The NEW Quadro & Quadro Deluxe



The newly designed Quadro Booster Pads are truly unique compared to the rest of the competition. With no pulp or fluff included, the booster allows instant absorption due to our propriety blend/ construction of SAP and fibers. This blend not only makes the booster swell nicely and hold its form when wet, but the moisture immediately gets pulled from the surface touching your skin. All this, paired with an incredibly soft nonwoven top makes for a booster you will never want to be without. Of course you can’t forget about the additional absorption of approximately 1000ml!

Design and Fit

Our Bambino Quadro Booster Pads are meant to fit snugly inside any of your favorite diapers! Just like before, they will fit comfortably between the standing leg cuffs, allowing all main diaper functions to act as they should but now more absorption capacity for the core! The Bambino branded adhesive release strips on the bottom of the booster allow pinpoint placement and shift prevention. Most importantly, the Quadros are designed for high capacity.

Night Use

The Quadro Booster Pads can be extremely helpful for those those who want additional support during the day or nighttime.

Do you want your favorite, high-quality diaper to be more absorbent than it already is? Do you have a lower quality diaper that you absolutely love but want an extra boost? Do you wake up soaking wet after sleeping like a baby through the night? Do you wish you had soft, comfortable extra protection to last through your padded day? If you answered YES to any of these questions, the Quadro Booster is the product for you.

No other company offers this type of advanced booster technology with capacity to swell under pressure and the ability to resist bunching or tearing apart while totally saturated. All while maintaining softness and comfort throughout the day and night!

The NEW Quadro & Quadro Deluxe
Introducing Quadro’s big brother, the Quadro Deluxe! With approximately 2000ml of extra absorption, these booster pads are simply on another level. Over the years, we have listened to the community and have observed the need for a super premium booster that would supercharge any diaper and stand out above all others. We believe we have created that booster. The Quadro Deluxe absorbency characteristics paired with the thin profile, the ultra soft nonwoven that stays in contact with your skin and finally the instant moisture pull-through due to our proprietary booster pad technology translates into a powerhouse pad.

The important details you need to know:

  • 16L” x 6W”
  • Approximately 2000ml of absorption!
  • Proprietary booster pad technology, no pulp or fluff
  • Incredibly soft nonwoven for ultimate skin comfort
  • Bambino adhesive tape for pinpoint placement
  • Instant absorption / moisture pull-through
  • No bunching or tearing while saturated
  • Non-scented

Both this diaper boosters sure looks amazing.

Bambino Classico diaper play

Looks like this diaper boy decided to have some nice and cozy diaper play in his Bambino ClassicoBambino Classico diaper play diaper :)

My first order from 23-07-2014

Bambino Teddy PackageThis is  photo that show the first order that i have made from The last week i decided to put an order on there site and today may order finely arrived in Sweden. Yes you maybe wounder how that is possible because they dont ship to Sweden. To be able to order from there website the diaper was first shipped to that forwarded the package to me here in Sweden. so simple is it and yes i know it can be a little expensive but sometime it can be nice to wear this ABDL diapers and special try them now when they have made some improvement that i have mention in a earlier post.

It should be nice to try them when the weather allows it right now it is to hot to wear diapers because you sweat out most of the water especially when it’s almost 28 dgrs C in apartments.

So how about you? Have you try this improved version yet of the Bambino diaper? What do you think about it? Please share your thoughts about it.