Babysitting time

Babysitting timeOrder by tjamanarlong

Draw by KelvinTheLion


Wow that is kind of amazing that the big Dragonite get the space to be in this kangaroo punch.

Thay all seems happy and they seems to like sucking on there bottle special Vaporeon that have the eyes close and only focus on the sucking :)

A Bad Report

A Bad ReportWell, when you’re bad for the babysitter all night I guess (s)he won’t give mommy or daddy a good report about my behavior.

Not sure what I did specifically to earn this one, but when daddy got back from his date with mommy I got a big spanking.

Text and Caiden by tugscarebear

Draw by AlexCub


Poor Caiden but if you misbehave you should know bay now that you receive a spanking on your bare bottom.

Kiburi-Lion silly regression

Kiburi-Lion silly regressionthe dangers of babysitting a cub with powers of regression… if she deems you a baby, you probably will be one shortly… as Kiburi-lion is discovering…

Order: Kiburi-lion

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


This seems to be a very bad babysitting job when the cub that you are babysitting have this sort of power. Now it seems like Kiburi-lion need to have a sitter to.

My Girlfriend, My Babysitter by Colin Milton

Product Description

Mary. Unattainable… or so Jack thought. He’d admired her from a distance but always felt that he had no chance of spending time with her until the day she accepted a tipsy invitation to go to a concert. She reciprocated by inviting him to help her babysit.
He had assumed there was only one baby…

My Girlfriend, My Babysitter
This sounds like a weary good story. Wounder what is going to happen to Jack? I bet Mary is going to threat him like a baby.
You can reed the first chapter here. Before you decide if you wont to buy this book.