The little artist

The little artist
The little artist

Papa Otter had discovered in his son, a talent for drawing.
So he decided to buy some colored pencils and a notebook, and thus further enhance the talent of his child!

The little otter was very happy and wanted to start drawing as soon as was possible!

Little Otter:”This notebook is very small for me and I need something bigger, where I can draw better!”

And looking around, found the wall that had recently painted by his dad and said with great joy:
“Here I’ll draw better!Yay!”

When Little Otter finished his drawing in the wall, went straight to his father and said very proudly:
“I know Dad, what I wanna be when I grow up!”

Papa Otter:”And what you want to be when you grow up?”

Little Otter:”A great artist!And I want to show you now,the drawing I did!Come with me,dad!”

But papa Otter, was impressed and shouted out:
“Oh no! My freshly painted wall! Little Otter you are a naughty boy! ”

Poor Little Otter … being an artist also has certain consequences …

Little Otter:”I don’t want to be an artist when I grow up …Booo,hooo!”

Anyone want to give a hug to him?

Pic by my cousin and colors/story by me: nelson88

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Source: //

I can agree this is whats happen if you decide to draw on the wall you get a spanking. So i hope this little otter have lean that you should not draw on the wall if he wont to If he wants to get away from more spanking

Foxy reference sheet

Foxy reference sheet
Foxy reference sheet

Finely my new Foxy reference sheet and it turn out to be a cute ref to. It was time for foxy to get a new reference sheet because my old ref was kind of old and felt little out of dated now. So a thought it was time for me to order anew one and i decide that fangthefox should be the perfect user to ask to draw the new one.

Draw by: fangthefox

I have upload a new image now. The won that i upload early was some misspelling in the text. This won should be good and correct.

Foxy reference sheet old
Foxy reference sheet old

Here is a pitcher of my old reference sheet and this one is draw by: KuroWolfBoy

I have not draw this two drawings. You can see in the text who have draw it.

Balloon Cowboy

Balloonie Cowboy
Balloonie Cowboy

Kenny is enjoying today’s playtime! He loves blowing up balloons and riding his pretty inflatable purple pony like a good cub!

Artwork by: onzeno

Character: kennykitsune

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Source: //

Seams like Kenny have a very fun time playing on his horse. I can understand that it is a fun thing to do and he have his diaper on if he need to go potty. I hope he stop to blow the balloon son it can pop if he continues.

How do the Diaper Look?

How do the Diaper Look?I have order the same pose before but then it was whit Pikachu: // but when i notes how good that drawing turn out to be i decide that i wont to have my foxy in the same pose. And here it now.

And this drawing turn out to be that great to like the last won this artist draw for me. Thats so great. Hope you all like this nice and thick poofy butt now. Because i love to wear it.

I hope that no won is going to tease me now for this thick and poofy diaper.

Draw by: ruugiaruu

Suggestion for a cub group pitcher

I have come up whit a cute cub pitcher idea.

A group of cub should spending some time at the beach or pool whit some caretakers. Should be some cub playing whit some beach toys and other should play in the water.

I know one cub that i should like to have in this drawing and that is ronaldmccoon.

I and ronaldmccoon should stand close to a big umbrella. We should wear a cute cap to protect or shelf from the sun. And we should wear T-shirts whit some cute summer print and off course we should wear some cute swim diapers whit some fish print on. The package whit the swim diaper should stand close bay to.

Please not that i dont know who can draw something like this. I have only come up whit this suggestion for a drawing.

But if some one should decide to start whit it i bet it going to be something super cute.

Cute Walking

Cute WalkingDraw by: Fangthefox

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Source: //

This was a new nice drawing from Fangthefox. I think he have improve his art in a good new way. And the print on his diaper is so cute and sweet to. When a cub learn how to walk he is always happy that he have master something like that. Now he can run faster after the toys he wont to play whit :)

The description on his new ref // is super cute to. And that mad a cub special cute to when he do something like this ;)

Fangthefox commissions is open if you wont to order a art of you own from this artist.