Exciting Product Announcement from Bambino

Seams like Bambino have made some nice change on the diaper the sell :)

Here below can you read about the new things the have made:

All of Bambinos’ proprietary diapers (Classico, Bianco, Teddy and Bellissimo) have gone through some important enhancements and are now available for sale!

1. All of our medium diapers have been increased in the width by approximately 2 inches (which is now the same as our first generation).
2. All of our diapers now come with the most aggressive adhesive tape tabs we have ever applied to our diapers.
3. We have increased the distribution of the SAP (super absorbent polymer) to help increase the core integrity when wet.
4. We have increased the gram weight of the non-woven lining for even more comfort.
5. We now have extra large Classico, Bianco and Teddy diapers IN STOCK with all the above enhancements.
6. For those customers who are still concerned as to which size diaper will fit them the best, we have added a new combo pack, which will contain 2 diapers (one medium and one large) of Classico, Bianco, or Teddy.


Seams to be very nice :)

Bambino Bellissimo improvements

Seams like Bambino have made some change on the Bellissimo diaper.. Like you see on the info that i have post below this text. That i have copy from the company blog: http://bambinodiapers.com/news/2012/02/new-ballissimo-in-stock/ 

So now one miss this imported information the have post.


Bambino Diapers is pleased to announce that it’s 2nd generation Bellissimo diapers in size medium and large are now in stock and available for sale.
This 2nd generation has the following improvements in size medium.
1) Increased width by appromimately 2 inches, which is now more in line with our original Classico, Bianco and Teddy.
2) Increased adhesion with regard to our tape tabs.
3) Increased thickness of our  plastic backsheet to accommodate for the extra capacity of the absorbent core expansion.

The same changes are also applied to our large with the exception of the increased width.

We appreciate our customers input and hope these changes will be enjoyed by all!
WOULD YOU BELIEVE that our large Bellissimo is the same size as the Dry 24/7 medium diaper but with more capacity and features!

When will they finally realize the high end diaper market potential?

4I honestly think companies like Bambino and ABU need to wake up and smell the coffee when it comes to just how much demand there is for truly top end diaper products and just how many people out there have decent amounts of money, and are willing to spend it on a seriously high end product.

ABU gets in Fabine exclusives, they take pre-orders, they make customers wait months for their ordres, they NEVER open up the sales to the general public and instead sell off excess non-pre-orders to their members, and they sell out of the product almost instantly. They sold those things for decent money, and they could not pack them up and ship them off fast enough… Too expensive? Pfft, yeah right, really looks like it….

Bambino goes and makes the Bellisimo diaper, the most expensive, most high end diaper they have ever made. They sell like crazy, they are exclusive to the USA and cannot be shipped to Canada, instead their supplier B4NS will sell them once they get stocked, but THEY SELL OUT of the things before they can even stock up their Canadian supplier. Expensive or not, people wanted the things way more then Bambino comprehended and many of their potential customers are now left out.

I am one of those people in the market for a diaper like this, heck I would buy a package of 100 diapers better then even these for $4 per a diaper (~$300 for a case of 75), but I cannot even buy these current top end diapers because they missed the boat on the supply and demand. I am not willing to pre-pay for a package from ABU and watch once every 2 month updates moving a little ship across the sea but I would have freaking bought an actual complete case had they EVER come available. When they finally arrived from Mars via a trip or two around Pluto for good measure they sold small packages of the things exclusively and limited the number of packages each person could even buy, and sold out virtually instantly… Bambino Bellisimo? Again no chance of ever getting them, they make how ever many of them and they sell like hotcakes and poof, all gone… Guess what Bambino, you did not make enough!

Guess what ABU, guess what Bambino, you don’t seem to be getting it, build the best diaper you have ever dreamed up and never built, the best you could fathom building but dared not because you thought it would be way too expensive to produce and noone would pay for it, manufacture tons of them, rest assured if they are the clear best, thickest, most leak proof AB/DL diaper ever produced you will sell tons of them. Your price does not matter, this is a fetish, many people will pay whatever to satisfy their desires in these types of things.

Just build them and people will buy them, one person will get their hands on them, they will post pics here and talk about how unreal they are and how a Abena M4 is half as thick and looks like a napkin next to one and how they have spent the last 17 days in the same diaper and it still has not leaked and is the size of a small zepplin. Everyone who “can” afford them will be at your site ordering them up inside of a minute, except us Canadians, we will sit there waiting for your to send some to B4NS hoping beyond hope you made enough of them this time…

They keep trying to slowly test the waters of the market and get just a little thicker and a little more expensive to see what they can sell, what the market will accept, and the market simply inhales the things right off the shelf. $2/diaper? Pfft, whatever, gimme! Stop pussy footing around Bambino and ABU, take the clue, build the ultimate diaper, forget $2.50/diaper for the next step, go to $3, go to $4 if you have to in order to manufacture the things as long as the final product is really THAT good, build lots of them, make sure they are actually AVAILABLE to the customers!

They will sell like crazy.


Bambino Bellissimo on bigbabyfun.com

Bambino Bellissimo
Bambino Bellissimo

Seams like bigbabyfun.comhave start selling this new Bambino diaper. Wounder if the only ship in UK or if the ship to aether country in europe to.  Have send the owner a e-mail about it. If he can ship to Sweden i am going to order a pack of it. But he dont offer a sample so i can see at medium still fit. Because the have a new size information on this diaper :(

Bambino Bellissimo

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Bad he dont show how it looks when your wear and when it is wet. But it was a nice diaper review

The print on the new Bambino Diaper

Here have you some pitcher of the new Bambino Diaper.  There have post it on there Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/bambinodiapersonline?sk=wall And i found information about it whit help from this topic from ADISC:

The new diaper from Bambino
The new diaper from Bambino
The new diaper from Bambino
The inside of the new diaper.
The new diaper from Bambino
The new print.

The new print looks very cute and i hope i get the change to try this new diaper when it is finish. Bad the dont ship to Sweden yet.