Where is my tail? – Babyfur T-shirt

Where is my tail? - Babyfur T-shirt
Where is my tail? – Babyfur T-shirt

Here is a pitcher of the new babyfur T-shirt that i have order. The print that i have use for this is a drawing that rainydays have draw for me. It turn out to be so good so i decide that i should like to print this on a t-shirt that i have do whit some of the art that i have order. It is always something special to wear a T-shirt whit babyfur prints on. The thing i always think is hard when it comes to order T-shirt whit your on print on is the size on the print. You dont wont it to be to big or to small. But i hope that i have get the right size on the print this time to.

If you wont to do something like this to you can always check out CafePress.com to make your order for a Babyfur T-shirt.

Design your own babyfur product

Do you wont to design your own babyfur product? On CafePress have you the chance to make your wish come to? Way not order a T-shirt whit your babyfur character on. Or maybe have it on a mug or something else that you wont to have your character on. You have lots of different items you can choice from

When your product is finish it can look like this:

Thumb suckMug

Is it always nice to wear or use something that you like and feel comfortable with. So way not make a order on CafePress and get the special printed babyfur product that you have look for. You are not going to regret it. Maybe it is something that you can wear or use on the next Furry Fiesta?

Make Your Own Personalized Products at CafePress.com!

Order a new T-Shirt

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Here is a pitcher of a new T-shirt that i have order. Should be so nice to wear this one when it have arrive. I only hope that the print is big enough. I dont wont to end up whit some small print on the t-shirt. Should be so nice when i get this can barely wait. Should be a awesome thing to wear. This print really fit on a t-shirt or what do you think?

I would like to thank roareyraccoon on more time for drawing this wonderful and awesome art.

More pictures of mi in babyfur shirt

I have taken some more pictures of me in babyfur shirt. But this time with a different motif. Nappy that is visible under my shirt is Bambino Teddy.

More pictures of mi in babyfur shirt

More pictures of mi in babyfur shirt

I hope you like the pitcher you see. It is a weary nice shirt and i love to wear to wear the babyfur shirt i have when i put on my diaper. That is some weary good mix of wearing. Do you not agree on that one?

I order my babyfur shirt from this website: http://www.spreadshirt.com/ if you fell like order a t-shirt or something else that you wont to have your print on. Hope you get something nice that you going to like to use or wear together whit your diaper.

Some nice pictures

Here are some pictures of myself in a diaper and babyfur shirt. Hope you will like it.

Some nice pictures

Some nice picturesIt is always nice to wear a t-shirt whit a cute babyfur print on together whit a diaper.

If you fell like order a t-shirt or something else whit a cute print on. I order my shirt from this website: http://www.spreadshirt.com/

It is a nice company that make some good work. I have always receive some nice product from this company and the quality have bean weary good on the print that i have pick for my t-shirt. So long that you use a high resolution image for you order.