This Little Piggostat

This Little PiggostatI just learned about a device called a Piggostat on Imgur. This medical tool holds small children still while you X-ray them. This is convenient for the X-rayer, but the X-rayee is generally not enthusiastic about being squeezed into a clear plastic tube that looks like a prop from a Saw movie. I doubt Byron is going to be satisfied with a single lollipop after this doctor’s visit… you’d better just hand over the entire bag.

Draw and everything by FriskyWoods

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Yes i sure this poor terrified bear not going to be satisfied whit only one lollipop after experience like this. I only hope he is not going to be dreaming nightmares about this.

SnowTheBear Commission 3

SnowTheBear Commission 3Would duct tape help?

The poor bear belongs to SnowTheBear

Draw and text by SugarMable

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Poor SnowTheBear it sure seems like he have ended up whit a special kind of problem now when his diaper have fall of from his butt. Now he is walking around whit a bare bottom and no diaper on. I only hope he dont end up whit a accident now.


LiarDraw and everything by ludisluteo

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Poor bear he sure is one big liar or to embarrassing to tell the truth that he do making a stinky in his diaper. But i am sure that his caretaker is going to find out about this pretty soon.

Patty Cake Patty Cake

Patty Cake Patty CakeOrder by Polybear

Draw by tato

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Looks like this diaper bear receive one special diaper check. Wounder if the diaper still ok or if he needs a diaper change.

The Wind Up

The Wind Uppolaryoshi winding up for the pitch…!

The cute little Polar bear belongs to polaryoshi

Draw by poofy-shark

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This sure is one super cute little polar bear that we have here :)

He sure seems to be super focus now when he is on the pitch and going to trow away a good Baseball.

Surprised Milo

Surprised Milowhat’s going on in there?

Bear: malymilo

Draw and text by Reva_the_Scarf

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This sure is one surprised bear we have here. Wounder what strange thing that he have found inside his diaper?