Reward for Suel

Reward for SuelPatreon reward for Suel

Draw by SugarMable


Someone sure seems to have some magic power here but it seems like the powers have backfired on him.

But at least he is wearing some cute cloths here :)


Dragon Diapers

Dragon Diapers“They’re so thick! H-How can you even walk in these?” o//u//o

“It’s easy, dude! They’re actually not much thicker than what you’re already wearing. Wanna try one on?~”

“Yeah!” owo

And don’t tell him dragon diapers swell up reeeeeally big when they’re full >//u//>

Order and text by GibsonScratch

Draw by Ozzybear


Someone is going to make allot of waddling soon :) Special if he really now decide to try out this dragon diaper :)

This Little Piggostat

This Little PiggostatI just learned about a device called a Piggostat on Imgur. This medical tool holds small children still while you X-ray them. This is convenient for the X-rayer, but the X-rayee is generally not enthusiastic about being squeezed into a clear plastic tube that looks like a prop from a Saw movie. I doubt Byron is going to be satisfied with a single lollipop after this doctor’s visit… you’d better just hand over the entire bag.

Draw and everything by FriskyWoods


Yes i sure this poor terrified bear not going to be satisfied whit only one lollipop after experience like this. I only hope he is not going to be dreaming nightmares about this.

SnowTheBear Commission 3

SnowTheBear Commission 3Would duct tape help?

The poor bear belongs to SnowTheBear

Draw and text by SugarMable


Poor SnowTheBear it sure seems like he have ended up whit a special kind of problem now when his diaper have fall of from his butt. Now he is walking around whit a bare bottom and no diaper on. I only hope he dont end up whit a accident now.


LiarDraw and everything by ludisluteo


Poor bear he sure is one big liar or to embarrassing to tell the truth that he do making a stinky in his diaper. But i am sure that his caretaker is going to find out about this pretty soon.