Greg’s Diaper Days Chapter 1

Story written by Babymatt

It was summer and school had just let out. Greg was 13 years old and ready for summer to begin. When the bell finally rang he ran out the door screaming with everyone else. He ran over to where his mom’s car was parked and they went home. When they got home Greg’s dad was out in the garage working on the car.

Greg went out to the garage to see his dad.

“Can I sleep over at Brad’s house tonight?” he asked.

“Sure.” said his dad. “But you better be home early in the morning so we can go buy summer clothes.”

“I will be.” said Greg.

He ran out, got on his bike, and rode to Brad’s house.

When he got to Brad’s house he knocked on the door and Brad’s mom answered the door.

“Is Brad here?” he asked.

“He’s up in his room.” she said.

Greg went in and up to Brad’s room. When he got up to his room he knocked on the door.

A deep voice said, “Come in.”

Greg walked in the room and Brad was sitting there in just a diaper. Brad has been wearing diapers every since he was 6 years old because of wetting problems. Greg knew Brad wore diapers and had no problem with it. Greg had asked a lot of questions about it and was okay with everything.

They sat in Brad’s room, listened to some music, and played video games. As they played the games and listened to the music Brad sat there in his wet diaper. Greg kept looking at his diaper. He couldn’t help himself. He thought it was so cool that Brad got to wear diapers.

“Why do you keep looking at my diaper?” Brad said.

“I just think it’s so cool that you get to wear diapers.” Greg said.

“Well, if you think it’s so cool.” Brad said, looking at Greg. “Why don’t you put one on and see how cool it really is.”

Brad wore medium Attends, and since they were both the same size the diapers would fit Greg.

After a couple minutes of thinking Greg finally agreed.

Brad went to the bathroom and got Greg one of his diapers. He went back to his room and Greg laid on the bed and took off all his clothes. They were used to seeing each other naked since they had Phys. Ed. together. Greg put the diaper on and stood back up. He felt really good having the diaper on.

“Well, they look as good on you as they do on me.” Brad said.

They went back to playing video games and listening to music till Brad’s mom called them down to dinner. When she did, Greg started to take the diaper off so they could go down and eat.

Brad stopped him.

“If you like it, just leave it on.” he said.

“But your mom will see me.” Greg said. “What will she say?”

“She won’t care.” replied Brad.

“Alright.” said Greg.

And with that they went downstairs and into the kitchen wearing just a diaper.

When they walked in the kitchen Brad’s mom, Carol, was standing at the stove finishing up cooking dinner.

“I see Brad got you into liking diapers, too huh?” said Carol, as she looked as Greg.

“Yep.” said Greg, as he smiled at Carol.

When they were all finished with dinner they went in the living room and sat down to watch some TV. When they sat down Carol noticed that Brad’s diaper was wet. She went into the bathroom and got a clean diaper for Brad and then came back downstairs. When she came back Brad was lying in the middle of the living room floor. Carol came over and got down on her knees in front of him. She undid the tapes on his diaper and took the wet diaper off. She took a wet wipe, cleaned Brad off, then slid the dry diaper under him and fastened it up. After he was diapered Carol went upstairs to do some work on her computer. The boys sat and watched TV for awhile.

“You’re lucky to have a mom who will diaper you and even change you.” Greg said.

“Well, if you want, she’ll change you, too.” Brad said.

“What do you mean?” said Greg. “I don’t even have a wet diaper on.”

“Well, wet it and then she’ll change you.” Brad said, looking at Greg’s diaper.

Greg didn’t really want to wet the diaper, but he did want to be changed by Brad’s mom.

Greg just sat there for awhile and pondered the thought of wetting the diaper. After about 15 minutes Greg finally wet the diaper. When Brad noticed he had wet his diaper he looked at him and smiled. Greg smiled back and they sat there in their diapers watching TV.

After about 20 minutes of being in a wet diaper Carol came back downstairs to get a drink and went over to check Brad’s diaper. Brad had wet it again. She then went over to where Greg was sitting and saw that he had a wet diaper on too. She went back into the bathroom and came back with two dry diapers. She changed Brad first and when he was all dry diaper she looked at Greg.

“Do you want to stay in that wet diaper or are you gonna come over here and let me change it?” She said.

Greg looked a little nervous but went over and laid down on the floor in front of her. She unfastened the tapes on his diapers and took it off. She took a wipe, cleaned him all up, then put the dry diaper on Greg and stood him back up. They went back to watching TV for awhile.

After about 2 more hours of watching TV Carol told the boys the had to start getting ready for bed. They went up to Brad’s room and started getting ready for bed. Carol came in and changed them both again. After she had them both changed she went over to the dresser and got into the top drawer, grabbing Brad’s footed sleepers. They weren’t heavy so he wouldn’t get hot. She went over to the bed where Brad was still laying put the sleeper on him. Then she looked at Greg.

“Do you want one too?” she asked.

He looked at Brad and then back at her.

“Sure.” he said.

She went back over to the dresser and grabbed another footed sleeper. The sleeper had Rugrats on it which is Brad’s favorite cartoon which Greg liked too. She went over to the bed, laid Greg down, and put the sleeper on him.

She brought in a cot for Greg to sleep on and it had Rugrats sheets and blankets on it. Just as she started to walk out the door she reached in the top drawer and got out a pacifier. She walked over to Brad and stuck it in his mouth. She looked at Greg figuring he would want one too. She walked back over to the dresser, got him one, and stuck it in his mouth.

She walked out the door, shutting off the light behind her, and halfway closed the door.

After she left Brad took the paci out of his mouth and said, “Now how do you feel?”

“I love this.” Greg said, pulling the pacifier out of his mouth.

“I know what you mean.” Brad said, smiling at Greg.

They put the pacis back in there mouths and went to sleep.

The next morning the boys woke up at 9 o’clock. Since Brad had a wetting problem he always woke up with a wet diaper on.

When Greg woke up he had to go to the bathroom really bad but didn’t want to get up so he just laid in bed and peed in his diaper.

“You got a wet diaper on now too, don’t you?” Brad said, looking over at brad, smiling, with his pacifier in his mouth.

“Yep.” replied Greg.

Carol came in when she heard them talking, carrying two diapers in her hands. She went over to Brad’s bed, took off his sleeper, and threw it on the bed beside him. He laid down and she took off his wet diaper and put a nice dry one on him. She then walked over to Greg and took off his wet diaper and cleaned him up. When she went to put the dry diaper back on him he stopped her.

“I have to go home now and I better not wear a diaper home.” he said.

“Well Greg.” said Carol. “If you really don’t want to be diapered again I wont, but I think you should, and see what your mom says when you get home.”

Greg didn’t know what to do now but agreed to let her diaper him anyhow.

Carol diapered him all up and Greg grabbed his things and rode home.

When he got home he walked in the door and to his surprise no one home. He thought they had all left to go shopping with out him. He went in all the rooms and there was no one home. He then looked in the garage and the car was gone, too. He went in the living room, took off all his clothes, and ran around the house in just his diaper. He sat on the couch and started watching TV. As he watched TV he laid down and fell asleep wearing only a diaper. As he slept his family came home to find him lying on the couch wearing just a diaper.

“Looks like they had a good time last night.” said his mom, Pam. “From the looks of it, Brad taught him something new.”

His dad, Steve, just smiled and walked away.

As Greg lay sleeping on the couch his baby brother, Joey, who is two, came over to him and woke him up. Greg jumped up and grabbed a blanket to cover himself up.

Pam walked back in the room.

“It’s okay hunny.” she said. “We already saw you in your diaper, and it okay with us if you want to wear them.”

Greg was shocked and happy by what she had just said.

“If you want, when we’re out shopping today we’ll buy you some diapers.” Pam said.

“I would love that.” Greg said, looking at his mom.

Greg sat on the couch and took the blanket off, grabbing his brother, and sat him on his lap. Joey was also wearing just a diaper and that made Greg real happy.

After about 15 minutes his mom came in and told him to get his clothes on because they were going shopping now.

“Can I wear my diaper?” Greg asked.

“I don’t care.” Pam replied.

Greg threw his clothes back on, dressed his brother, and they went and got in the car.

They all headed for the store with Steve driving. As they drove Greg wet his diaper. He didn’t really know what he was going to do but he wet it anyway. That made him even happier. When they arrived at the store Greg got out, put Joey in the stroller, and they went into the store. As he walked his mom noticed the bulge between his legs looked a bit bigger.

“Greg, did you wet your diaper?” said Pam.

Greg looked at Pam and said. “Yes.”

“Alright.” She said, as they walked in the store.

When they got in the store they went immediately went to the adult diaper aisle and picked up a bag of Attends and went to check them out. After they paid for them Greg and Pam went out to the car and Steve and Joey stayed in the store. When they got to the car Pam told Greg to get into the back seat and lay down.

He got in the back seat and laid down. Pam stood outside the car and leaned in, pulling off his pants and taking off the wet diaper. She opened the bag of fresh diapers and took out a dry one, placing it under Greg’s butt. Greg began to form an erection and became extremely embarrassed as his mom fastened the tapes.

“Don’t worry about it.” said Pam, smiling. “All boys your age get those.”

She pulled his pants back up and they went back in the store.

After about 2 hours of shopping for clothes they were finally done and ready to go home for the day. By the time they got home Greg and Joey both had a wet diaper on. Pam took Joey in the nursery and changed his wet diaper. While Joey was getting his diaper changed Steve took Greg to his room and changed his diaper.

After his diaper was changed Greg looked at his dad and asked “Can I go back over to Brad’s house for awhile.”

“Sure.” said Steve.

Greg put his pants back on, got on his bike, and rode back over to Brad’s house.

When he got there he went straight up to Brad’s room where he was sitting in just a diaper listening to music. Greg told him all about what happened today and Brad was amazed. Greg took off his pants and shirt so they were now both in just a diaper and Greg told Brad everything that happened including how his mom and dad both changed his wet diaper.

After Greg told Brad everything that had gone on they went downstairs and Brad told his mom that Pam and Steve were okay with Greg wearing diapers and they even changed him.

“Now if I can only get them to get me a bottle and pacifier and maybe even some sleepers I would be so happy.” Greg said.

“Well, ask them and see what they say.” Brad said. “You never know, they’ll probably buy you them. If they’re okay with your diapers then they shouldn’t have any problem with you wanting a bottle and a pacifier.”

After awhile of talking with his mom Brad asked if Greg could spend the night again.

“Sure, hunny.” she said.

They went upstairs and called Greg’s parents and they agreed to let him stay over.

After they finished talking with his parents Greg and Brad went downstairs. Brad remembered that he had run out of diapers so they got on there bikes and started toward the pharmacy.

When they go to the pharmacy they both went in. They went straight to the adult diaper and Brad picked up two bags of Attends. They thought it was really cool so they walked around the store for awhile carrying the diapers so everyone could see them. Just about every aisle they went down someone gave them a stare. Brad and Greg just chuckled and walked right by. They were having a lot of fun walking around carrying diapers.

After they had their fun they went to checkout. When they got in line they were standing behind a guy and his teenage son, who were also buying adult diapers.

After the father and son checked out they went and stood right outside the door.

Brad checked out and as they walked out the door the guy stopped them.

“I see your buying diapers too.” said the guy.

“Yep.” said Brad.

“If you don’t mind my asking, who are they for?” said the guy, looking at Brad.

“There for me.” said Brad.

“Really?” replied the guy.

“Yeah, I have a wetting problem and have been wearing them since I was six.” Brad said.

“I’m Tom and this is my son Tyler.” said the guy, holding out his hand to shake theirs. “He’s had a wetting problem since he was twelve and has began to like them.”

“I also like to wear diapers for the fun of it but have no need for them.” Greg said.

“Wow.” said Tom.

“Would you mind if Tyler came over to my house?” asked Brad.

“I’d like that.” said Tyler, looking at Tom.

“That’s fine with me.” said Tom.

Tom piled Greg and Brad’s bikes into his car and drove them back over to Brad’s house. When they got back Carol was sitting on the couch watching TV. They introduced Tyler and then went up to Brad’s room and started playing video games, sitting in just their diapers. Tyler thought it was really cool to be hanging out with these two guys in just a diaper.

As they played their games Carol came in sporting a camera.

“Would you guys like some pictures?” she said.

“Sure.” said Greg.

They all stood up and Carol began snapping away.

As she took the pictures she stood there thinking about how cute they looked and came up with a wonderful idea. Her idea was to let all three boys have a sleepover all weekend and not let them use the bathroom and treat them as total babies as the so desired to be.

Story written by Babymatt.

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It was the year 2050. Everything is automated– driving, grocery shopping, clothes buying– just anything and everything was automated either by computer or voice activation or robotic. One evening I was walking home just for exercise when I walked by a new building with a sign that said “automated baby sitting service for children from over night to six months long for ages one year to twelve years old.” I thought that it would be funny for someone that was an adult like me to try. I read the instructions it said to enter age of child, length of stay and enter payment code and a password for release. Then send child down the chute for children under three and through the door for older children. I entered age 1.5 for age and 1 for length of stay then my code. I thought for a few minutes as the chute bars opened I looked around seeing no one I jumped up on the large opening I could see no chute the chute bars closed behind me, leaving no choice but to scoot forward my feet out in front of me. Where was the chute I kept scooting when all the sudden I heard a peep so I stopped. I heard the machine say, “125 pounds”. I scooted more then I heard the machine say, “5 feet 6 inches.” One more scoot the floor I was scooting on angled down as I started to slide out of my control. I hit a pad with a thud. An arm had me before I stopped it was removing all my clothes. No matter what I did I could not get free. Within seconds my clothes were gone and I was getting a bath with some strong-smelling soap. I thought it was to disinfect dirty babies to keep sickness to a minimum. While I was being dried off I notice it was a little cooler but did not think anything of it. The machine had me in thick diapers and plastic pants so fast I did not get to see what color the diaper was as I was being dressed in a footed sleeper seconds after. The sleeper had thick mittens on the hands limiting me from grabbing things. Within five minutes of entering the chute I was in a crib wearing diapers plastic pants a sleeper being put in a large crib with a baby bottle held in my mouth that I could not get away from. So I started to suck, finding it to be sweet chocolate milk. I fell asleep in about ten minutes to soft nursery music.

I was woke up to the machine checking my dry diaper then picking me up and put me in a highchair. I had no way to know what time it was as there were no clocks. First, the machine put a bib on me then it started to feed me. I tried to refuse it but it kept the spoonful of warm oatmeal to my mouth where ever I turned my head. I finally gave up and started to eat. Sometimes it would miss and oatmeal would be on my chin, cheek, or bib. The machine held a baby bottle of chocolate to my mouth I tried to again refuse it but it was persistent so I gave in and started to suck. Halfway through my bottle I could not stop from peeing in my diaper. As pee flowed into my diaper a red light started to flash over my highchair. When I finish my bottle I was carried to a changing table where my sleeper was removed and diaper changed. This time I saw only the plastic pants; they were blue nursery print. Then a tee shirt that snapped in the crotch covering my puffy plastic pants.Then a pair of red corduroy over-alls was pulled over my puffy diaper. The last things were a pair of thick blue mittens and thick socks.

I was taken to the play area where there were three other kids. None were diapered like me. I tried to stand but the over-alls kept my legs bent so I had to crawl like a baby. I was totally helpless and I need to pee again but more importantly I need to poop badly. I tried to let just a little pee out with pooping at the same time but because I needed to poop so badly I failed with both soaking and filling my diaper with poop and pee. I started to whimper. The machine reacted with a pacifier. I sat there waiting for the machine to change me. Three minutes later I peed again. The machine carried me to the changing table in the corner of the room to change my diaper. I thought it should not change a hairy man in front of the other kids. There was a mirror next to the changing table so I watched the machine remove my wet and messy diaper. When my diaper was removed I realized the soap I was given a bath in last night removed my hair. I look like a real baby now because I was so small down there. The diaper change took three minutes and I could go back to playing with the toys. After more playtime I was taken to my highchair with a bib around my neck. I was fed baby food followed by a bottle that the machine held in my mouth.

The other kids fed themselves sitting in their highchairs. Naptime came we were taken to our cribs where I had to take a nap with the other babies. I had a nap bottle just like they did. We were all asleep in minutes. I woke up getting my diaper changed, watching the other two little boys get sat on a potty chair each one went pee and poop getting a small piece of candy. I went through two more feedings and five more diaper changing sessions and a bedtime bath. This is where I came in, so this is where I leave. I set it to one day so I will be taken up to be let go. I was handed a bottle after my bath at 7:00PM, so this time I grabbed it with my mittened hands and started to suck it, my last baby thing before I left this baby place. But I was taken to my crib at 8:00PM then I remembered I came in at 11:00PM. I will have to wait a little while longer. I was put in the crib with a bottle again where I started to suck it without a problem. I was sucking my bottle when I saw an LED display that said 29 days left.

I cried myself to sleep. No matter what I did this machine had control over me. The next morning I woke to the machine changing my wet diaper. I had wet myself without knowing. What was happening to me? I was sucking a bottle like a baby with being forced to having a diaper changed that I wet while I slept. My head was starting to spin. Why did I do this? How can I get out of it? Same routine as yesterday– many diaper changes feedings and a nap. Within a week of trying to escape or get the machine to take me to the potty and let me get out of diapers I gave up and my life became so routine I did not think of the need to pee or poop. I just let it happen automatically. The machine kept me clean and dry changing me within minutes every time I wet or messed except when I was in my highchair or sleeping. I was wearing toddler clothes and was allowed to walk with the other kids that came and went. When I had one day left I was so excited I could not wait for 11:00PM when I would get out of my baby clothes and be an adult again. All day long I could only think of what I was going to be like. Then bedtime came. I was thickly diapered and put into my sleepers just like all the passed nights. Lying in my crib sucking my bottle, I was so excited but fell asleep anyway only to be awakened.

The machine was taking me somewhere. I realized I was going up. It was time for my release. Then I realized I would be leaving dressed like a baby so I would have to try to keep out of sight on my way home that was three blocks away. I had a small knapsack on my back I also did not realize was there. At the release door the computer said enter code. It was hard with mittens on but the keys were inside the bars and were large. It took three tries before the door opened. I jumped out and ran as fast as I could straight to my door opened to by voice recognition. I jumped into my house the door closed behind me. I was finally safe in my own house. I realized that the backpack was over my shoulders and put it on the table. My automated housekeeper quickly removed it as I went to my room and lay down and fell asleep, forgetting how I was dressed. I was awakened the next morning by the machine changing my wet diaper just like always, but wait a minute– I am at home! The house keeper machine had read my report card that was in the backpack and now was carrying on with my baby care. I was in trouble now. I should have tossed the backpack before I got home. How am I going to get to be an adult again with this machine in total control of my life? My bed is gone, now I have a crib. My table and chairs are gone, now I have a highchair. I have no adult things around the house, just toddler toys and clothes. The doors no longer respond to my voice. I am just a baby that needs cared for all the time to the machine. I am very wealthy, don’t need to work and have just a few friends, no relatives. How am I going to get these machine to let me grow up and be an adult again? This is where I say you better be careful of what you wish for you might get it hee hee hee.

This ABDL story original comes from

Sticky goodness

Sticky goodnessFoxy love the time when he can make himself a sandwich whit lot of good thing on. But Foxy have one big problem his mother always seems to find out what he have been up to. Wounder how she can know that?

Now you maybe wounder way Foxy love to eat some soiled big boy food? Most of the time when Foxys mother feed him the food comes from a bottle or from small jars that is loaded whit some baby food whit the things that Foxy need to be a big boy some day.

But it look like Foxy have find some big boy food that he likes to eat. The only problem is that he make a mess every where when he eat it. So maybe he is not ready for this sort of food yet?

Draw by: tailbiter