Balloons Are The Best

Balloons Are The Best

Kenny writes on the chalkboard as he gets ready for Show And Tell!

“Balloons are the best! Especially big pretty balloons! They feel really nice and squishy when you hug and sit down on them! But you have to be gentle, because they make a loud boom when they pop. So, balloons are the best! Danku!”

The cute fox and above text belongs to KennyKitsune

Draw by Rairai


Giggle someone sure teels everyone how match he loves balloons :)

And it sure not strange most cubs love to play around and have a big balloon :)

So i bet that Kenny is not alone about this in the classroom.


WeeeeeThe fox belongs to kennykitsune and the drawing is made by Reva_the_Scarf


Giggle it looks to me that kennykitsune sure seems to have one of the fumiest moment in his life right now. Playing around whit that big balloon :)

Chance of rain … 100%!

Chance of rain ... 100%!One day Yure was playing with some balloons and he tied them to his belly, but since they were many, the balloons began to raise him up in the air!
But Yure had forgotten to go to the bathroom first!Oh-no!

In the meantime,Yure had brought a small radio with him and listened to the news to see if they were talking about him!

And what he heard was the following:
“Here the weather forecast!Our radars detected a flying kitten and are causing lots of water yellow drops, we warned the citizens to have their umbrellas at hand!Chance of rain … 100%!”

Yure belongs to Yure16

Lineart by Victor/colors and text by nelson88


Poor Yure it seems like the diaper that he is wearing is not of the good kind of diapers :(

Balloons for Bunnies

Balloons for BunniesKenny was visiting the park, when he saw the bunny twins, Kat and David! He offered to share some of his balloons, and they were very thankful and grateful! Kenny loves watching over cubs have fun with balloons!

Kenny, text and order KennyKitsune

Artwork, Kat & David: ConejoBlanco


This sure was a very nice thing of Kenny to do sharing his balloons whit Kat and David. They sure look super happy to have some balloons to play whit.

Silly Bottom

Silly BottomKenny is being silly today! He’s proudly showing off his diapered bottom and shaking it around! Heeheehee!

Fox and text by KennyKitsune

Draw by Zanten94


Yes it sure looks like the silly little baby Keeny really love his diaper :)

And yes it is kind of nice to feel and touch your diaper butt :)

Celebrate #Pokemon20 with the Pikachu Balloon at the 2016 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

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I wish i was there so i could see this parade live. That should be something so awesome :)