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The print on the new Bambino Diaper

Here have you some pitcher of the new Bambino Diaper.  There have post it on there Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/bambinodiapersonline?sk=wall And i found information about it whit help from this topic from ADISC:

The new diaper from Bambino
The new diaper from Bambino
The new diaper from Bambino
The inside of the new diaper.
The new diaper from Bambino
The new print.

The new print looks very cute and i hope i get the change to try this new diaper when it is finish. Bad the dont ship to Sweden yet.


Information from Bambino

Seams like the Bambino is going to come whit a new thicker abdl diaper.

What i have read from this blog post: It sounds like it is going to be i quite amazing diaper. Hope there are going to improve the tape the have on there other diaper. I think it is to small to give a good fit on the body.

New bambino product

Bambinodiapers should son release some new awesome produce. A new design whit Teddy beers print and some new boosters.

The Bottom Half Group Introduces New Designer Adult Baby Diaper: “The Teddy Bambino”
The Teddy Bambino, the third in the line of customized Designer Adult Baby Diaper products produced by California-based The Bottom Half Group, is the latest absorbent innovation from the website BambinoDiapers.com. The first run of the new diaper features a brand-new and unique tape tab design, more absorbency, and a better fit for night sleepers.

You can read more about this new product her on this source link: http://www.prweb.com/releases/teddy-bambino-diaper/adult-baby-diapers/prweb4235894.htm

BambinoDiapers.com Launches Thick, Scent-Free Diaper Booster Pad Product
The new TotalDry Booster Pad, the second booster pad product from adult baby supplier BambinoDiapers.com, is a scent-free and super-absorbent diaper pad insert. Northern California’s The Bottom Half Group is the developer of the new highly innovative and value priced TotalDry Booster Pad.

You can read more about this new product her on this source link: http://www.prweb.com/releases/bambino-diapers/totaldry-booster-pads/prweb4242154.htm