Sissypaws is so embarrassed

Im so embarrassedUm no i am totally dry i swear.

Text and Feline: Sissypaw

Draw by: fjf


Awww poor Sissypaw but i am sorry your diaper is not dry it is all wet and it look weary heavy. So i bet that you need to find someone that can change the diaper before you start leaking all over the floor. You are going to be more happy when you are wearing something dry and cozy instead of the cold wet soggy diaper that you wearing now.

Or maybe that is something whit the diaper change that make you sad or scared?



Wahhhh!Now is Foxy here again whit a new toasted hurting bottom from a long spanking.

Now you maybe wounder what it is for sort of bad things that Foxy have been up to?

He disobeyed his mother when she told him that he can not get a cookie before bottle time. But Foxy dont wont to wait to after the bottle to eat a yummy cookie. So when Foxys mother was away to make his bottle he decide to have a cookie any way. But when Foxys had his paw inside
the cookie jar his mother come back whit his bottle and notes this bad little Foxy.

Poor Foxy now he have a toasted hurting butt instead of a bottle and a cookie.

Draw by: xxxchaotickitty

Scary movie is nothing for cubs to watch

Scary movie is nothing for cubs to watch
Watching scary movies can cause accidents to little cubs. It’s a good thing both of us are protected with thick padding. x3

Foxy: abdl86

Josh: rexam-1

Scary movies is nothing for cubs to watch. Even if they have they favorit plushy to cuddling whit during the most scary part. So is it no surprise that they ends up whit a messy diaper.

I think there caretaker is going to be weary mad when she found them watching this kind of movie.

What do you think is going to happen then if someone found up what they are up to? I know one thing they going to get and that is a diaper change. It is not good for this two cubs to sleep in the messy diaper because if they do that they maybe ends up whit some bad diaper rash.

Lunch for my buddy Crunch

Lunch for my buddy Crunch After a long nap with his little bro. Wake up still see his brother dead tired and lets him sleep he call for the caretaker let him out of his crib.The caretaker come in with holding his good buddy Crunch. Both cubs feeling very hungry they ask the caretaker if had any food. The caretaker come back with “two” burgers and lets the two cubs eat. Crunch toddles over Kiba but on the way he trips over something and drops his Burger all over,Crunch being upset about droping his food start crying,Kiba feel bad toddles over and offer his own burger to his buddy making feel a lot better.

Crunch: poochyen

Kiba: onikiba


They look so sweet and cute together special the expression that Crunch have in his face it is so cute and lovely to see how hungry he are.

No Foxy No!

No Foxy No!Now is Foxy receiving a new spanking from his friend Ronald for his naughty of behavior.

Now you maybe wounder what it is for naughty behavior that Foxy have been up to? The thing he have done is that he have take off his diaper without Ronalds permission and the second thing is that he have play whit Ronalds favorite toy whiteout his permission. That is one thing that Ronald dont like when someone play whit his toys whiteout asking. When that sort of things happen he always end up giving that person a massive spanking. Like the spanking that Foxy is receiving now.

Poor Foxy but this time Ronald wont Foxy to learn the hard way.

Ronald: ronaldmccoon

Foxy: abdl86

Draw by: batladie

Leaking Diaper in Public

Leaking Diaper in PublicThis is a continue image from:

Right now is it one of the worst moment in Foxys life. The diaper that he is wearing have starting to leak so now it has a big wet spot on the front of his pants that he try to hide whit his t-shirt when he and Ronald is waiting outside of the restroom. But the problem is the t-shirt that he is wearing is to short so he cannot use it to cover the wet spot as much as he tries.

But what Foxy is not thinking about is when he try something like this in public it is more easy for people to find out that something is wrong here. But fortunately he have his friend Ronald close bay that can help him change into a clean diaper and some dry pants.

You maybe wondering to way Foxy suddenly is so match smaller then Ronald is? That is weary simple. You dont feel that big when you standing in the center of a big store whit a leaking diaper. That make you feel weary small like a little toddler.

Ronald: ronaldmccoon

Foxy; abdl86

Draw by: rainydays