Jurassic Baby

Jurassic BabyNow when you are an adult baby way dont wear something cute that remembers you about your childhood TV show the Rugrats.

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Thats is a big diaper leak – femboydl


Source: femboydl.tumblr.com

This is one big leaking diaper that this boy have end up whit. I have newer seen a diaper that have leak that match. I hope he decide to change after this video.

Triple padded means triple times more fun – rezzuthelilburr


Source: rezzuthelilburr.tumblr.com

Yes this is a very thick diaper this boy is wearing and that diaper is going to keep things dry and clean for a long time.

Wet And Warm Diaper

wet and warm diaper

Source for the photo:

Yes this is the best thing when it comes to diaper you can be all calm and relax and let every thing go so the diaper can do the work for you.

The diaper that this baby boy is wearing now look weary heavy special in the back and i think that he need to go and ask his mother if she could change him. It is not so good if he stay in this weary soggy diaper for a long time. He could turn out whit a weary bad diaper rash on his baby butt and that is not something good.

I bet allot of adult babys understand and fell the same way like this baby boy do.

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