Dry to Wet – DPRTube

Testing out the new Bambino Bellissimos. The tapes are a lot larger, and the material is so much more absorbent.
I went from dry to wet in a matter of seconds!

Video and text DrunknFox

From the sound that comes from his diaper it really sounds like he really needed to pee badly. Good thing he is wearing a diaper that can handle it.


Bambino Diapers: Oops! Diapers with a Print Error

Oops! Diapers with a Print ErrorOops! printing error! In our excitement to receive the first shipment of Bambino diapers with the new soft cotton-like lining, we rushed our material suppliers, and the frontal panels were printed upside down. Photos of diapers with the upside-down printed panels are available below. The printing error is purely cosmetic and does not affect the function or performance of the diapers. However, we are offering 3% OFF on all these products since it is still a printing error. We hope that you enjoy our new diapers even with the small oops…

You can find the upside-down printed panels diaper here: http://bambinodiapers.com/oops-diapers-with-a-print-error-c-21/

This is some really funny text together whit the image but only 3% discount? That is not so match you save on this printing error diapers. Wounder way they dont offer a little more discount on this diaper? Maybe because the only problem whit the diaper is the printed panels that are on the front?