Foxy in the Kiddie pool

Foxy in the Kiddie poolFoxy was exited today he is going to play in the pool for the first time this summer. After breakfast Foxys mother put him in his special swim diaper so he could be out playing in the pool. But Foxy have learn that if you going to go in the water you need to wear your special bathing equipment. What Foxy did dent remember was that you only need to wear this things when you are visiting the adult pool or the sea. So when Foxy jump in the pool all the water splash out.

So now Foxy is sitting in his kiddie pool and wounder way the water did dent wont to play whit him.

Draw by NazzNikoNanuke



Finally got to draw this, I’ve had the idea since like the beginning of June! xD
I wanted to draw something Summery before it’s too late. :P

I haven’t been to a beach like this in years. TwT

Josh © me
art © me

Text and art ReXam-1


It look like Josh have every thing for a fun day at the beach. But it look like he have forgot a bucket and some spare swim diapers if he need to have a change. Because i think he going to spend the whole day at the beach and it can be good to have some spar diapers if you need change. But i hope that he going to have a wonderful time at the beach whit his red shovel and bathing ring.