Backwards Changing!

Backwards Changing!Ack! Someone help!!! Ive been put into this thing and it seems to have me a bit turned around!

Text and cub: poofykitteh

Draw by: tato


Aww poor cat it look like the diaper changing machine that is going to handle the diaper change have some big malfunction it doing the change all backwards.

Revisions and tests! Part 1,2 &3

Revisions and tests! Part 1
Revisions and tests! Part 1

The boss had left in charge that both Matt and Abel, will review the new diapers that had come to the company!

The  boss:”Ok  boys,check and  review the merchandise and both will   have to wear some of those diapers to see if they are comfortable!Now go to the warehouse and later  brought me the results!”

Abel  the  bear:”No problem, boss! At your service, boss!Come with me to the warehouse Matt, let’s get undressed there!”

Revisions and tests! Part 2
Revisions and tests! Part 2

And as ordered, they did!

But between diaper changes and revisions … anything can happen …

Suddenly,Matt felt like a paw was rubbing his diaper between his legs!

Abel:”Do you know that your crinkle butt sounds so cute,Matt?”

Matt:”E-e-e-rrr…thanx…oh  gee!”

Abel:”Love this sound…I think I will play some more…!As I continue playing very naughty with you, you write the notes  if  those diapers feel  nice  or  not!”

Revisions and tests! Part 3
Revisions and tests! Part 3

A little later…

Abel:”I think we’re about to end … I’ve tried all these diapers on you, now I see you’re a little sweat between your legs!Ok lie down on the floor,Matt and spread your legs, I’ll clean all that sweat from  you!There…there…a little baby powder and voila!Now you have your private parts clean and fresh!”

And Matt was totally embarrassed and said:”T-t-thanx…I  think!”

Poor Matt … once again his ass is in  the danger zone!
But I’m quite sure that if  the  boss finds what  he is doing(Abel) , he will not sit for a  very,very long while!^^

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


It should be nice and fun to join this type of diaper company. To spend allot of time around all the diaper and in the same time wearing one to. That Should be something awesome and nice thing to do.

It’s a deal!

It's a deal!The famous machine called “All  in  1″, has been somewhat modernized and several international companies have been keen to acquire it!
But to know whether it works or not, a test is needed!

The  boss:”Good to know that Matt and  his  adorable  white  rear  end, is always willing to help for the good of this company!Do you liked this wonderful demonstration,mr.Thomas?You will sign the contract for the purchase of my diaper change machines?It’s  a  deal?”

Mr.Thomas:”That’s  for  sure!It’s  a  deal!”

The boss whispered to Matt:”Don’t worry my  big  boy, you’ll be greatly rewarded when we get home!”

Matt nodded!

The  boss:”That’s  my  boy!”

The  assistant was staring  at Matt’s  bare rear  end and said:
“Mmmm,mmmm!Cute round bare  bottom,Mr.Matt!”

Matt thought to himself:”Everything I  do is to please my boss!But  this  is  a  little  too  much  embarrasing!And I don’t like the way that assistant is watching my bare  bottom!Oh  well…the  shame…the  shame!”

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Aww you have nothing to worry about Matt you need to have a bare bottom now for the machine so it can put the diaper on right. And bay the way if you going to wear a diaper you dont need to have any underwear. The diaper is you nice and cozy underwear now when the All  in  one machine is finish whit you.

Time to get the Pikachu ready for bed

Time to get the Pikachu ready for bed
Time to get the Pikachu ready for bed.

Now when Foxy have his clean and thick night diaper on. He think his plushy`s need to have a night time diaper to before they cuddling down in the crib. So he talk to his mom about this and she had some smaller diaper over from the time foxy was newborn. So she hand over the newborn diaper to Foxy and some baby powder that Foxy have ask for. That is what you always use on me when you change my diaper so it should be good if i use it on my plushy to.

So he lay down his plushy on a little blanked. Lift his legs so he can put the diaper below him and grab the baby powder and say. We need to use allot of powder so you dont get a diaper rash for wearing a wet night all night. So he cover the diaper area whit powder and start to put the diaper on him. When he was done he gave his plushy a gently pats on his diaper butt and say now are we finish for the crib.

Draw by: cyberpikachu

And i would like to thank babysonicthehedgehog for the inspiration to order this drawing.

A fresh diaper for my plushie

A fresh diaper for my plushie
A fresh diaper for my plushie.

Cub: babysonicthehedgehog.

Plushy: threeinone.

Draw by: TheGentileFenrir.


This is the cutes diaper changing picture i have seen. And i agree whit babysonicthehedgehog that even plushy`s like threeinone need to have a new fresh and clean diaper before that bedtime. So i thinking it is weary nice of him to help out and it look like he is really good on this diaper change to :). I only hope that he get the diaper on right so we dont have any leaks during the night if the plushy have a little accident in his diaper. But i think he can fix this so threeinone get the right and proper fix so we can avoid diaper leaks from a diaper that is not on right.

And i hope he remember to use some powder and maybe some rash cream before he put on the fresh diaper. We dont wont this plushy to end up whit some nasty diaper rash in the morning.

I hope they have a wonderful sleep now when they both have some fresh diaper on.

Bath time and cub care! Part 2

Bath time and cub care! Part 2
Bath time and cub care! Part 2

The boss is always very strict when it’s time to change diapers to his cub!
Diligently, the boss sprinkle baby powder on Matt’s  bottom, to make his pup feel happy,clean and fresh!
When all is ready and  done, the boss gives him a gentle pats on  his  diapered  butt, in sign of approval!

Later, the boss keeps hugging his pup on  his  bed and saying:
“My  big boy,before you go, I will check your diaper to see if everything is in order!By what I see now, everything’s in order,you’re totally clean!Now you will go to your home more relaxed, clean and fragrant!”

Meanwhile, Matt was sucking his finger and he loved to be treated like his pup!

And the boss kept Matt embraced for a long time, until it was time to go home … something that kept him very sad!^^


Lineart  by  Victor/colors  and  story  by: nelson88


You can find part 1 here.

It look like Matt have end up whit a bare bottom and a diaper butt at his boss bed again. He dont seems to have any luck this dog. I only hope that his brother or someone else find out about this. That should be weary embarrassing if this get out for Matt. But i love the cute and poofy diaper butt that he have in one of the picture.