Downside and Upside on age regression

Downside when it comes to age regression.


tumblr_n6wstcMMo61t1o2w7o10_1280This is really some bad downside special when it comes to the last picture. But are it not any good things about age regression? Yes it is


tumblr_n6wstcMMo61t1o2w7o8_1280Yes this is some weary good points.

If you wont to see more drawing on the downside and upside on age regression you can find it on this Tumblr blog.


I have not draw this.

Babyfur Comic: The three wishes part 4

The three wishes part 4Cub: Digitz

Draw by: BabyStar


Aww this was a weary big burp from this little cub but i bet it was nice for his tummy to get some air out that dont should be there.

This is a weary cute page and Digitz should not be worry that he have a wet diaper that is normal for a cub to have a wet diaper after the bottle time.

Should be nice to see how the next pages is going to look like.

Babyfur Comic: The three wishes part 1 to 3

The three wishes part 1Cub and order by: Digitz

Draw by: BabyStar


aww so blushing to be in front off all this people wearing only a diaper and a t-shirt that dont cover his diaper butt :)

The three wishes part 2Cub and order by: Digitz

Draw by: BabyStar


Aww so cute. a Baby shower so sweet a baby shower and he is the baby that they going to practices on when it comes to bottle feeding and all kind of baby stuff even diaper change :) It should be so nice if something like that happen to me i bet i should love it allot even if Digitz dont seems to like it that match and i can understand it is kind of a blushing situation to stand there in the middle of the room wearing only a diaper and some baby cloths. But it make him look weary cute special when he is blushing to it add something special to it. Do you dont think that to?

The three wishes part 3Cub and order by: Digitz

Draw by: BabyStar


Aww so cute Digitz look so cute on the changing table when he lying there waiting for his new diaper butt first he need to have some baby powder on his bottom so he dont end up whit rash.

Babyfur Comic: First Law

Babyfur Comic: First LawOf Medics is…don’t become a patient.

You can’t help anyone like that…


Text and drawing by: Reva_the_Scarf.


Wounder what happen whit this boy in the first time? Maybe it was the same thing that happen to this girl? And what sort of place is this? Some sort of experiment off some kind? Hard to know but it is a great comic and i think i would like to volunteer if this thing was for real. Should be nice to have someone looking after you and give you your bottle and change your diaper when you are wet or messy that should be something weary awesome :) I know it is many adult babys out there that dream about this sort of thing.

I really love Reva_the_Scarf drawing skills.

Baby boss

Baby boss
Remember when  grandpa  Richard and  the boss turned  Matt into a baby? Then  Matt decided to use his well-known  youth formula and  he threw a few drops into his boss’s coffee before going to bed.The result?The next morning, a beautiful little pup  was lying on the bed!

Matt!:Oh!My baby boss is already awake!You and I will have a day filled with lots of fun,but first your little  blue bottom needs a good bath and  later ,a good and fresh diaper too!Look what I got for you! A good bottle with hot milk!You’ll be in my arms all day! I will kissing  you and cuddle you too!Until tomorrow…you  will be my big boss again!”

Then Matt took the boss in his arms and gave him several  soft pats on his  little ass and headed to the bathroom …while Richard snuggled into his chest!^.^

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Hope he dont end up having a accident now when he is laying on the bed completely naked whiteout a diaper.

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