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Pants Shopping

Pants Shopping
Pants Shopping

I decided to get a theme that involves a parent this time and I came up with this idea ^^ here’s the story to it x3

Beto has just turned 8 and still hasn’t been doing any better in potty training. His mother doesn’t have any pants that can fit over his thick diapers and any thinner ones will leak and wet his pants. So his mother took him out to the mall in just a shirt and a diaper to go shopping for new pants that can fit him. of course this makes poor beto all embarrassed and blushy to go out like this in public. and you can tell by his face and legs that he’s gonna go potty any minute. (in his pampers x3)

Mama red: What’s wrong dear? going potty?

Beto: n…no… ;-; *starts to get soggy*



art by: ende

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4762669/

Poor boy. Not fun to go outside in this thick diaper and any wan can see it to. I can understand how he feels about this.

Late night gaming

Late night gaming
Late night gaming

nothing feels comfier than laying down in bed in diapers! ^^

here’s betowolfie laying down on his belly in bed in a T-shirt and a thick, Halloween themed diaper playing his PS3 snuggling his suicune plush!

I know I should be playing Wii since it involves pokemon (I should have asked him to add a wii console on the shelf ^_^; ) I chose PS3 for this because you have to be sitting up to use the wii controllers fluently while a PS3 controller is just held still. and I know that Wii uses the classic and gamecube controller but the PS3 controller feels more comfortable to hold.

Characters:  betowolf

art by:  jimmy_rumshot

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4669223/

Good thing that he has diaper on when he play some Tv games. You never know what can happen.

Untraining Faren

Untraining Faren
Untraining Faren

Commission for  faren.
Telorath, the mischievous but mostly harmless of the two brothers, decided he wanted to wean Faren off the toilet and get him dependent on diapers.
Sure, he has ways to make it happen in an instant, but it’s much more fun to slowly make it happen, as if it could never be stopped or reversed.

His main process is to hypnotize Faren in his sleep, making him forget how to hold it in, making him always so relaxed…

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4534526

Very nice drawing but pore boy that don’t now about what the brother have down to him.

Tips for Age Regression: 13 “Girly”

Tips for Age Regression: 13 "Girly"
Tips for Age Regression: 13 “Girly”

I love collaborating with these tips with other furs because it brings down the cost of these commissions, that and sometimes it gives me great ideas! Like, if everyone wasn’t dressing up luring as a girl….I would have NEVER come up with this tip!

Here we have teen Kammy babysitting what appears to be an adorable little girl… Must be a special occasion to get me to pull out a teen Kammy picture….

strawberryneko provides some adorable art and colors for yet another tip…

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/4323496

Can really agree with this. I baby can sometimes be really difficult to decide whether it is a boy or a girl.