Bath Time

Bath TimeRicky pichuboy

Darny poke5869

Draw by pichu90

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Here we have three cute Pichus that is tacking a bath together and it looks like they have a fun time to when they splashing water on each other.

Babyfur Comic: There’s still a little cub inside in all of us!

Babyfur Comic: There's still a little cub inside in all of us!***Despite being an adult, deep inside him,he’s still a little pup!***

Matt is home alone for a few days!The twins are staying with grandpa Richard and the boss is on a business trip!
The first thing Matt did was go straight to the bathroom and take a good shower!Finished his bath, he took between his paws baby powder and started playing like a little pup… making clouds of dust!

“Yay!”shouted a excited Matt…like a pup!

Later he took his inseparable companion for many years during his childhood, his old plushie!

Matt:”How are you,old pal!You miss me?I’ll still love you!”

And he went to bed, wearing his diaper and hugging his beloved plushie…like the unforgettable old times !^^

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88

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Yes i agree. We maybe grow up but we still have the little cub part of our self hiding deep inside our body.

Comic: Bath Time


Comic: Bath Time

Such a horrible experience for a young kit. At least we get to see Curious’ mom, Harmony Ferret.

Cub and text by CuriousFerret

Draw by LtSmiley

LtSmiley is open for commissions and accept to draw clean babyfur art.

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Looks like the bath dont was so bad after all when it was all over.

Ah! no NO not yet!!!

Ah! no NO not yet!!!uk-brony of his otter scrambling for a bathroom and getting to the door just…a…little…too….late. X3

Otter: uk-brony

Draw by: emeritus_terciel

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Looks like this little otter failed to make it to the big boys potty before he had an accident in the little boys potty (His diaper). Maybe he should go back to what he was doing now he dont need to change it yet. It look thick so i bet it can handle more accidents if he dont make it again.

better luck next time uk-brony.

Time for Walkies

Time for WalkiesBee: Rogeykun

Draw by: Tato

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Aww it look like the little bee needs to go and visit the potty but someone seems to deny him that and wont him to use his diaper instead.

He seems to be a little bit worry about that.