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52) Little Fur’s Productions HD “Leader Of The Band”

Little Fur’s Productions
“Leader Of The Band”
Artwork by Various Artists
Video by Pandr

If you’re artwork was used in this video and you do not want it featured here, please send an e-mail to Little Fur’s Productions at pandr_panda[at]yahoo dot com please telling me to please remove it video will be taken down and reworked to remove your particular piece of artwork I will need a timeline that your artwork is featured in.
Thank you very much from Pandr and Little Fur’s Productions

New Pacifier For Fangthefox

New Pacifier For Fangthefox
New Pacifier For Fangthefox

*Happily sucks on my new paci, wearing the diaper it came in.*

(my regular diapers are cuter >.>)

Draw and the cub by: Fangthefox

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/10663575/

Seams like we have a very happy Fangthefox here and i can understand way. It is always nice to find a new and good pacifier to suck on in there new diaper that you have receive. It is a very good and special surprise to find and that make it to a very special and relaxing sucking moment. Only thing that is missing now is that he should wet his new and cozy diaper now when he is this relax and calm. And i agree his regular diaper is match cuter then he wear now.  That seams to be the Wellness Brief this is the first time that i have seen a babyfur wear this diaper. But some time should be the first time.

You can see more art that i have post from Fangthefox here.

Coren Intimate Time Whit His Plush

Intimate Time Whit Plush
Intimate Time Whit Plush

Every once in a while, sissy kitties need some intimate time with something big, soft, pink, and crinkly. Coren’s too sissy for real yiff, so she crinkle unfs her cheetah plush instead.

Surprise gift art for a sissy cheetah friend, for whom the plushie was designed.

Art © chazor
Cub: Coren

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/10634821/

51) Little Fur’s Productions HD “Some of Us” – Video

Little Fur’s Productions “Some of Us”
Artwork by Tavi Munk
Video by Pandr

Time for a new video from Pandr and Little Fur’s Productions whit new and beautiful arts from Tavi Munk that i hope that you are going to like.

Babyfur Comic: Unregressed


LOL poor gem. that’s really gonna be confusing when mummy comes to collect me.

Draw by: toddlergirl

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10602201/

It seams the cub have found out a new way for this powerful and special stick to work. Wounder what gems mom is going to say when she come to get gem from kindergarten.Wounder if gem regressed back to a cub if she remove the stick. What do you think? Maybe it lose it power if you remove the stick. Maybe Gem should try that if she wont to regress back to a cub again so the plushy is not that big any more like it is now.

I hope we going to see some more comic whit this powerful and magic stick. That should be relay awesome.

You can see the first part here: Babyfur Comic: Raichu age regression

Babyfur Comic: Raichu age regression

Babyfur Comic: Raichu age regression
Babyfur Comic: Raichu age regression

Order: The_Lost_One

Draw by: toddlergirl

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10574049/

Nice to see that we are back to this powerful and strange sticker that we let to know in the Babyfur Comic: Colt practice pages

What we can see and learn is that this bully relay get what his deserve by regressed back himself this time. I hope that he is going to learn his lesson and grow up to know how he should behave this time.

But this was a very nice and cute babyfur comic and i love this age regression pitchers :) It is so cute to watch when they regress back to be a baby again. I hope that we going to see more of this type of art fromtoddlergirl.  I only wish that should happen to me. Should be nice to be a baby again and dont need to hide any more that you wear thick and cozy diapers that baby needs to wear.

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