City Gross investing in environmentally labeled Bamse diapers

Bamse diapers

Citygross now take up the fight with the established brands of nappies . Under its own brand Favorite is the first in Sweden with diapers that are both Swan and FSC certified . It was in turn required to enable it to use the world’s strongest bear and his pals on the packages.

Trend in the retail market is moving towards a higher share of private label products. The chains see their own brands as a way to create a competitive advantage in the market.

In line with this ambition is now focusing Citygross with a whole new range of environmentally friendly nappies. The world’s strongest , kindest and most famous bear adorns the packaging for the new generation of eco-labeled diapers. They both are kind to sensitive baby butts and our environment. He is joined by Cat Jansson, house mouse , Lille Skutt and scariest .

– It feels good that we can be the first diapers that are both Swan and FSC-labeled , while those with Bamse coupling should appeal to end users , says a smiling Torbjörn Larsson , head of house brands in Citygross .

Citygross Favorite Teddy Diapers have been approved by both the Swan and the FSC. Swan labeled diapers can not contain any environmentally harmful or allergenic substances. Are also set very high standards for performance and quality. FSC supports the conservation of protected forests , respecting nature and the environment and helping people to a better life.

Citygross Favorite diapers are as open in three sizes and pant diapers in two . They are available in all Citygross stores.

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Bamse and thief town

There is no shortage of children’s fantasy entertainment in Scandinavia; young kids are very open to fairytales, adventures and all sorts of cuddly creatures. Bamse is one of the most beloved characters in Sweden.

Bamse is a character created by Rune Andréasson in 1966. Known by several generations as the friendly and helpful bear who gets super strength when he eats Grandma’s thunder honey, the Bamse franchise includes comic books, toys, TV movies, computer games and clothing. However, the first feature film has yet to be released, and the first theatrical title Bamse och tjuvstaden (meaning Bear and the city of thieves) premieres in January 2014.

Now the first video teaser has been released for the film, which was first announced in 2006. In the movie, Bamse and his two friends (a turtle and a rabbit) travels through Troll Forest and into The City of Thieves in order to save Grandma from the evil fox Reinhard.


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Animators in Taiwan started working on the film in 2012. Unlike the previous TV movies and short films, the 60-minute feature film’s characters will have their own voices. The 25 million SEK film (around 2.9 million euro) is based on an original script by Johan Kindblom och Tomas Tivemark under the direction of Christian Ryltenius.

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I am thinking of go see this movie when it comes out in the cinema that is going to be fun to see how they have animated Bamse. The trailer show some weary good stuff and what a nice colors it is if you compare to the Tv series whit Bamse that i watch allot when i was a kid.

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Bamse print on the dentist bathroom wall

I was at the dentist a few weeks ago and find this cute Bamse print on the bathroom wall. I find it that cute that so I had to take a picture of it with my mobile camera so I could post it on my blog when I got home. And here is the picture i talking about:

Bamse print
Bamse print

Do you not agree that it is a sweet and cute pic?

If you dont know Bamse from before? You can read more about it on this Wikipedia Page.

Here is some short information about Bamse.

Bamse the main character, is a brown bear who becomes the world’s strongest bear by eating a type of honey called dunderhonung (lit. “thunder-honey”), specially prepared for him by his grandmother. (Almost) anyone else who eats it, apart from Bamse’s pet bee and his daughter, ends up with three days of stomach ache. Bamse is also the kindest bear in the world, and is often seen helping those in need. The name Bamse comes from a Scandinavian word for “bear” or “teddy bear“. “Bamse” can also translate to “giant” or “big one”, though that would be somewhat of a misnomer, as Bamse is rather diminutive in size compared to many of the other characters

You can read more about his friends her.


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40 years with Bamse

The magazine "Bamse - the world's strongest bear" celebrating 40 years this year
The magazine “Bamse – the world’s strongest bear” celebrating 40 years this year. Drawing: RUNE ANDRÉASSON Source for the pitcher:

This year marks the magazine Bamse – the world’s strongest bear 40 years, and maybe that’s enough now.

That children do not experience the world in the same way as adults noted understood Bamse empire founder Rune Andreasson in 1966: “It is clear that it has its limitation in the choice of issues to work for the young, but in return, it has the advantage that the customer base is renewed like that every seventh year, so then you have got and start over again. ”

Since I have not had the privilege to be renewed, it is not so strange that I react negatively to the paper thin, omtuggande and in my opinion too often reprized stories.

A danger threatens, at home or in foreign lands, and the constant law stranded Bamse embarks with his animal friends to meet this danger.

That never is any danger, because Bamse can always eat a can smash honey and become super strong, and because the Skalman can always conjure up some amazing invention of the shell, a time machine or a bottle of “XYZ juice” that helps with everything.

It can be some miss whit the translation here from the Swedish newspaper that i have find this text from. But i have try to fix the problem that i could see. You can find the Swedish article here: 

I remember when i read this as a kid. I relay love the story and the amazing bear. I remember that i was always angry that the magazine only come out ones a moths. It is always hard to wait for something that you wont to read. I think you that are visiting my blog have probably been in this situation many times to special when you was a kid.

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