Sparks pichu in shoes

Sparks pichu in shoesSparks trying footwear for the first time, landonbay suggested it would be cute with the diaper too. It’s an adorable combination indeed :3

There is a non-diaper version too if you’re interested – with his cute butt showing ^-^

Sparks: pichu90

Draw by: pichu90


Aww this is so super cute and i agree whit landonbay that this footwear fit weary good whit the diaper he is wearing. And it make it even more cuter when he is blushing about this to. It only make him even more cute and the only thing you wont to do is to hug him and say that it is nothing to worry about. It is so normal for a little baby Sparks to be this cute. Do you not agree?

Sparks in shoes 2The diaperless version X3

Note how the shoes let his ‘other’ features stand out XD


Aww what a cute butt Sparks have. But i think the diaper butt is match cuter.

Foxy try to cover his messy diaper

Foxy try to cover his messy diaperFoxy have try weary hard this weekend to prov to his friends Ronald that he is a big boy like him. (If you look closer you can see that he is not a big boy yet). Foxy think this is little embarrassing to be on the changing table whit the wet and messy diaper fully exposed. He try to cover the front of his diaper whit his feet. But the problem whit that is that now his messy diaper butt is weary exposed for Ronald that stand in front him whit a new diaper that Foxy really needs to wear. Ronald dont wont to spend all the day washing wet or messy clothes. And that is whats going to happen if he let Foxy wearing big boys underwear instead of his diaper.

Foxy: abdl86

Ronald: ronaldmccoon

Draw by: hexaod

At the beach

At the beach

Playing with some sand at the beach.

Cub: Pichuboy

Draw by: Amiko


It look like Pichuboy have an amazing time at the beache whit his favorite plushy Raichu. But where have he hide Pikachu? Maybe he is not invited to this fun time at the beach. If that is the case that is not so nice off Pichuboy to do that. I bet Pikachu should like to have some fun play time at the beach to. Maybe he can be whit them the next time.

I hope that he have a long and fun playtime.

Pichuboy’s new year belly

Pichuboy's new year bellypichuboy asked for another new year’s pic patting his belly. He may plan to get rid of it with exercise and a better diet XD.

Pichu: pichuboy

Draw by: pichu90


Aww he maybe have a thick tummy right now after all this new years eve food. But another way he look kind of happy right now whit all this food in his tummy and he is a growing boy so i think all this food that he have in his belly now is going to get in good use for his growing body. I only hope that his parents is prepare for what will come out in amounts at the other end and land in the back of his diaper.

Don’t Mess With Momma 2

Don't Mess With Momma 2 Part 1
The follow up from the last picture:

Xavier finds himself even more in trouble then before, ending up having to use his or in this case ‘her’ padding in front of her mother wolf. she knows her momma has her teasing ways and techniques to use against him. Catching him off guard, before he knows it. He was already a girl, making him deeply embarrassed and whiny, even the clothes he once had on are gone, now these baby looking clothing showing off her butt, making him just flat out humiliated and that’s why he will remember to never mess with his momma wolf again. Remember kids, never try to act older around you’re momma or act tough, let that be a lesson to all babeh butts out there.

Cub and story by: XavierWolf.

Draw by: catmonkshiro.


Yes it is a weary good advice it is not so good to act tough or older around your mom. If you do it only going to end up bad for you like it did whit Xavier. And i think Xavier going to be in thick diapers for a long time.



Babyfur Comic: Good Friends

Good FriendsThis took AGGGGGEEES But I am really pleased with the end result. I really want that raichu plushie *giggles*.

Teddiursa/Petie: The_Lost_One.

Pichu/Ruby: takinoue.

Poochyena/Andrew: ?

Draw and text by: toddlergirl


Aww i love the end in this comic they look so happy together. And it is weary nice of Ruby to put on a diaper to you st so Andrew not should fell so embarrassing about that she is wearing a diaper. But he look little embarrassing when Andrew hug him for being so nice and that is the best thing to show it.

Now they all can spend allot of time hugging and play whit there plushy like some weary good cubs do when they have a nice playtime together.

I am not sure that i get every name right here in this story.