Babyfur Comic: Wile E’s Reset Ch.2 Pg.3

Babyfur Comic: Wile E's Reset Ch.2 Pg.3

After his supper, Wile E is carried by Mom E to a near rocking chair. Mom E tries to feed milk a bottle of milk, but the small genius is very stubborn and reluctant to comply. With his clear defiance shown, the caring mother decides to teach him to behave the hard way by means of spankings. Not long after, Wile E starts shedding tears with Mom E tending to him. The little coyote finally gives in to his mother’s wishes and drinks his bottle.

Wile E Coyote © Warner Bros.
Mom E Coyote © yoshiokaidamasayoshi

Draw and above text by ArtieCanvas


Poor Wile E Coyote looks like he have a pretty hard time getting use to being a baby again :(

Silent Night

Silent NightMerry Christmas, lil bear~ <3

Order by GibsonScratch ??

Draw by Blankie


Awww poor cubs looks like it wwas to hard to be up waiting for Santa :)

At lest they have a comfy position to sleep and i hope they have some nice dreams :)

They sure look super cute when they are sucking on there pacifier. And it sure is kind of easy to see the thick diapers that they are wearing ;)

One happy Buizel

One happy Buizel

A reward for by Tommybuizel draw by SugarMable


Looks like we have a happy baby Buzil here sucking on his baby bottle like a good little Pokemon :)

I bet that he is drinking something nice and tasty :)

Down It Goes

Down It Goes
Im having a fun time in my playpen doing my own thing as then the auto nursery accidentally activated both changing and feeding programs at once so the robot hands then pulled the front of my diaper and started to pour the milk. I tried to stop them but they are too strong >///<

The dragon and above text belongs to ParadoxDragon

Draw by furrychrome


Yes it sure seems like someone have happen whit the machine here :( And i sure bet that you dont need any help from a stupid machine to making your diaper wet ;)

What is going to be happen next when the machine is finish whit the bottle?

Babyfur Comic: Being babies again part 1

Babyfur Comic: Being babies again part 1

Order by lillilly

Draw by ConejoBlanco


Awww poor cat looks like the diaper did dent like that she using magic :(

I can sure understand here reaction to this but it sure looks kind of cute to :)

Sure going to be kind of nice to see the next part :) What is going to happen then? Is he going to try to use magic one more time?

Not Tired…

Not Tired...Or at least that’s what he thinks:P

The sleepy little furry belongs to ethan86

Draw by sheepypeepy


Awww looks like someone sure is sleepy and it should be time for the bed. But it seems like he want to stay up even if it sure time for the bed ;)

Giggle cubs always want to fight this sort of stuff even if they are sleepy and should board the train to dreamland.