Silent Night

Silent NightMerry Christmas, lil bear~ <3

Order by GibsonScratch ??

Draw by Blankie


Awww poor cubs looks like it wwas to hard to be up waiting for Santa :)

At lest they have a comfy position to sleep and i hope they have some nice dreams :)

They sure look super cute when they are sucking on there pacifier. And it sure is kind of easy to see the thick diapers that they are wearing ;)

Our Favorite Big Cubby Care Bear!

Our Favorite Big Cubby Care Bear!Order by Digitz

Draw by spiffyart


Aww looks like this Care Bears get some good support about his decision to start wearing cloth diaper again.

The Struggle is Real

The Struggle is RealThe bear belongs to Digitz

Draw by diapered-buns


The girl dont sure make it easy for this bear to escape his meting whit that cloth diaper. I Sure think they soon is going to have it on all tight and snug to avoid any leaks if he ends up whit a accident.

It sure going to be allot of embarrassing moments for him in the near future. I sure wounder how he is going to react then?

Reward for Suel

Reward for SuelPatreon reward for Suel

Draw by SugarMable


Someone sure seems to have some magic power here but it seems like the powers have backfired on him.

But at least he is wearing some cute cloths here :)


Dragon Diapers

Dragon Diapers“They’re so thick! H-How can you even walk in these?” o//u//o

“It’s easy, dude! They’re actually not much thicker than what you’re already wearing. Wanna try one on?~”

“Yeah!” owo

And don’t tell him dragon diapers swell up reeeeeally big when they’re full >//u//>

Order and text by GibsonScratch

Draw by Ozzybear


Someone is going to make allot of waddling soon :) Special if he really now decide to try out this dragon diaper :)