We Potty Chapter 7

Story is written by Stacylove92

After a minute Mom came back and asked if I was forgetting something. The way she asked I knew that there was an answer to this question. “Oh yeah, thank you for bringing me and Marie today.” There was literally no reason to say thank you at all, but I was still at least excited to go to Seven Banners so I’d might as well appease her. I couldn’t wait to get on their newest coaster ‘Drop of Despair’. It was supposed to be a complete thrill.

“Oh you’re welcome, but that’s not really what I was talking about.” I tried thinking before she said, ”Shouldn’t you try going potty before we leave?”

I was getting sick of that word “potty”. I thought how it was such a childish word. “Um no, I’m good.” My bladder was completely empty after that incident before.

“I want you to try anyway. I’m not going to always remind you, but you should make a habit of pottying before we ever go out. You have to think about these types of things Chris. Come on let’s go.” Mom tried grabbing my hand, and I snatched it away. That was not going to fly.

As we walked into the bathroom Mom closed the door behind her. She went onto her phone and I heard the doorknob click. Mom unbuttoned my shorts and I moved her hand away from that area. It just wasn’t natural. Mom persisted and wiggled my shorts down. She then reached in the back between my legs to unbutton the onesie. I told her to let me do it and pushed her away again. I was not letting my Mom touch me over there. I was not her little baby anymore. I tried unclasping the buttons, but they were out of reach. I tried pulling at the fabric, but the buttons did not budge.

“Are you going to let me do it now?”  I indignantly stood there as she unbuttoned my onesie. She went on her phone and I heard another click. She then unbuckled my plastic pants and pulled them down to my ankles and then undid the top two pins. She pulled down the diaper a few inches. “Okay, let’s go.” I turned around to the toilet and had to position myself above the thick mound of padding to pee. I couldn’t possibly pee with my Mom standing right behind me. I honestly tried to go but I couldn’t. After a minute I said couldn’t go and Mom said “Nuh uh, nice try, we’re not leaving until I hear some tinkles in the potty.”

I was getting mad about being talked to like I was a kid. I really just wanted to get going though, the day was already slipping away. I grunted and pushed as hard as I could, and I accidently farted instead. Mom joked with me, “Uh oh, does somebody need a change already.” I rolled my eyes as I was finally able to start peeing a little. When I was finished Mom grabbed some toilet paper and wiped up the seat. “Well at least this isn’t going much worse than the first time I tried training you.” She giggled.

“Come on, can you please just stop joking. I want to go already”, I whined out. Mom shut up and was about to put my pins into place. I realized I had a chance to go diaper free, but with all the “coercion factors” I knew I would not possibly be getting to Seven Banners diaper free. I just held still as Mom struggled to get the pins back in. She commented how it was nothing like the tabs on the pampers we used to use. She then pulled my plastic pants back up and buckled it and snapped my onesie back into place, and then last pulled my shorts back up. It was a damn lot of work just to use the bathroom. Mom then unlocked the door from her phone and we headed out.

It was impossible to forget the diaper tightly enveloping me as I concentrated on walking normally to the car. Sitting down did not make my diaper any less painfully obvious to me. As we drove I questioned if I should really be going out like this, especially with Marie. I might ruin any chance I had with her. She might see my diaper bulge under my shorts, it was still somewhat there. She might notice the way I waddled. She would probably question why Mom’s bag looked so much like a diaper bag. I wondered how it would work if I needed to use the toilet. Certainly no woman ever dreamed of her prince charming wearing diapers! I said, “Actually I’m not sure if I want to go.”

Mom replied, “I’m not going to play your little back and forth games with you. Maybe I put up with it in the past, but you’ll see everything’s going to be different now. Are we going or not?”

“I want to go, but what if Marie knows I’m wearing a … you know what. And what if I have to go the bathroom? I can’t just go into the bathroom with you. Can I just go into the bathroom by myself and you can unlock my things from your phone?”

“Honey, Marie won’t have any clue. I promise you. And no you can’t go in on your own. I know you wouldn’t be able to get your pins back in place properly. And if your diapers aren’t pinned on right you’ll just leak. Plus I’m sorry but I can’t really trust you to put your diaper back on if I’m not there. But I was wondering how this would work too and I think I have an idea. First off I don’t want you drinking a lot today. And if and when you need to use the bathroom or need a change you can text me. I’ll come find you guys, and I’ll tell you I need your help with something back in the car. You can make a big deal about it, but I’ll tell Marie to go on a ride and we’ll be right back. And then we’ll just go to a family bathroom. Does that sound like a good idea to you?”

It sounded like it would work. And besides if I went back home I’d end up spending my eighteenth birthday up in my room hiding from Victoria and her friend. I said we could just go. We got to the stop sign before Marie’s house. My heart was fluttering with nervous anticipation. “Goodness! I almost forgot to put your alarm in silent mode. That could have been a disaster.” Mom laughed. I did not find anything funny about her terrible memory, especially when my dignity counted on it.

As we drove up to Marie’s house she was already waiting outside and she ran to our car. Mrs. Morris walked behind her. Marie hopped in the car in the backseat next to me and launched herself into giving me a hug. “Happy Birthday! I am so excited for today. We’re going to have so much fun!” Me and Marie had always hugged each other since we were little, but lately those hugs felt a lot more exciting to me than they used to. I thanked her for getting us tickets and said it was exactly what I wanted. “I know. I’m the best. Me and Mom split the tickets cause I couldn’t pay for them all, so thank her too.” Marie than said hi to my Mom.

Mrs. Morris walked over to the passenger window and leaned in a little bit. I worried she could see what was inside my diaper bag since it was directly below her. I still couldn’t help but peek at her cleavage. She was an attractive redhead, actually Marie being tan and blonde was the only non-ginger in her family. We always joked she was adopted. Mrs. Morris said hi to my Mom and then wished me happy birthday and I thanked her for my present. As Mrs. Morris talked to my Mom and thanked her for driving, Marie rushed her to finish so we could get going.

Once we started going Marie looked at my clothes and said, “That’s a new outfit. Birthday present, huh?” I just nodded not wanting to discuss my birthday present from my parents. “WP… what does that stand for?”

Dammit I hadn’t thought this one through. I tried thinking of something on the spot, but couldn’t. “Um I don’t know actually.”

Marie quizzically asked “Oh?”

I said slightly quieter, “Yea you know how good my Mom is getting at gifts.” Her face lit up as she smiled at me. She knew my Mom’s terrible track record at buying presents. I loved Marie’s smile though, it sort of melted my heart.

She pointed to my watch with a sly little smirk on her face. “That a present from your Mom too?”

I blushed. I had been hoping the watch didn’t look as dorky as I suspected it did. “Yep another Mom present.”

Mom tried dancing in the front to her lame old people music and me and Marie talked the whole way there. She was just as excited as I was for “Drop of Despair”. She said to me, “So Mr. Birthday Boy, is drop of despair first or do we work our way up to that?”

“Hmm. If we got to the park first thing in the morning, I’d say drop of despair first cause no lines. But now I think we’re better working our way up to it. This way everything else doesn’t seem boring after.”

“Good call. I knew there was a reason I picked you as my best friend.” She giggled.

We finally got there and found a spot in the packed parking lot. I was keeping my fingers crossed my diaper bag would stay sitting on the floor in the front. Mom grabbed the bag and we all got out of the car. I watched Marie as she bent over to stretch her legs and back. My eyes locked onto the black thong that peaked out of the back of her shorts.

I noticed how hot it was out, feeling a lot hotter than the seventy degrees it was. I wondered if it was because of what I was wearing. As we stood outside the car Marie said, “I like your bag Mrs. Porcelli. It’s very cute.” My heart started pounding knowing Marie was looking right at my diaper bag.  I wondered if she knew there were diapers inside of it, my diapers…My voice cracked, “Alright what are we waiting for let’s start going.”
Marie laughed at me. “Jeez, pubescent much?” Normally I was good with Marie poking fun at me and would make a jab back at her. That’s how we were, but today I was feeling too self-conscious and was not in the mood. As we walked to the park I focused on keeping my legs pressed together, but then worried if I was overcompensating and making things worse.

When we got in the park Mom told us to have fun and she would be around if we needed anything. She also assured us she wouldn’t be watching us. I asked Marie “So what first? You pick.” She picked an olden wooden coaster. You know, the kind that look and sound like you might not make it off alive. It was a big park and I wondered why she picked the furthest possible one.

Marie tried talking with me, but as we made our way there I just focused on trying to walk normally. I also felt paranoid there was a crinkle accompanying my steps. Marie asked me, “Are you okay?” I told her I was fine and asked why. “I don’t know, you just got kinda quiet. It’s your birthday I thought you’d be more excited.”

I felt bad. I knew she expected me to be stoked about today. I never liked to let Marie down in any way. I realized I wasn’t acting as enthusiastic as I should be. It was because I was so paranoid about these damn diapers. I replied to Marie, “No stop! I am so pumped to be here! I just didn’t sleep good last night I guess.”

Marie lowered her voice, and asked sympathetically, “Middle of the night sheet change?”

I was caught off guard by that. Marie was never shy talking to me about my problem. I was never particularly fond of talking about it, but at least I felt mostly safe about it with her. Not out here in public though. “No… I just didn’t sleep good.”

“Then quit being a debbie downer and wake up!” She stuck her tongue out at me and bumped her hip into mine. I felt her collide with the padding pinned around my waist, and was petrified she could feel it. Marie continued poking fun at me, “Also stop walking like you have a dick up your ass.” I blushed so hard and didn’t say anything in response. I just looked down. It was as obvious as I feared that I couldn’t walk normal. Marie grabbed my hand and stopped walking. “Hey, you know I’m just playing with you. I’m just trying to cheer you up. There’s something up with you today. And don’t even say there’s not because I know you. If you want you can talk to me about it. But let’s try to have fun at least, okay?”

She was so awesome. I loved that she was such a genuine, sincere person. There was never any pretense with her. I actually felt a little better. I smiled at her and apologized. We rode a few intense coasters before Marie said she was thirsty. We stopped to get drinks and snacks. She ordered a coke in one of those huge, crazy shaped cups, and a hot dog. When I ordered the same thing as her, I saw her raise an eyebrow at me. I knew what was implied. ‘Oh come on not you too.’

We found a table and after we sat she said quietly, “I know it’s none of my biz, but are you sure you should have all of that?”

“Trust me, its fine. Besides, it’s really hot out.” She apologized and we went on joking, and talking about music and t.v. shows.

We finished our lunch and drinks and Marie asked, “Log flume next? We could ask your Mom to hold our phones for us.”

“Sounds good to me”, I said. As we walked to the log flume, my diaper invaded and penetrated my consciousness. I thought about it and realized there was a strong possibility my diaper would soak up all of the water from the ride. The log flume was definitely a no-go. “Actually you know what. We got here kind of late, why waste time on the log flume. We need time to ride drop of despair at least three times.”

“Totes good point there”, she replied.

We rode two more coasters and got on the long line for the best one of the day. After twenty minutes of waiting on line, I got a text from my Mom. I read it so the screen was facing away from Marie. “Where are you? I will come get you like we discussed before. I expected you to have texted me by now.” I texted her where we were and said once we were off the ride it was fine. Another twenty minutes went by and we were so close. We’d be on the ride by the next round or the one after that at most. Out of nowhere I had a strong pain in my bladder and I felt like I was ready to burst. I reflexively squeezed my legs shut, which was not so easy to do in my current diapered state. I hunched over and my hands went down to my crotch. I was concentrating so hard when I heard Marie’s voice.

“Let’s go, we can always get back on line after.”

“Huh?” I realized the position I was in and relaxed my stance carefully. The urge ebbed and I knew I could wait until after the ride. There was no way I was getting off line with how close we were. “No I’m fine. We’re too close to get off now.”

“Okay if you say so.” Marie said skeptically. “It really wouldn’t be a big deal if we had to though.”

We were soon in our restraints which had no handles. I guess it was one of the gimmicks of the ride. A sinister voice came over the loud speaker, “Drop of despair, don’t even try to hold on!” And with that we were quickly ascending the first hill. I was building with excited anticipation. With terrible timing my urge to pee than hit me again, even stronger this time. I clenched my legs as I felt a dribble of pee escape into my diapers. At this point I was almost tuning out the ride because I was trying so hard to keep the contents of my bladder out of my diaper. I would feel so ashamed if that happened. It would almost validate I needed them. I regretted not getting off of the line like Marie suggested.

People started screaming and my stomach was in my mouth and I felt weightless. We were going down the first drop. My fingernails dug into the restraints as I squeezed with all my might. As we dropped into back to back loop de loops I completely and utterly lost control of my bladder. I could feel a stream of urine relentlessly pouring out into my diaper. As we flipped over and over I could feel the warm urine spreading to all parts of my diaper. I was scared I would leak everywhere. No matter how hard I tried stopping it, the stream kept coming. Eventually I stopped going. I was still being tossed from side to side as I did my best to feel around my clothing to see if I leaked. It seemed like I hadn’t, although I could feel the wetness within my diaper. I was soaked!

When we got off the ride Marie let out a short “WOO!” She jumped up and down a few times and looked at me. “Oh my God! How insane was that?! Let’s go again!” I tried to be as enthusiastic as I could be walking around in a sopping wet diaper. I was surprised I wasn’t dripping with the way I felt down there.

With that I saw Mom walking over to us. Even though she didn’t look to happy, I never thought I’d be so relieved to see her. “Well it looks like you two are having fun. Thanks for letting me know where you guys were Chris. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I need some help out in the car Chris. Would you mind helping me quick?”

“Uh… I guess if I have to.” I tried not to sound too relieved about it.

“I’ll come too then.” Marie said.

“No don’t be silly honey. I just need Chris. There’s no point of you missing out on any fun, especially when you put in money for the tickets.”

Marie looked over at me for approval, “Are you sure? I really wouldn’t care.” I told her it was fine and to have fun. I watched as she got on line for the same ride again and Mom started walking me to the other side of the park. I wondered if I should tell her about the accident or just wait til we got to the bathroom.

Mom did not take so much care to speak quietly as Marie did. “Why do you always wait to the last minute to go the bathroom? You’re very lucky you had a diaper on, do you realize that young man? I told you to watch what you drank. Don’t think I didn’t see you gulping down that whole entire thing of coke. And my alerts tell me how much you let out, so I still would’ve known either way. Don’t think you’re fooling anyone but yourself.”

Mom seemed to know exactly where she was going as she dragged me across the park, bearing down on my wrist. I tried pulling myself free, but Mom was stronger than I expected. She led us to a bathroom that had a sign of a man, woman and baby in a diaper on the door. She knocked and when no one answered she opened the door and dragged me in. She locked the door behind us and placed the bag on the ground.

She walked around me while picking up my shirt and inspecting my shorts. “You’re lucky you didn’t leak. I really should make you sit in that thing a while longer, but I don’t want you leaking all over yourself.” Mom took all off of my clothes completely off to which I protested. She replied to me, “It’ll make things easier so we don’t get your clothes wet.” I stopped arguing as Mom placed my clothes in the bag and pulled out a giant pad that she laid on the floor. She then reached into the bag and pulled out a diaper and unfolded it, before placing it down on the pad. I still couldn’t believe how big those things were. She then set up the stuffers just like Emily. She unlocked my plastic pants and as they dropped I was hit by a wave of ammonia. Mom’s face cringed.

Looking down at the diaper awaiting me I got really anxious. The thought of Mom diapering me was somehow infinitely worse than Emily doing it. It just made it so much more babyish. “We can leave now if you want, but do I really have to put another one on? I’ll even pee more right now. I’ll be fine without it.”

“Seriously? Do you really think you’re in the position to tell me you don’t need diapers, when you’re standing there in a drenched one?” Mom undid my pins and the heavy diaper plopped onto the plastic pants below. I somehow felt more naked than I actually was after having that ginormous diaper removed from my body. “Let’s go down on the diaper.”

There was a knock on the door and Mom yelled out “Give us a few minutes please.” She then angrily said to me, “I am not going to ask again. Lay down before I make you sorry.” I did as I was told and assumed the position on my awaiting diaper. Mom sprinkled powder on me and seemed to struggle as she rushed to get my pins into place. She poked me a few times, to which I winced and let out an “Ow” every time. It wasn’t long before my diaper was on. Mom pulled new plastic pants out of the bag and pulled them up. She then grabbed a bag from her bag which I found a little amusing. That didn’t last long as I felt ashamed watching her disgustedly place my sodden diapers and plastic pants into the bag.

A more frantic knock came at the door this time. Mom yelled out, “Just one second!” She quickly snapped my onesie into place, and once more my massive diaper was snugly hugging my body. She helped me get my clothes on and Mom threw the pad into her bag and washed her hands. I was not looking forward to walking out of the bathroom with someone waiting. I knew how odd it would look walking out with my Mom. She walked out first and I reluctantly followed. I looked down to see a little kid doing the potty dance, with a look on his face like he’d burst any second. He looked over at my shirt and then up to my face and then over at my Mom. He looked flabbergasted. I knew it looked weird to walk out of the bathroom with your Mom at my age. I looked over at the young lady standing next to the kid, presumably his mother. She had the same exact look on her face as she gawked at me. We made eye contact and I looked away immediately. I looked back at the kid who was still staring at me, and realized he had on the same exact shirt as me. A light blue t-shirt with “WP” in bubble letters on the front. He kept looking back at me as his mother pulled him into the bathroom. I could’ve sworn I heard her say, “That’ll be you one day if you don’t start trying harder.” I was burning with humiliation. I couldn’t believe that actually just happened. I don’t know if Mom was aware of it or not.

Mom told me I had until it got dark until we had to leave. She also warned me she wasn’t sure if she did the best job diapering me, so not to drink anymore. I texted Marie to see where she was and tried my best to suppress the embarrassment I just endured.

When I met up with Marie she asked me, “What was all that about?”

I was terrible at making up lies. “Oh it was nothing. Just something stupid.”

Marie just said, “Okay then.” She could always tell when to back off. She asked if I was up for more rides and we only got in Drop of Despair two more times by the time it was dark out. I actually got to enjoy it at least. When we left Mom was already waiting for us in the car.

We hit a lot of traffic on the ride home.  I eventually got a whiff of pee and was confused cause I knew I didn’t wet. Mom had gotten the smell out of the car from the last accident, so it wasn’t that either. ‘It must be those stupid wet diapers sitting in the bag.’ I realized why throw away diapers had become so popular.

Everyone in the car was quiet being mostly worn out. Me and Marie just showed each other videos on our phones for a while. I heard Marie sniff the air and she looked down at my crotch. “You didn’t, did you?”

I got embarrassed about her candidness, but I never got angry about it since it was coming from her. Sometimes it was actually a little comforting. It made me feel as if my issues were nothing to hide, even though I knew that wasn’t the truth.

“Oh, um no. It’s probably just the smell from another time.”

“Yeah that’s what I thought, sorry to ask.” I told her it was fine. As we got nowhere in traffic, and as it got later our exchange of videos slowed down until we were just doing our own things.

It was after a little while that Marie got a naughty look on her face, as she slowly reached down for the button of my shorts. I tried stopping her frantically but she persisted. As Marie started to pull down the zipper I looked up front nervously to see if Mom was watching, which she wasn’t. I panicked knowing any second Marie would be unveiling my diaper, but this was still exciting. I was a little confused where this was going when Marie grabbed a water bottle and pulled back the waist of my plastic pants. She let the warm water soak into the front of my diaper. It was strangely arousing and Marie started calling out my name. “Chris…Chris!” My eyes fluttered open. As the hazy world around me came into focus, I saw that beautiful blonde smiling intently at me. “Yay the sleepy head is up. I just wanted to say bye before I go inside.” I looked around to validate we were parked in front of Marie’s house.

“Okay bye Marie. Thank you again. Today was so awesome. You really are the best friend in this entire world.”

To my complete surprise and delight she kissed me on the cheek “I know I am. Now goodnight.” I said goodnight back and almost let that three word, eight letter phrase slip out. Sure we used to say it to each other when we were little, but now it would be different, and now was not the right time.

With all of the chaos of the day I had forgotten my plans on making my big move on Marie. Besides that should probably wait til I wasn’t wearing diapers. Just in case things developed quicker than expected. But all in all today didn’t feel a complete loss. I felt closer with Marie today than I had in a while.

Story is written by Stacylove92