No Mom! I got it

Poor little furry looks like someone wont to prove to mom that he is a big boy. Although he still needs his night time diaper by putting on his own footed sleeper whiteout any help from mom. I sure hope that he manage to do it :)

Aren`t You a little to old for these?

This girl sure have one special look that make you feel ashamed and blushing over that you still are in diapers.

Poor Nock – BlankiePlush

Poor Nock he sure dont seems to be happy whit the results of his sneaky plan. Looks like he is force to spend some some times in Aito`s little kids diaper.

Sleeping on the floor – AitoKitsune

Aww it looks like this little diaperfur maybe have fallen off the bed during his sleep. Or maybe he sleep on the floor?