eyes. “9 am” I thought “That is earlier than normal. well I did go to bed earlier and my bed is not wet … oh I almost forgot, the diapers” My crotch felt damp yet my bed was dry. I reached my hand down and felt my crotch. “This is a lot thicker and squishier than last night” I thought as I squeezed gently to feel the squishy and slightly warm padding. I then smelled a wonderful smell from the kitchen, “Bacon” I concluded. My mom was making breakfast. I got up from my bed and sat on the side. My diaper was sagging and sloshing around. I stood up, noticing that the diaper was much thicker than before and waddled downstairs into the kitchen.

“Good morning sweety, how did you sleep” she said with a cheery smile.

“I slept very well actually” I replied. It was true I had not slept like that in years.

“I see the diapers worked, barely” she remarked while looking at the sagging state of my diaper. She the got two plates out and put scrambled eggs on them.

“This looks great. Thanks mom” I said as I sat down at the table with my plate. The diaper squishing and releasing some liquid into my crotch which was soon absorbed again. My mother then brought me a glass of milk and we had a nice breakfast together.

“The cable guy says that the internet will be out today and for some of tomorrow” she said while sipping her coffee.

“Aww that means that I cannot play any video games. What should I do instead?” I said with a depressed mood.

“You could always play outside. I think there is a basketball next to your old sandbox” my mother replied. “But first lets get you out of that wet diaper”.

I followed her back up to her room where she removed the diaper. It hit the bathroom floor with a loud thud. I then took a shower and threw on some shorts and a t-shirt. “Basketball. Never was really one for sports but I could give it a try” I thought to myself as I tied my sneakers. I went downstairs and then into our backyard. We still had a swing-set and a sandbox from when I was younger. “Those were some good times” I thought as I remembered the fun I had playing in the sandbox and on the swings as a child. I noticed the basketball at the corner of the sandbox. I went to go get it. Picking it up I noticed a dusty shovel and pail. “I guess we forgot to give these away” I thought to myself. “Well, I do not really know much about basketball but I do remember all of the good times I had in this sandbox” I thought as I sat down in the cold sand. I began to play and dig holes and such. I felt like I did when I was younger. I was very happy. Hours went by and the sunshine warmed my body. However, I felt a strange sensation. The sun was causing my clothes to get warmer but my crotch felt warmer than normal and damp! I looked down at my shorts and sure enough there was a basketball size spot on the front of my shorts. “Did I really just wet myself. I did not even feel it. Maybe I am not as old as I think I am…” I thought as tears began to form in my eyes. I felt helpless.

“John are you ok?” my mother called out. She immediately could see that there was a problem. She hurried outside and saw what had happened. She put her hand on my shoulder and said “Shh it’s alright baby, everything will be ok” she soothed. tears had stopped forms as she wiped the tears off of my cheeks. “Lets get you inside and into some dry clothes” she said as she helped me up. I held her hand and we both walked inside.

“Just put your clothes by the wash and I will take care of it. Could you come into my room when you get the chance†my mom said to me. My cheeks were dry from the tears and my nose was still running but I gave a faint reply, “Ok mom I will be there in a second†as I got changed into some dry clothes. It was so nice to be dry, the feeling of the dry fabric lifted my spirits a bit. I then went into my moms room to find her sitting on the bed. “Come sit next to me, we need to have a talk†she said in a very serious tone. I felt my stomach churn with unease as I heard this. “What could she want to talk about that is so serious?†I thought as I slowly walked toward the bed. I hopped up next to her and she put her hand gently on my leg.

“Sweety, I know it is not your fault that you are having these accidents†my mother said before I interrupted her “It was only one accident†I replied, “One daytime accident†she quickly responded. She went on “Now I know this may be hard for you but it would make things easier for the both of us and it will only be until you are dry for three days†she said nervously. Things were starting to click in my head about what she was about to say next. “I think it would be best if you were in diapers during the daytime too. You can come to me at anytime and I will take them off to let you use the bathroom. But it would be easier and we would not have to worry about ruining any furniture or running any extra loads of laundry†she explained. I was unsure about the idea, “I mean I was or am 15 or at least I think I am. I mean it is true that I was born 15 years ago, but my actions would seam to suggest a much younger age. Maybe diapers are the right answer. Maybe I am a baby. I am very confused. Who am I?†I thought to myself. “Ok mom maybe you are right. I will give it a try just for you†I replied

“Oh thank you so much sweety, now you know the drill strip for me while I get your mat†she replied with an excited tone. I think she is enjoying this more and more.

“What is that mat and where did you get it?†I asked.

“It is actually your old changing mat†she replied as she got a fresh diaper from the package. Then within five minutes I could not close my legs together. I redressed but had some issues with my shorts. The added bulk of the diapers seamed to make it so they would not fit.

“Having trouble baby?†my mom asked looking at my struggle.

“Oh it looks like we will need to go shopping for some shorts that will fit, but for now I suppose you can run around in just a diaper. I mean it’s only going to be me who will see you and anyway it will make it easier for me to check if you are wet†she said while giving a gentle pat to the rear of my diaper. I was basically almost anything now. Whatever dignity I had left was mostly gone.

“Good idea mom†I responded. I looked at a mirror, “Wow I really do look the part of a two year old†I thought to myself before having my thoughts interrupted.

“You look so cute†my mother said in a loving voice while looking in the same mirror. I then went back outside to play more in the sandbox. I felt younger than ever, but I was sort of enjoying it. I got to be carefree and happy. Not a worry in the world.

“John dinner†my mother called out.

“Coming†I replied, that was fast, how time flies when you are having fun. I got up noticing the added bulk and weight of my diaper. “This feels heavier than this morning but maybe I am just imagining things†I thought as I went back inside the house.

Story written by abdl5622

John’s Regression Part 1 to 2

Story is written by abdl5622

Chapter 1

“John!” my mother exclaimed, “John! Wake up its nearly noon.”

“So much for it being summer” I thought,

I slowly started to wake up as the warm sunshine pierced through my windows. However, my bed felt cold…”Dammit! Wet again” I exclaimed. This was the third time this week and it was only Wednesday.

“Did you wet the bed again dear?” my mother asked,

In a panicked state I had to make a decision on whether or not to tell her the truth. I had made up my mind sort of.

“Maybe” I sheepishly replied,

“John, sweety, this is the third time this week and this has been going on for almost two weeks now,” my mother soothingly replied.

I began to respond, “I know but…”

but was cutoff by my mother.

“John I am going to call the doctor and see if he can get you in this afternoon,”

“Ok” I replied

“Change into some dry clothes and place your sheets and clothes by the washer” she said

I shamefully gathered my sheets and clothes and then took a nice long shower. Frustrated I thought, “Come on John you are fifteen not two why are you pissing yourself?”

I turned the water off and got dressed. “Now what to do with my day?” I pondered trying to get my mind off the events of this morning. “video games of course”, Not really having anything better to do with my time I turned on my computer and started playing games until I was interrupted by my mom,

“John, I have good news, the doctor managed to fit us in today”

Good news for her maybe but I kind of wanted to avoid the subject.

Embarrassed I replied, “Cool”

“I know it is embarrassing sweety but we need to take care of this” my mom soothed

“I know” I replied

“We can get ice cream afterward, how does that sound?” she said.

“That sounds great mom” I replied. in a much better mood. I enjoyed ice cream and it was always nice to get to spend some time with my mom doing fun things like that.

“Lets get going” my mom said while grabbing the car keys.


Chapter 2

“Make sure you use the bathroom before we leave,” my mother reminded.

“I don’t have to go,”

“Are you sure? Could you at least try for me” my mom kindly asked.

“Sure, I will try,” I replied. She has been so nice about all of this even if she was treating me like I was a child. Although I kind of enjoyed it oddly.

“Thanks sweety,” she gratefully replied.

Oddly enough I did have to go. But why didn’t I feel it? I left these questions in the back of my mind and went with my mom to the doctors office. The doctor’s office smelled like disinfectant. I was not the biggest fan of the doctors office.

“John, the doctor will see you know,” the receptionist called out.

I went in with my mom and sat down. The doctor came in shortly after.

“So, John your mom said that you have been having problems with wetting the bed? It is a normal issue that many young boys your age face. Normally, it occurs earlier on but I guess you are just a late bloomer. I will run some tests to be sure but there is not really anything I can do to fix this. It will take care of itself on its own,” the doctor explained.

After he ran some tests he asked to speak to my mom in private and they whispered a few things back and forth. Then they both turned back to me.

“Good to see you again John” the doctor said as he left.

“Ok John, we can leave now” my mother said while walking toward the door.

“To get ice cream?” I eagerly asked.

“Yes, but I have to my a quick stop first at the drug store, but you can wait in the car” she answered.

“Sure” I replied

I got in the car with her and we left. Soon we arrived at the drug store and she went in and in ten minutes she came out with two bags one with a large square box but I did not pay much attention to it. She put them in the back and got in.

“All done sweety” she happily said.

“Awesome” I replied.

We then soon arrived at the ice cream store. We got out of the car and went in. The bell ringed as we entered the brisk shop.

“What would you like?” the cashier asked.

“I would like one scoop of vanilla” I replied. The man grabbed a cone and plopped one scoop of vanilla ice cream in it and handed it to me. I eagerly took a lick as my mom paid for it. We soon returned to the car and began home.

“Thank you mom” I said.

“No problem sweety, thank you for being a good sport about the whole issue. Speaking of which I would like to talk to you when we get back,” she replied

Feeling nervous and curious I replied sheepishly “Ok”

“Do not worry you are not in trouble,” she reassured.

We arrived back home soon after and she wiped my mouth of ice cream. We went inside and she brought the bags from the drug store into the kitchen and began to make dinner. Forgetting about the conversation that we were suppose to have I went upstairs and played some more video games until.

“John, time for dinner” my mother called up.

“Cool, I will be right down mom” I replied back

I went down and we both sat at the table and ate together. After dinner she asked for me to come into the kitchen and sit down.

“John, this is going to be difficult for you but I am getting tired of doing laundry every morning and you have not been getting a good nights rest. The doctor said that you should wear some protection. Unfortunately, because of your small size, none of the adult products will fit you. However, this does make finding um protection that will fit you not that hard” she said as she lifted a package of pampers size 6 disposable diapers onto the table. Still a bit in shock I sat there in silence as she continued. “We should probably go over some new rules regarding this um situation. First rule, I will be changing you…” She began saying as I cut her off.

“I think I would be able to change myself and first off aren’t those for babies, they even have pictures of Elmo on the front. Mom do I really need those?”

“Sweety I know this is a lot to take in but you think of how nice it will be to be able to sleep through the night and not having to wake up in a wet bed?” she began to explain.

“I suppose it would be nice to wake up in a dry bed. But why do you have to change me. Can’t I change myself?” I questioned. I was beginning to accept my fate of diapers. I mean how bad could it be. No one would have to know and who knows I might even come to like them. I did always miss being a kid and having everything be easier and simpler.

“Sweety, it would be easier for the both of us if I changed your diapers. I was changing your diapers for three years, I can still do it today. You also would probably forget something like powder or mess up the taping which would cause a leak or cause you to get a rash. No offense, it just takes some experience,” my mother explained.

“This would just be easier for the both of us. Ok sweet.”

“Well this is awkward, my mom changing my diapers. I mean for a baby this is normal but I am 15 years old. Though it might be nice to have my mom baby me a little. Who knows. Still though… You know what I will give it a shot. I mean it can’t be all that bad right?” I thought about it for a second and then had my answer.

“Sure mom” I replied.

“Thank you for being so cooperative, I know this must be tough for you honey” my mother soothed

“Oh and one more thing, please do not take off your diaper yourself. If you wake up in the middle of the night and have to use the bathroom, just wake me up and I will take off your diaper. It would be easier if you didn’t try and incorrectly re-diaper yourself and cause a wet bed,” my mother added.

“Ok mom” I replied, not really thinking about what that statement actually meant. I just went back to playing video games for a bit then went to watch TV.

Story is written by abdl5622

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Cute diaper butt – schlafi20


Source: schlafi20.tumblr.com

What a cute diaper butt this boy have. It is easy to see that it is a diaper that is hiding inside this footed pajamas.