Babyfur comic: Alternative Resources Pt.10

Alternative Resources Pt.10
After some time has passed, the amount of power supplied has increased exponentially with the process continuing to affect the babies.

The comic is order by yoshiokaidamasayoshi

Draw and text by ArtieCanvas


Look like the baby’s still being forced to use allot of diapers :(

Special diaper change for this boy

Looks like this diaper boy sure get the baby powder rubbed in all over his diaper covered area before he gets his clean ABU PreSchool diaperd all taped up :)

Back to diapers for Island

Awww, dad! I told you I’m too old for these things. It was just one accident I promise. Huh, why are you changing me here? DAD, NO! This is so embarrassing. Please don’t change me where everyone can see me. I don’t think the changing table will even hold me. Oh does hold me. Oh god, I’m so going to die from embarrassment.

The blushing otter and text + the girl by Island

Draw by BlankiePlush

Poor Island it seems like it is back to diapers for you. I think it is the best thing a accident can happen again and if it do your diaper well be there to handle it and keep everything else dry and clean.

Now we dont have to worry about your accidents any more :)

Babysitting time

Babysitting timeOrder by tjamanarlong

Draw by KelvinTheLion


Wow that is kind of amazing that the big Dragonite get the space to be in this kangaroo punch.

Thay all seems happy and they seems to like sucking on there bottle special Vaporeon that have the eyes close and only focus on the sucking :)

Time for some extra baby powder

Looks like daddy wont to give some cub some extra baby powder around there cute butts :)

Patamon and a box machine part 1 and 2

 Patamon and a box machinePatamon bought a strange machine from IKEA, Just kidding! Black market! x3
Something happen..

Order by Agumonofalchemy

Draw and text by Pidgopidgey


I think i know what kind of machine this is. Special when the machine decide to take away Patamons cloths and bring some powder and decide to powder his butt.

Patamon and a box machine 2Babyfied by strange box. Patamon being hypnotised to be a cute digimon baby

Order by Agumonofalchemy

Draw and text by Pidgopidgey


Poor Patamon it seems like he have been forced back to being a happy baby again. Wounder how long the hypnosis will have this effect on him?