Dancing bedtime clip

Giggle looks like this girl like to dancing when she put on here pajamas over here night diaper (Tykables Overnights). It is kind of a nice and cute show when she is shaking here cute diaper butt in front of the camera.

Not Tired

Not TiredWhat happens when mummyand daddy tells you it’s time for bed, but you’re really not tired. Mummies and daddies can be so annoying.

Chip and text by TinyBabyHooves

Draw by Wen

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/19307688/

Poor Chip he maybe dont think that he is tied but his eyes and body say something else. Poor sheep he can barely keep his eyes open now.

Foxys Sleepy time

Foxys Sleepy time
After a long day of playing outside in the sandbox whit his favorite truck it was time for Foxy to go to sleep. Some evenings Foxy did dent like to sleep that means he need to be quiet and could not play anymore. He was not even allow to play whit his Pikachu plush after his mother or daddy have read his bedtime story and he had finish his bottle of milk.

Way i am not allow to play right now?

Draw by ZombiNeko

Bedtime Blues

Bedtime Blues“VVVROOOMMmmmm….!” wooshed Caiden as the toddler was playing with his matchbox cars while his brother was on the couch nearby reading his comic book.

“Alright boys, time to get ready for bed.” announced Cheryl who came to the den where the boys were with a dish she was drying off from dinner.

“AAAaaawww… But momma…” whined Caiden and Kyle collectively.

“Nope, no ‘buts’ unless you want a sore one.” warned Cheryl as she put the dish down “Now Kyle, go hop in the shower upstairs while I give Caiden a bath down here.”

“OK…” said Kyle reluctantly as he obeyed and went upstairs.

“I’ll take care of Caiden tonight honey. You just sit and relax.” offered Mike as he got off of work early that day and decided that Cheryl had done more than enough today.

“Thanks babe. Let me know if you need any help.” said Cheryl as she sat on the couch.

“Will do.” said Mike as he turned to Caiden who has not moved from his toys since Cheryl told them to earlier, “C’mon kiddo, bath time.”

“B-but dad….” whined Caiden as he was picked up by his father.

“Sorry big guy, but you’re stinky and in need of a bath.” joked Mike as he headed towards the bathroom and grabbed a new diaper and powder from the changing supplies they had downstairs.

“Ima not poopy!” huffed Caiden as he took his father’s ‘Stinky’ remark the wrond way.

Mike pulled on the waistband of his son’s diaper after he set him on the ground.

“Well it seems that you aren’t this time. You are a little wet though.” chimed Mike as he started the water “Also you’ve been running around outside all day so you still need one. Now arms up.”

“Ima still get dirty tommorow…*oof*…and, and, um…i dun smell dat bad.” quibbled Caiden as his shirt was pulled off.

“That’s too bad Caiden, you’re still getting a bath.” said Mike frustratedly as he pulled his youngest son’s shorts and socks off leaving him in just a wet diaper.

“Fine! But ima not gonna wike it!” responded Caiden as Mike untapped the tapes on his diaper and plopped him in the tub.

“You better watch you mouth Caiden or you might find your self with a soapy mouth and red butt.” threaded Mike as he started to wash his son.

Caiden remained quiet with his arms crossed while his father washed him. After Mike washed Caiden he left Caiden in the tub to play while he went and grabbed a sleeper for Caiden to wear. While Mike was gone Caiden grabbed some of the toy boats on the side of the tub and started to play with them. Mike returned and let him play for a few minutes.

“Alright little man, time to get out.” announced Mike as he pulled the plug.

“Noo!…Ima pwayin…!” shouted Caiden as he lunged for the plug to put it back in, but missed it and splashed Mike in the process.

“*Ack* That’s enough Caiden!” shouted Mike as he glared sternly at his son.

Caiden huffed and stood up for his father to pick him up out of the tub. Mike picked him up and placed him on the outside of the tub and started to dry him off. After Caiden was dry he laid him on the ground and put a fresh diaper on him. He then slipped the green sleeper on him.

“Brush your teeth and then come to the den to kiss your mom goodnight. You better not dilly doddle or I’m not going to be a happy camper.” instructed Mike as he went and sat next to his wife.

Cheryl looked over and smirked at how wet Mike was. Mike just rolled his eyes.

Moments later Kyle came down and said goodnight to both parents and went to bed. Shortly after Kyle came and went, Caiden came out of the bathroom in still a foul mood.

“Kiss your Mom goodnight and then go upstairs and get in bed. I’ll be in there to tuck you in after I say goodnight to Kyle.” said Mike as he went to Kyle’s room.

Caiden kissed and hugged his mother and then went to his room.

Mike tucked his eldest in and headed to his youngest’s room. He arrived in the room to find Caiden, not in his bed like instructed, but on the floor playing with his train set.

“Caiden!” said Mike sternly with his paws on his hips and foot tapping “What did I tell you to do after you said goodnight to your mother?”

“To go ta bed…but I dun wanna!” replied Cadien as he crossed his arms.

“Caiden, my patience is wearing thin. Get you’re little tail in bed this instance.” commanded Mike.

“No! Ima pway with my twain!” shouted Caiden as he stood up and stomped his foot.

“Caiden, so help me I will tan your hide right before bed if you don’t get under those covers right this second.” said Mike angrily.

“No! NO! NO! I dun wanna! I dun wanna! YOu cant make me go ta sweep! No No!” shouted Caiden as he went into an all out temper tantrum.

“That’s it!” said Mike as he pulled the stool that was in the corner of the room and brought it next to his son.

Mike then grabbed his son and unzipped his sleeper and pulled it off. He then untapped the tail tab on his diaper and pulled it down.

“No daddy! No!…I’ll go ta bed nows! Ill go ta sweep!” pleaded Caiden as he realized that his father was not playing around.

“That’s right you will! *SLAP**SLAP**SLAP* When I tell you to do something,, I expect you to do it the first time *SLAP**SLAP**SLAP* Do you understand me? *SLAP**SLAP**SLAP*” Lectured Mike as he spanked his son.

“OWOW! WhhaaAA….I will daddy! I OW! will…WHHAHAAhhaaa…” cried Caiden as the first wave of spanks laded on his unprotected bum.

“That’s right you will! *SLAP**SLAP**SLAP* I don’t want to have this conversation again, you understand?! *SLAP**SLAP**SLAP*” asked Mike as he continued.

“Yes! whhahaHahaa….” replied Caiden as he started to beat his arms and kick his legs.

“Good, because next time I will bring out the paddle and this conversation will be a LOT longer. *SLAP**SLAP**SLAP*” finished Mike as he let his son up.

Mike pulled Caiden’s diaper up and held him in his arms. Caiden bawled in his father’s arms as his butt burned and glowed fire engine red. After 10 minutes Caiden calmed down to just sniffles.

“Caiden, you know that I don’t like to spank you, but I do it because I love you. I want you to obey me and to obey all adults. This is so you learn to behave. You understand?” asked Mike soothingly as he rocked his son.

“Yes p-apa…*sniff*” sniffled Caiden “I’m sowwy daddy an I wove you.”

Caiden adjusted and hugged his father’s neck tightly as he cried a little more. Mike returned his hug with a bigger hug and some kisses. After a few more minutes Caiden started yawning and fading out. Mike put Caiden’s sleeper back on and zipped it up. He then laid his son on his bed belly first and gave him a kiss.

“Goodnight big guy.” whispered Mike as he turned the lights off and walked out.


Caiden and text by tugscarebear

Draw by kiuro

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/17366205/#cid:99522309

Poor Caiden but you should always listening to you father when he say it is bedtime it is time for bed and it always end up bad if you trying to avoid it to match. I hope Caiden can be able to sleep now when his butt is this sore and hurt from the spanking.

How do I look?

How do I look?Ronald is wearing a new pajama!But he wanted  the opinion of his dear  friends,the plushies!

Ronald:”Ok, everyone of you will give me a score,10 means that I look  so  cute  wearing  my  pajamas and 5,  I    not look  cool  at  all!Ok, cast  your vote!”

A little later, each plushie got  a punctuation of 10!

Ronald:”Yay!The  perfect  score!I  look  so  cute!”

***But as you can see, little Ronald has a red crayon in his hand … Who in reality wrote those scores?*giggling***

Ronald: RonaldMcCoon

Lineart by Victor/colors by: nelson88

Source: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=580997

Aww Ronald look so cute in his new pajama and i am happy that all his plushys is giving him 10 points for this cute cloth.

This drawing is so sweet and i wont to hug Ronald right now and pat his diaper butt.

Final diaper check for Foxy (gift art)

Final diaper check for Foxy (gift art)

Foxy is ready to go to sleep,he have his favorite plushie “Pikachu”, his favorite pillow and above all, a very comfortable and fresh diaper!

But his mom gives him a last check out , just in case and says:
“Ok! You’re ready now! Goodnight my little butt crinkle cub!”

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by Nelson88.

Foxys mom wont to make sure that Foxy is ready for a good night sleep. And to make sure of that she doing the final diaper check to make sure it is on the right way. Foxy need to spread his legs some but because of the diapers thickness. But he dont mind he have his favorite Pikachu Plushy that he can cuddling whit and beside this is nothing new for him. His mom have always make sure that he wears the thickest diaper. To make sure that the diaper dont leak during the night.

Other furrys maybe think that Foxy have a messy diaper. But that is not the case the diaper is so thick so it force the legs apart when he stands up. But that make him even more cuter.