Show Me the (Diapered) Car Fox

Show Me the (Diapered) Car FoxI had a brief period where I really wanted to see this character humiliated in diapers. Why? Because I’m a weirdo, as you know. So… this happened.

Story and fox by rushfan

Draw by tato


Poor Fox it is nothing fun to be bondage whit a pacifier gag and nothing then a short t-shirt and a thick diaper to wear. Wounder if someone is going to help him get out off there? He really need someone to help him.

Rocko’s Babied Life

Rocko's Babied Life
Not sure who did this to him. Maybe Mrs. Bighead?

Order and text by rushfan

Draw by tato


Poor Rocko it seems like he have end up in a very bad situation and no when he is all bondage he have no where to go.

Ricky’s yummy apple

Ricky's yummy applepichuboy grows bigger as he continues to eat apples, so he is needing bigger diapers ^^

Ricky: pichuboy

Draw and text by pichu90

Ricky sure like to eat food and this apple seems to be pretty good thing to eat.

Kiburi-Lion silly regression

Kiburi-Lion silly regressionthe dangers of babysitting a cub with powers of regression… if she deems you a baby, you probably will be one shortly… as Kiburi-lion is discovering…

Order: Kiburi-lion

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


This seems to be a very bad babysitting job when the cub that you are babysitting have this sort of power. Now it seems like Kiburi-lion need to have a sitter to.

PokéDigital Monsters

PokéDigital MonstersLooks like Fiona is trying out the latest version of her game, she always names all her minions after friends of hers and here it looks like her loyal “Acepup” is trying out a new attack!

Fiona and text: Runt


Draw by catmonkshiro


A new short of PokéDigital game?

Little helper

Little helperFoxy love to help his mother whit things special when it comes to refill his diaper stock that is below his changing table. But sometime it can be hard to do that special when it staring to run out off free space for the diapers. Then it can be good to use the diaper butt and try to squish the diaper to fit.

Foxy was so focus on this so he did dent notes his mother taking a photo off this.

Draw by Hareluca