Bambino Magnifico Update!

Bambino Magnifico Update!Thank you everyone for your patience with this product rollout!

We have received countless emails, voicemails, Twitter DMs, Facebook messages and Instagram DMs inquiring when the Magnifico diaper is going to be available to purchase.

Our goal from the start was to have the Magnifico diaper available Labor Day weekend.

Since our hybrid stretch panels are designed with a unique component, we were pushed slightly behind schedule since sourcing that component took more time than we thought.

Our new target time frame is late September/early October!

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that not only will we be bringing in the Magnifico diaper in M/L sizes, we will also be releasing an all white version with the same hybrid stretch panels called the Bianco UltraStretch!

This all white version, along with the Magnifico, will be thicker and more absorbent than our Bellissimo and will set a new standard for ABDL diapers.

We are working with the manufacturer on creating S/XL sizes utilizing the hybrid stretch panel for both new diapers as well.

We look forward to offering the new Magnifico and Bianco UltraStretch to the ABDL community!

Thanks and stay tuned!
Bambino Diapers

A information from Bambino Diapers that i received in the mail today regarding there new Magnifico diaper.

Magnifico Artwork Contest WINNER

Today Bambino Diapers announced the winner in the Magnifico Artwork Contest and the winner whit over 7300 unique votes the winner is Wen M.

Magnifico Artwork Contest WINNERMy ABDL Life also wont to congratulate Wen M for this awesome design that’s is going to be the print on the Magnifico diaper. This is going to be one special ABDL diaper.

Vote on the FINAL Magnifico Artwork!

If you dont have receive this in the mail already from Bambino Diapers it is time to vote on the FINAL Magnifico Artwork! This is the information they have included in the mail

Vote on the FINAL Magnifico Artwork!The time has come to vote on your FAVORITE Magnifico artwork submission! We want to thank EVERYONE who took the time to create and submit artwork for the contest. The winner will receive ONE YEAR OF FREE DIAPERS (1 case per month) and the runner up + others in the top 5 will receive coupon codes for their efforts as well!


* Only 1 vote will be allowed/counted per person
* Voting ends 4/8 at midnight PT

Here is a link to the place where you can vote and find the artwork.


Should be nice to see what type of design that is going to win.