Office reality

Office realitySet in Regression in the workplace universe, here Miss Lovecraft decides someone needs a little time out, best be careful there Feef, those reality warping effects can be bigger than you realize…

Order and above text by Runt

Draw by babystar


Awww looks like someone have ended up using his diaper a little to :)

Cursed Diapers for Mystic

Cursed Diapers for MysticMysticOtter falling under the mind bending powers of THE CURSED DIAPER! *lightning and thunder* you should be more careful before putting on strange diapers you found laying around little otter!

The mind control otter belongs to MysticOtter

Draw and above text by jimmy_rumshot


Poor Otter it seems like you should not wear every diaper that you see. Looks like that curse diaper have take over you mind now and controlling you now.

But what is going to happen when this diaper have ended up to be well used and need to be changed? Is the curse going to be lifted then?

It’s your own fault

It's your own fault

Lets try this again without accidentally hitting the “lock comments” tickbox….

Tim…don’t pick up random glowing things off the street, especially if it happens to be a baby rattle….I mean what did you expect was gonna happen??

Order by themancat13

Draw and above text by BabyStar


Yes it sure seems like it was a pretty bad move to pick up this random baby from the street. Wounder how long its power is going to have its grip on this furry?

Don’t pick up every item you see!

Don't pick up every item you see!Not every item needs to be picked up. Except by puppies, who are naturally curious, so that must mean that I am indeed a puppy…

Dusk and above text belongs to DuskShadowBrony

Draw by CuddleHooves


Aww looks like its back to wear thick diapers again for this Pokemon.

Smooshy Time

Smooshy TimeDraw and everything by


Awww it seems like this red panda is getting special treatment from caretaker nanny. It sure seems like she love to play whit his squishy messy diaper and to give him some diaper masturbation time. I Sure thing he is going to release some sticky cum son into the messy stinky diaper.

A wild Pamperoo Appears!

A wild Pamperoo Appears!He uses bedroom eyes, its super adorable

Commission done for Darth of their roo being all coy with their goo goo gaga play, just like a every Roo.

The happy playing kangaroo belongs to Darth

Draw and text by jimmy_rumshot


It sure seems like someone have a fun playtime in the nursery.