AR (age regression) Diapers

AR (age regression) Diapers
Well this is awkward. Trying out a new diaper brand instead of my usual and look what happened!

Husky and text by svaubel

Draw by catmonkshiro


Poor huskyAR (age regression) Diapers it seems like this new diaper brand that he is trying have some special regression powers when you decide to wear them.

Looks the diaper is already starting to doing it magic whit you regression your back to childhood.

Cute Safari diaper photos – corney512


Looks like corney512 decided to post some nice and cute Safari diaper photos on his tumblr blog. I really like the lion that they have printed on this diaper. It look so cute and happy.

A bottle for Rev

A bottle for RevAn absolutely adorable piece of adult Revel drinking a bottle of milk before taking a nap during the day, dressed in his favorite pink onesie.

Revel and text by FluffyLilRev

Draw by yookey


Looks like this cute little Revel is almost ready for his bedtime. The thick night diaper is one and he is wearing his favorite pink onesieA bottle for Rev the only thing left for him to do now is to suck this nice baby bottleA bottle for Rev that have some nice milk inside.

This is going to make him having some nice and good dreams.

Diaper series part 1 dry – Justinmmiller23

Show off of the completely dry diaper soon to be filled up. I used to be Justin Miller on YouTube and I made several videos on there and now I am back for a series of videos. I also was pretty popular on nappyuw.

Video and text by Justinmmiller23

Looks like this diaper boy showing off his dry Tykables Overnights that soon is going to be put to some good use :)

Neat diaper disposal system

neat diaper disposal systemSource:

Yes a good diaper pailNeat diaper disposal system is always good to have to dispose your used diaper so you dont need to smell all the stinky diaper that you have store away inside there.

Custom made elephant diaper


This is one very cute custom made elephant diaper that babypudge decided to share some very nice and cute photos of on Tumblr. This diaper should be very nice to wear. Wounder who have made them? I really need to check this out.