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NEW YEARS SALE EXTRAVAGANZA - Bambino DiapersBellissimo
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Looks like Bambino Diapers decided to end this year whit a big sale :)

Have some crinkle triggers

Aww looks like this diaper boy is receiving some special diaper treatment. Even his teddy bear get a little diaper pat on his padded butt :)

12 Days of Mitchmas Day 2 – Bambino Teddy Diapers ABDL

(Web Site: www.BabyMitchy.com – In case I ever get canned from Youtube.)

Video and text created by Baby Mitchy

What a nice and awesome intro he have use in this video.

My first order from Bambinodiapers.com 23-07-2014

Bambino Teddy PackageThis is  photo that show the first order that i have made from Bambinodiapers.com. The last week i decided to put an order on there site and today may order finely arrived in Sweden. Yes you maybe wounder how that is possible because they dont ship to Sweden. To be able to order from there website the diaper was first shipped to bonvu.com that forwarded the package to me here in Sweden. so simple is it and yes i know it can be a little expensive but sometime it can be nice to wear this ABDL diapers and special try them now when they have made some improvement that i have mention in a earlier post.

It should be nice to try them when the weather allows it right now it is to hot to wear diapers because you sweat out most of the water especially when it’s almost 28 dgrs C in apartments.

So how about you? Have you try this improved version yet of the Bambino diaper? What do you think about it? Please share your thoughts about it.

Bambino Diapers: Oops! Diapers with a Print Error

Oops! Diapers with a Print ErrorOops! printing error! In our excitement to receive the first shipment of Bambino diapers with the new soft cotton-like lining, we rushed our material suppliers, and the frontal panels were printed upside down. Photos of diapers with the upside-down printed panels are available below. The printing error is purely cosmetic and does not affect the function or performance of the diapers. However, we are offering 3% OFF on all these products since it is still a printing error. We hope that you enjoy our new diapers even with the small oops…

You can find the upside-down printed panels diaper here:

This is some really funny text together whit the image but only 3% discount? That is not so match you save on this printing error diapers. Wounder way they dont offer a little more discount on this diaper? Maybe because the only problem whit the diaper is the printed panels that are on the front?


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