About Bear Mods And AnthroWear


What is Plushophilia?
Plushophilia is a sexual fetish based on a sexual attraction to stuffed plush toys. If you find yourself aroused by soft plushy toys, and you are on our site, then you are probably a fan of Plushophilia. Plush fetishes are not uncommon, and are growing increasingly prominent, especially in adult males.

What is Bear Mods?
Bear Mods is a plushy factory, launched in 2016, that specializes in “adults-only” plush toys. We do just as our name suggests, we modify teddy bears and other plush toys with specially placed holes for “adults-only” reasons. We offer plush toys in a variety of shapes and sizes, whether you like teddy bears, ponies, or something a little friskier, you name it, we’ll mod it! All of our plush toys can be customized with your choice of hole or holes in any combination. Even add a vibrating toy to complete your plushy experience!

Why do you do it?
Because we can! And because there is high demand for a stuffed furry toy that can satisfy you in more ways than one. Bear Mods is for those who love plush toys and want just a little more to play with! You don’t have to be ‘into that’ to enjoy a plush toy. All it takes is an open mind and an open heart. Whether you enjoy the soft fur, their cute smiles, or fuzzy noses, your teddy is always there for you when you need a companion, and always available for just a little more ;)

How is it done?
Our products undergo a long process of creation, from hand-stuffing our plushies to hand-stitching all custom modifications. Some pieces are pre-made and we finish and mod them , other items we custom make to your precise specifications.

How long does it take?
Our dedicated crafters work on many orders at a time. We have an order queue that never stops. We begin crafting your item when it comes up in the queue. We require on average less than 1 business week to create most items for you, but custom work may take 2 to 5 business weeks, depending on the complexity of the order, and how large our order queue is. We will keep you updated of your order status. One your item is finished, we will ship it via the service you payed for at checkout. Generally shipping time is 3 days in the USA, or 2 to 3 business weeks internationally.

Where is it made?
BearMods products are proudly hand-made in the USA! We operate from a small workshop in Oregon USA.

Where do you ship?
We ship WORLDWIDE, and there are only one or two exceptions. Currently if you live in the state of Alabama, unfortunately we can not sell to you, due to restrictions under Alabama state law. If you live in any other US state, then we ship to you via USPS Priority Mail with free tracking and insurance.

Do you accept returns or grant refunds?
No. These are sex toys. There is no way to verify the item hasn’t been used, and therefor we cannot accept returns under any circumstances. We also can not refund your purchase once your item is being made. Whether it has shipped or not, we have put a lot of time, hard work, and expensive materials into making your item for you. Every order is final one the item is being made. No exceptions.

Is Bear Mods available in stores?
We are exclusively available online at BearMods.com.

Be sure to check out BearMods.com for some nice adult plush.

LOGO2AnthroWear Feral Apparel is an independent costume and fasion company specializing in “Furry-themed” costume pieces and  fashion accessories. Made-to-order by caring hands, Anthrowear is for those who wish to express their indivuduality in a fun and creative new way.

AnthroWear was founded in the summer of 2012 by two young entrepreneurs with a commitment to the community. We are passionate advocates for individuality, freedom of expression, and social justice, and we bring that passion to our work by adopting a “People Before Profit” way of business. We believe in a world free of judgment, corruption, and abuse of power. Have fun and help us create a more beautiful world by expressing your furry side!

All of our products are made by hand in our home-workshop in Bend, Oregon, USA. We invest heavily in materials from local USA-based companies, supporting the local economy, and giving back to those in our communities who helped make AnthroWear possible. With your help, AnthroWear is able to provide the highest quality furry products, hand-made to order just the way you want it. Why? Because you matter :)
You can pick any of the following reasons and be confident when ordering from AnthroWear.

100% Hand-Made in the USA
Long-Lasting Durable and Washable Materials
Animal and Kid-Safe (ages 3 and up)
Environmentally and Socially Conscious Business Practices
Commitment to Quality and Community

Return Policy
All items may be returned for a full refund of the purchase price + shipping, within 7 days of the item being received. Contact us to arrange any returns, or for further questions regarding our return policy.

Be sure to check out AnthroWear for some nice furry stuff.