Idle cub spanking wip v3

Idle cub spanking wip v3It look like supremekitten have made some nice progress on the Idle cub spanking flash animation. Not it is in color and the cats body move back and forward now. That look really nice and make it little cute to.

You find the new version here on Inkbunny: and you need to have an account on Inkbunny to access this flash spanking. But it costs nothing to create one.

57) Little Fur’s Productions HD Bad Company “Rock & Roll Fantasy”

Bad Company
Rock & Roll Fantasy
Artwork by Tavi Munk
Video by Pandr
If you’re artwork was used in this video and you do not want it featured here, please send an e-mail to Little Fur’s Productions at pandr_panda[at]yahoo dot com please telling me to please remove it video will be taken down and reworked to remove your particular piece of artwork I will need a timeline that your artwork is featured in.
Thank you very much from Pandr and Little Fur’s Productions.

Disclaimer 2:
I do not own any clips or music. All clips and music belong to their respectfull owners. I do not earn any money with this video. This video is for enjoyment purposes only.

Text and video by: Daniel Lowery

It is nice that Daniel Lowery have start to make his Little Fur’s Productions videos again.

56) Little Fur’s Productions HD “Keep Holding On”

I made this video for my love Xander for Valentine’s Day, I love you so much cannot wait for you to be here with me *hugs you tight an Kisses your nose*

Text and video created by Daniel Lowery like i think you know by this time.

A future Artist maybe

A future Artist maybeLearning to draw … maybe you will be a great artist when you grow up,little Kiba!

Artist by Victor/Nelson88(color) over on Inkbunny.

Wolf: onikiba

Draw and fix by Victor/Nelson88(color) over on Inkbunny.


Yes he maybe going to be a future artist who knows but he have a long way to go before he can be that good. But i hope that it is one thing he dont learn and that is to control his bladder and bowel. Because if he dont learn that he can have move focus on how he can draw some good art and the diaper can he change when he have the time or need a break from all the drawings that he have done. That is the best thing when it comes to diapers that it can make you more relax so you can focus on other things. Maybe you can start you drawing whit some nice pictures of your cute teddy bears they can be your models. Should that not be so great and awesome?

Ricky’s Painting

Ricky's PaintingGetting a little messy here, pichuboy‘s attempt at artistry is getting paint everywhere even on himself and his brand new shoes. However he didn’t do a half bad job for a first try.

Pichu: pichuboy.

Draw by: pichu90.


Aww this is not so bad for a first try and beside it is not so bad that every thing ends up messy when you have a fun time whit the painting. And i bet your mom or your caretaker can clean this thing up they also need to have something to do :)

Maybe next time Ricky you can paint more then the face. Maybe you can paint a self portrait? That should be something super cute.

Wounder how Ricky should have look if he was sucking on a pacifier now. I bet that should add some extra cute to this work.

Swing time for Foxy

Swing time for Foxy
Foxy and Ronaldo was on the way to the sandbox on the playground next to there house. When they come closer Foxy discover something more fun then the sand. It was the Swing that he have notes. Foxy love to swing but he had not learned how to get speed on the swing. So he look on his friends Ronald whit a sad face and ask him if he could help me. Ronald responds whit a baby talk behind his pacifier. But Foxy understand what Ronald was saying. And then every thing when well and they had a fun time whit the swing.

Ronald is the best friend a cub can have.

Draw by: amiko

Foxy: Me

Ronald: ronaldmccoon