The dilemma of a plushie!

The dilemma of a plushie!

Plushies also have bad days and sometimes they visit the psychologist!Lol!

It seems that this plushie feels somewhat rejected by Sammy or maybe Remi!

***This pic is based on a  birthday card I received long time ago from  a  friend,it was so funny and Victor and I adapted the dialog from  the  card, to  this artwork!***

Lineart by Victor/colors by: nelson88


Aww what a great and cute story and i can understand that this is a hard time for a plushy when someone dont wont to cuddling whit him any more. I hope that psychology can help the Teddy bear so ha can get over it and maybe find some other one that he can cuddling whit instead.

This is the first time i have seen a agree plushy. But it is easy to understand way he is angry.

Tony the bear & the pups

Tony the bear & the pups part 1
Tony the bear & the pups part 1.

One night, Tony the  bear was hired by Matt to take care of his pups!Which,  a  very gladly Tony accepted!
“One thing I ask you to do!” Matt recommended!

Tony:”You tell me and I obey!”

Matt:”Never let them  eat sweets at night, and if they do, you have my permission to punish them on their white rear  ends!”

Tony:”Don’t worry, everything will be under my control!”

A  little  later…
And as predicted by Matt, Tony caught them  with their paws  on  the  candy… infraganti!

Tony:”Look what we have here!”
Remi:”Just pretend you have not seen us and everything will be fine!Besides, Christmas is very close and we’re celebrating in advance!So don’t bother us and get lost, bear!”.

Tony the bear & the pups part 2
Tony the bear & the pups part 2.

Tony:”Well, I’ll do what I’m used to do!Your father completely gave me his permission to do this!”

Then, Tony  grabbed the twins, he removed their clothes and diapers first , then took them by the waist and carried them  to the room!But first, Tony  placed the  candy canes between their rear  ends, as part of humiliation and punishment!
Tony:”And  now the  best  part,both  of you will gonna have your asses red and sore!I love my job!”

Tony the bear & the pups part 3
Tony the bear & the pups part 3.

On this part there is not much to talk about … the pic says it all!

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by: nelson88

Source for this drawing:

Digitz diaper change

Digitz diaper change
Digitz diaper change.

Again, this is really just mainly a fantasy pic of mine, so it’s hard for me to come up with a good mini-story that fits in with my characters. In the adult world that I have, I tend to like Michelle and Tony babying Digitz, but in more playful type ways.

But I also really like the idea of forced babying too, and as I’ve said before, I always have a special interest in getting pics like that…but they just don’t fit into the cuddly category of some of my other pics.

That’s what’s so great about this one…it’s a little hard to tell how this pic came about, and that openness makes it fun. The idea is that Digitz and Michelle are both adults, but in this pic Digitz is a little smaller…which really adds onto the vibe that Michelle is totally in control.

But that’s what else is neat….the changing table is more like a real baby changing table instead of an adult one. So it feels like Michelle just took the adult Digitz to a real baby changing table to diaper him, which makes the whole thing seem more powerful to me. Plus the pose looks a lot better than it would for a larger changing table, IMO….I really love how his feet are hanging off of the table.

But all of the little details make this pic awesome too….I love all of the diapering supplies, especially the powder bottles with the cute teddy bear. I love the baby bottles and mix of cloth and disposable diapers. I love the pacifier on the ground and the baby letters on the wall. And I really love the facial expressions and body positions.

The clothing is really nice and babyish too…I love how his shirt is rolled up so she can do all of the diapering that she needs.

But my totally favorite part is the powder. I love how the pic grabs that vibe that she’s just powdered him before pinning on his diaper. The cloud in the air combined with seeing it on his stomach and thigh…it just really adds to the babyish vibe of the pic. Combined with his facial expression, it really creates the vibe that he doesn’t want to be diapered or babied, but that she’s totally in control and is making him as babyish possible.

So yay, another totally awesome pic!

The above story comes from:

Cub: Digitz.

Draw by: diapered-buns.


If you remember the early drawing that i post when Digitz was receiving his baby bottle. It look like the liquid that was in that bottle have made it true his system now and end up in his diaper so he need a diaper change. And from the look on his face it dont seems that he likes to get his diaper change bye this girl. And i can understand that it is not so fun to have your pee pee fully expose during the diaper change and beside an adult female knows how a boys privet area look like so you have nothing to worry about even if that sort of thing dont make it any easy. And beside now when see treat you like a baby that include that she handle all your diaper change from now one.

That make me wounder how see is going to handle when it comes to the messy diaper change? That should be something to see. Maybe we a going to do that in the next pic but i dont think that we going to do that. But it should be something to see how he and she react then.

My Adorable Little Baby Bear

My Adorable Little Baby Bear
My Adorable Little Baby Bear.

“What blows me away so much about this piece is Michelle, and how perfectly you drew her, especially her face. You made her look so hot, but at the same time sweet. You made her look in control, but also loving. You made her look cool, but also comforting. And you made her look just devious enough without looking evil or malicious.

And that’s the thing…it’s always a fantasy of mine to be babied by a really sweet, good looking girl fox…and IRL, it seems like girls (or anyone) would never want to baby an adult, especially in an outfit like this. So the idea that someone like Michelle would want to dress a boy character up in an outfit like this…just makes me feel so super happy inside. And that all comes from you drawing her so perfectly.

The rest of it just falls into place. The diaper looks so thick and cuddly. The booties and bonnet make him look so innocent and harmless. And just like before, the bib is just perfect.

And his face is really nice too. He looks so innocent, like he’s completely at her mercy, despite himself.

It’s really the perfect balance of control that I wanted….it’s like she’s totally in control, but it doesn’t feel forced or evil. It’s more like he wants to resist, but just can’t for some reason. Like he wants to make her happy by letting her take care of him.”

So man…I can’t express how totally happy this one makes me.

Order by: Digitz.

Draw by: diapered-buns.


Awww so cute and what a nice cloth diaper that he is wearing look weary cute on him. But what a scary face the girl give to Digitz i can understand way he is blushing but it look kind of special and cute when he do that.

Milo Worker Badge

Milo Worker Badge
Milo Worker Badge.

Milo: malymilo

Badge draw by: TaviMunk


Aww this was a weary cute and nice drawing by TaviMunk. Milo look so happy right now when he is playing whit his truck and wearing his big construction helmet that i think look little to big for him. Maybe he have borrowed it from his Daddy.

The text that i have on his t-shirt (Momma`s Little man) fit him weary good when he playing whit this kind of toys. And i hope that he going to spend allot of hours this day playing whit this thing in his sandbox. Of cures he need to leave his sandbox allot of time during the day for some food, nap time  and of curse for the diaper change. But the time between this thing he can have a fun playtime in the sandbox.

A little help … Please?

A little help ... Please?
A little help … Please?

No Mini-Story behind this picture.
Just a cute picture of my little guy bashfully asking for a change. Nothing more.

Bear and the top story below the picture: Ghostbear2k

Draw by: toddlergirl


I know how hard it can be when it comes to diaper change and it is nothing to be ashamed about. You only wont some won to help you change your diaper that you have use like all cubs do. And after all no cubs can handle a diaper change. The only thing they can handle is to make the diaper wet or messy and the adult should handle the changing thing. That is the right order for this. So you have nothing to be ashamed about if you ask some one to change you. It is not any fun to run around and play if you diaper is weary messy or wet. So you doing the right thing and ask some one to help you so you can get some clean diapers on.