Anixen close but no gold star

Anixen close but no gold starPoor Anixelle… SO CLOSE… but not quite.

No gold star for you today ^^

The poor furry Anixen

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Awww poor thing the potty was so close but still she could not make it in time to use the big girls potty. Now she needs to waddling away and ask someone to change here wet and messy diaper. Maybe she have more luck next time :)

Anixen How they’ve grown

Anixen How they've grownAnixen is featured on a sort of talk show how people have grown from their infantile selves and what they become from being a bouncing baby…

i think people were sorta surprised to find she’d grown into a bigger bouncing baby :P

Rodent by Anixen

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


I hope that someone in the talk show studio find the courage to change this rodent diaper because if they dont do that the studio is going to be filled whit some stinky smell from this messy diaper that the rodent is having.

anixen unzipped 6

anixen unzipped 6Baby anixen

Draw by catmonkshiro


Poor little girl It is newer fun to be sitting there in a messy diaper special when you are not use to messy your diaper. But it looks like someone is going to help you get use to it.

Anixen’s mirror 5

Anixen's mirror 5
Anixen’s mirror 5

Dragon: anixen

Draw by: catmonkshiro

anixen is now fully decked out with infantile attire… and things just keep going south… the mirror starts to show its true nature


It seams like anixen have found a very powerful mirror here. And what we can see that she already have use here diaper like a good baby. But i bet it have room for allot more then that before she needs a change. If its someone that can change the diaper. Babys are not allow to change there own diapers. That is something only adults can handle. Should be nice to see what is happen next. Maybe the diaper get more then wet but if that happen that should bot be any problem. Diapers is made to handle that sort of thing to you know. So i hope she learn to accept that she is going to be a good baby now and use the diaper that she is wearing.