Babyfur Comic: The Dare Page 1

Babyfur Comic: The Dare Page 1

2 ponies have a a little dare, whoever gets the wrong cookie has to be baby. it’s fate, she said. if your a baby, the cookie will find you.

1 was chosen…who will be the last?

Comic order by nekonekodiamata

Draw and text by PaddedUlf


This sure makes you wounder what is going to be happen next? Who have eating that special cookie?

Babyfur Comic: TIMEOUT REPORT ’18 – Preseason!

Babyfur Comic: TIMEOUT REPORT '18 - Preseason!

Draw and everything by Reva_the_Scarf


Giggle someone sure dont like the last babyfur suggestion here.

DO NOT POKE – ohnokttn

Yes this furry sure look to be pretty angry when someone decide to poke his diaper butt.

Read much?

Read much?
Dad reading that book a little too intently. Hope it’s telling him not to spank me.

Characters and text belongs to Island

Draw by marinaneira


Poor Island but you sure have been a very bad boy now when you have break all this thing. And you sure needs to understand that your dad is very angry about this.

I sure wounder what the book is telling him to do in this type of situation. But he sure seems to be pretty ready to give you one big massive spanking.

Grrr… Dumb Diaper!

Grrr... Dumb Diaper!

Snagged diapers can be quite the frustrating issue, especially when they interrupt your fun such as taking your tricycle for a ride in the backyard! :P

The wolf belongs to Ace_Wulf_Pup

Draw and text by Diegesis


Aww poor wolf it sure seems like diapers can ruining the fun in all kind of way not only when it comes to diaper change.

Nearly Busted Vase Equals Busted Bottoms

Nearly Busted Vase Equals Busted Bottoms
Mike took Kyle to the men’s restroom while Cheryl took Caiden to the women’s restroom to dish out some punishment for disobeying them, running off, and nearly breaking a very expensive vase and piece of cheese history. Kyle got a a few firm licks with Mike’s belt while Caiden’s bottom was bared by Cheryl and reddened by her paw. Immediately following their spankings, the blubbering cubs were brought to the car and drove to the hotel where each cub was sent straight to bed.

Characters and text by tugscarebear

Draw by tato


Aww this day sure not ended well for this two brothers :( But that’s what happen when you dont obey your parents.