Babyfur – Page 300 – My ABDL Life

Nursery page 1-3

Nursery Nursery page 1

1. I remember this place. Think may mom have left me here when i was a baby.
2. I think i should check this place out and see how it is. Look like no one is here any more.
3. what? i dont remember this machine. I think i should turn it on and see what is happen.

Nursery page 21. What diapers, I dont wear diapers any more. What is this machine talking about?
2. What? no i dont wont to be naked at this place. I wont to wear my cloths.
3. Spanking? I have not tacking of my diaper, What is this machine thinking i am not 3 years old. This spanking relay hurts allot.

Nursery page 31. A diaper? i dont wont ot be back in diapers again. And how can the have diapers that fit me?
2. what is this? locking devise on my diaper? How should i have the chance to take it of now?
3. Looks like this crib is going to be my prison. But how is a going to be able to get back home now?

This is the last page that i have for now. But what to you think is going to happen to me now?

Draw by:   astolpho



Coren poses for a picture in a pretty dress, but little does he know that the camera flash will reveal what he’s wearing underneath!

“Look a little to the left, sweetie.”
“Like this, mumsy?”
“Yes, that’s perfect, darling. You’re the sweetest little girl I’ve ever taken a picture of.”
*Coren blushes as the picture is taken, the flash revealing his diaper underneath.*
“Oh my, you are a LITTLE girl, aren’t you?”

Draw by: StrawberryNeko

Character: Coren

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8624752/ or http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8624703/