Babyfur Comic: The Babymaker – Page 2

The Babymaker - Page 2Draw by BananaButt


What is a diaper doing in this treasure chest?

Yes this is really a good question what this baby stuff is doing in a look treasure chest? Is this really a treasure chest or some kind of baby chest?

Babyfur Comic: The three wishes part 4

The three wishes part 4Cub: Digitz

Draw by: BabyStar


Aww this was a weary big burp from this little cub but i bet it was nice for his tummy to get some air out that dont should be there.

This is a weary cute page and Digitz should not be worry that he have a wet diaper that is normal for a cub to have a wet diaper after the bottle time.

Should be nice to see how the next pages is going to look like.