How cookiegoesrawrrr handle the diaper at work


Going to work diapered is no big deal to me at the moment. I am usually good at hiding my diapers and no one really pays close attention to me to notice these things. Only 3 co-workers in the past have found out I wear diapers and that’s because of mishaps on my part. They were very accepting and didn’t press on with uncomfortable questions. They still treat me the same as before and I am grateful.

The most challenging part about wearing 24/7 is finding the right moments to change. Sometimes I’ll need to change, but because I get so busy I have to wait, and usually end up leaking. I have gotten away with this plenty of times. I am fortunate to work around a lot of water so its not unnatural for us to get wet on the job. The moments I do get a chance to change is kind of tricky. When people are in the restrooms it makes it hard to change unnoticed. As a matter of fact, its impossible. The bathroom is very small and compact and each and every sound is amplified by an echo. I can only change in the handicap stall because it has enough room for me to change myself properly. Normally if there is someone in the handicap stall I will wait outside of the restroom (I am really uncomfortable when it comes to public restrooms). Since the renovated everything the bathroom is much nicer and they even put a trash can in the handicap stall (for the purpose of disposing diapers) and added a changing table. This made things much easier for me because in the past I would have to carry my diaper out on hand and throw it away.

Another risk I go through is having #2 accidents. Its absolutely humiliating and embarrassing when it happens at work and all I want to do is barry my face and cry, but because I am around people I have to keep my composure. In cases like this I try to drop everything I do and change immediately. I stay outside as much as possible to try and hide the small hoping no one notices until I can change. I do try to avoid sitting down. Spreading the mess will only make it harder to change out of, not to mention it takes longer. As it stands, it already takes at least 10+ min to change my messy diapers properly since they are not easy to change at all. When this happens I use the pool restrooms. They. Are private restrooms and can be locked. The main thing I don’t like about the pool restrooms is the bad smell and compact space. So I try to avoid them as much as possible. The best place to change my messy diapers is the pool restrooms sadly. Often I bring my own wipes for changing but there has been a few times I was forced to use the toilet paper because I ran out of my supply or I forgot mines at home. That made things more difficult, and the clean up much harder.

You find more text and photos here:

Yes it is easy to understand that cookiegoesrawrrr seems to have some hard time when it comes to handle the diaper change at work special when it comes to the messy accidents. whit is weary easy to understand whit all the smell and the hard thing to get clean from a messy diaper. This really gives a good views how hard it can be to be force to wear adult diapers 24/7.

Bath time and cub care! Part 1

Bath time and cub care! Part 1
Bath time and cub care! Part 1

Matt  was already out of his work a  friday  on  the  afternoon,he had already finished their working hours and was preparing to leave when someone called him:

“Matt, the boss called by phone and he wants you to bring  him  these important documents to his home!”

Matt:”Yes  and  no  problem!”

Later,arriving  to  the  boss  house, Matt rang the doorbell , and the door opened and Matt said:
“Good afternoon boss!Here I bring the documents, now I’m going home!”

The  boss:”Many  thanx my  boy…Matt…can  ask  you  a  question?”


The  boss:”I think you’re tired and you need a good bath! Definitely you and  your  rear  end needs a good  wash  and soap rubbing!I’m  right?”

Matt:”Well…errr…yes  boss!”

The  boss:”No  more  talking,come  with  me  in  my  special place…and  is  exclusive  for  you!”

Matt:”F-f-f-for  me,boss?”

The  boss:”Yes  for  you  my  boy…Now take off your clothes and I will gonna wash you,from  head  to  toes!”

How good is the boss, he had prepared an special tub  for Matt, he washed him  completely and  he  spent a  long   time  cleaning Matt’s round white bottom!

The  boss:”You will go to your house very clean, but first come with me to my room,  I have other cute things for you…!”

To  be  continued…

Draw and fix by: nelson88


Look like Matt needed a good and big cleaning and like the boss say he was dirty and needed some help to get clean. And i hope he ends up nice and clean from his big and nice bath time that the boss is helping him whit.

Why is the bathroom door always locked?

Why is the bathroom door always locked?
Why is the bathroom door always locked?

Why is the bathroom door always locked!?! …

Draw and character by: Zen_Fetcher


Yes it is because you dont need to use the bathroom you have your diaper that you can wet and mess. That is what diaper is for to handle so you have nothing to worry about. You cannot hold it back forever sooner or lather you are going to be force to use your diaper like a baby do. Way try to hold back? just let go in the diaper like a good little boy. The door is going to stay locket to the time you need a diaper change like all little diaper boys needs to have some time. You have nothing to win on your little fight whit your bladder. So just let it come into the diaper like a good boy.

I Can Pee Standing Up Too

I Can Pee Standing Up Too
I Can Pee Standing Up Too

True story, bro.

Idea spurred on by a combination of things. Yuko thinking she could go pee out of her belly button when she was little, and Kuro lifting his shirt up and thrusting forward when he peed when he was little.

lol Silly Yuko. Not understanding the difference between boys n’ girls.

Little Yuko ©
Little Kuro © Myself

Just a quick sketch comic. Not my best work, but still cute as hell.


Some time can it be hard for a cub to understand how all thing work. Like the different between boys and girls. But hop she understand that some day ;) But she look cute when she try to understand how it work :)