Foxy diaper ads (Gift art)

Foxy diaper ads (Gift art)Foxy and his mother is visiting a studio today for some diaper ads photo shouting for the new Thushies diapers. Foxy dont mind waddling around in the studio in front all of the cameras wearing only his diaper. He is use to this his mother have take him to allot of photo shouting studios over the year for different kind of commercial photos for baby products. And beside he dont care how many that could see him wearing only his diaper. He love wearing his diapers.

But in this ads he could not bring his favorite Pikachu plushy whit him so he fantasy how match cuddling he can have whit him now when he is wearing this Thushies. They are weary thick between Foxys legs and he love that feelings.

The people behind the camera think it is the Thushies that make him look this happy. But he cannot foul his mother that know that he is thinking about his Pikachu Plushy to.

Draw and coloring by Victor and nelson88

They are really awesome for sending me all this nice and cute gifts drawing.

Valentine’s hug

Valentine's hugToday is it valentines day and when Foxys mother wake him this morning she did so whit a big hug and allot of kisses and sad happy valentine Foxy. This was Foxys first valentine so his mother explained that it was a day to show other persons around you how match you love them so Foxy run to his Pikachu plushy that he left in the crib during the morning diaper change and starting to give him allot of hugs and kisses and sad happy valentine my friend.

Draw by: TailBiter

My first T-shirt this year from Furmania

My first T-shirt this year from FurmaniaThis is the first babyfur T-shirt that i have order on 2015 from Furmania. She have print some babyfur art on T-shirt for me and i am weary thankful for that.

If you wont to order one to you can find out more on there website: Or visit the Furmania pages on my blog.

Bite my crinkly padded tushy

Bite my crinkly padded tushyCome on bite my crinkly white padded butt if you have the courage to do that. I dont going to feel any thing because may mother always put me in some weary fluffy and thick diapers. You can see for your self if you decide to bite it how fluffy and thick it is.

Draw by: kratox

Ready for a change

Ready for a changeFoxy was playing whit his Pikachu plushy in his crib before nap time after his bottle. When he was finish his mother checked his diaper to see if he needed a diaper change but the diaper was not so wet yet so she could wait white the change to after Foxys nap time. She put Foxy down for his nap and sing a lullaby for him.

When she wake Foxy one hours lather she checked his diaper again and this time it was weary wet. So she place foxy on a table and remove his weary wet diaper and left him there whit his legs up in the air sucking his thumb and some clean diaper on his side.

Draw by: Zanten94

Mommy wow i’m a big kid now!

Mommy wow i'm a big kid now!Foxy was looking around in his draws one day and found some pull ups pants that his mother have bought to him that he can wear one day when she is going to potty train him. Foxy think that he turns to a big boy strait away if he decide to put this pull ups pants on. So he decide to do so and show his mother that he is a big boy now.

Cubs like Foxy dont understand this dont work this way. If he wont to be a big boy one day he needs to work hard to be able to have some control over his bladder and bowel. He have a long way to travel to fix that.

Draw by: Lucca