Dry to Wet – DPRTube

Testing out the new Bambino Bellissimos. The tapes are a lot larger, and the material is so much more absorbent.
I went from dry to wet in a matter of seconds!

Video and text DrunknFox

From the sound that comes from his diaper it really sounds like he really needed to pee badly. Good thing he is wearing a diaper that can handle it.


Bambino Diapers: Oops! Diapers with a Print Error

Oops! Diapers with a Print ErrorOops! printing error! In our excitement to receive the first shipment of Bambino diapers with the new soft cotton-like lining, we rushed our material suppliers, and the frontal panels were printed upside down. Photos of diapers with the upside-down printed panels are available below. The printing error is purely cosmetic and does not affect the function or performance of the diapers. However, we are offering 3% OFF on all these products since it is still a printing error. We hope that you enjoy our new diapers even with the small oops…

You can find the upside-down printed panels diaper here: http://bambinodiapers.com/oops-diapers-with-a-print-error-c-21/

This is some really funny text together whit the image but only 3% discount? That is not so match you save on this printing error diapers. Wounder way they dont offer a little more discount on this diaper? Maybe because the only problem whit the diaper is the printed panels that are on the front?



Double Wetting and Diaper boy Playtime

I wet my Bambino Bellissimo diapers twice. Then I laid back and masturbated in my diaper to my favorite hypnosis file.

Text and video by thkdia321 on DPRTube.

Sound like thkdia321 have a wonderful diaper boy playtime whit his diaper like allot of boys can have when there wear diapers. And it sounds from the nosies he make that he come in his diaper. And that can be normal for some boys special when it comes to the thick wet morning diaper that you can have after wetting your diaper allot in your sleep. And if you do that i hope you wear thick diaper so you dont end up whit a diaper leak.

If you wont to download the hypnosis file you can find the file here on Warp My Mind. I get some error when i try to download it but i hope it work to download it for you. So you can have a good diaper boy playtime like this boy in the video had.

Exciting Product Announcement from Bambino

Seams like Bambino have made some nice change on the diaper the sell :)

Here below can you read about the new things the have made:

All of Bambinos’ proprietary diapers (Classico, Bianco, Teddy and Bellissimo) have gone through some important enhancements and are now available for sale!

1. All of our medium diapers have been increased in the width by approximately 2 inches (which is now the same as our first generation).
2. All of our diapers now come with the most aggressive adhesive tape tabs we have ever applied to our diapers.
3. We have increased the distribution of the SAP (super absorbent polymer) to help increase the core integrity when wet.
4. We have increased the gram weight of the non-woven lining for even more comfort.
5. We now have extra large Classico, Bianco and Teddy diapers IN STOCK with all the above enhancements.
6. For those customers who are still concerned as to which size diaper will fit them the best, we have added a new combo pack, which will contain 2 diapers (one medium and one large) of Classico, Bianco, or Teddy.


Seams to be very nice :)