Princess’s change

Princess's change

Seems my royal pamperbutt was in much need of a royal diaper change, but my maid Latnam is in no hurry to do so now that he doesn’t have to listen to my abrasive pottymouth, and that my little hooves have been properly mittened to keep me out of mischief.

Order by Babydrake

Draw by Fang_Kanji


Yes it sure is the caretakers job to decide when the diaper change is going to happen and how the diaper change is going to be they sure dont like to be dealing whit fuzzy cub during the diaper change.

And yes it sure sometimes can be a blushing diaper change.


Big girl potty privileges: DENIED

Big girl potty privileges: DENIEDIt looks like I tried to use the big girl potty while I was still diapered and my caretaker wasn’t having none of my sass and nonsense, and has thus properly shown me in absolutely certain terms exactly where my potty is, and that it’s going to be VERY apparent to everyone that I use it.

Judging by my pink thighs I also got a little lesson on just who was in charge and it wasn’t my royal princess self

Text and character by Babydrake

Draw by Wen


Poor Babydrake it sure seems like she have been forced to release one heavy messy load into the waiting ABU Lavender diaper. Look what a messy soggy diaper butt she have ended up whit. This water enema sure have done it stuff. It sure looks like it have been a painful moment for Babydrake :(

Big girl potty privileges: DENIED!

Big girl potty privileges: DENIED!Silly lamb, babies don’t get to use the big girl potty! But a nice warm enema will help you go potty in your pampers just fine.

Sheep babydrake

Draw and text by Wen


Poor girl seems like she have been forced to go back to wearing diapers again and this enema sure force here to make a big mess in here ABU Leavender diaper. She sure have a very messy diaper butt right now.