Aww So Cute Adult Size Pacifier

Aww So Cute Adult Size PacifierAww So Cute has produced “Adult Sized Pacifiers” in 5 viberant transparent colors. Our new Adult sized binky features all the baby-like details you would expect especially from our design team. Our adult sized pacifiers feature:  a large natural crystal clear soft silicone nipple, similar to the popular NUK 5 brand but much better. Detailed handle, attactive transparent plastic. Our adult sized binkies promote hours of relaxation, being cute, having fun at any EDC event or just a good night sleep. Enjoy!

You can order the pacifier here:

Aww So Cute Adult Size Crib

Aww So Cute Adult Size Crib

Adult Size Crib

Aww So Cute has gone above and beyond for it’s customers and created the World’s First and Only “Adult Size Inflatable Crib“. Our adult size crib is a must have item for all adult babies who have ever dream’t of owning a crib but were concerned about the cost and assembley of wooden cribs found online ($1500 + Ouchie). Our adult crib is easy to set up and most importantly “easy to put away and hide”. It is 70 inches long , 52 Inches wide,  the head board is 55 inches tall and the foot board 36 inches tall. This big baby adult crib is comfortable and made of white PVC with an attractive head board logo. Adding that extra element to your AB playtime. All you need is an electric air pump and 8 later minutes and you’re off to slumber town.

This crib is made from a durable .40 mm PVC plastic and weights 12lbs. This is an adorable yet a monsterous sized adult crib way too much fun.

We are confident that our Adult Size Crib will be very popular with all Adult Babies, Diaper Lovers, Age Players, COS Play and AB Role Playing enthusiasts. Your feedback is much appreciated.

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If they decide to do something like this in the end i think its going to be something awesome and something completely new that no one else have.

March Madness Mad Baby Save 25%

March Madness Mad Baby Save 25%Promo Code: “madbaby”
Offer can only be used on new orders with the use of promo code “madbaby” within the sites cart. Offer expires 3/28/2014 and can not be used in conjunction with additional promotional code, on existing or previously mad orders or on order exchanges.

You can order the diaper here:

This is first time i have seen this type of promo code and the ads that the have for this sale is kind of special to.

Receive my first order from Aww So Cute


Today i receive my first order from Aww So Cute and like you can see on the picture no won can gees that you have order diapers.  If they dont have look on the description on the address label that it say diapers. But i dont think that is any problem or something that i think is bad.

Customers service

They have some strange website that dont work 100% yet. You cannot track you order and you dont get any information when your diaper is shipped even that you have get the information that you should be notify about that. You cannot pay for your order whit help of paypal seams to be something wrong. When you have used their contact form they responds to you whit a do_not_reply replay account. I think that is very weird and bad. I hope they going to fix this problem soon.

I have not try it yet but i have heard some nice and good reviews about this diapers. I hope they have a nice and good fit and work good.

Aww So Cute Diaper Package


Like you can see the diaper package is kind of special. I think it is good that they have put the company logo on the package :)

I have placed an order at Aww So Cute


So i decide today that i should place an order at this company and it dont was so expensive like i thought. It was kind of good price special if you thinking about that the diaper should be ship to Sweden from US. Wounder how long time its going to take to get the diapers and i hope that i am going to be able to trace the diapers. What i have heard so should this diaper be relay good. Special if you believe the people at DailyDiapers and Tumblr that have receive the diaper. So i decide that even if i have post some stuff about this company before that the dont have delivered the product that i should make an order. So i hope this going to work out great and its only cost me 50 USD which is like 351 Swedish krone and that is something that i can leave whit.

If you wont to see some product pitchers you can check out this topic at DailyDiapers for some nice pictures. I hope that you are going to like what you see.

I keep you all update when i receive my order. It is going to be so nice and awesome :)

Aww So Cute – Official Update!

I have recently find some great news about this company:

As you probably heard we’ve only shipped out ebay orders so far. We were first having trouble setting up our printers for shipping labels via our site (not ebay) and our Diaper shipments kept getting delayed by our manufacturers but we’re actually flying a bulk of our order in just to get our diaper orders out. this week we’re gonna go ahead and send out just body suit orders

I find info about this on Dailydiapers.

So I think it should be safe to order from this company. Wounded way Aww so cute don’t have post something about this on there website.