Shade Koopa_Puppeteer’s Plaything 5

Shade Koopa_Puppeteer's Plaything 5shadekoopa still tangled in the puppeteer’s strings, gets a much needed change… though his protests for not wanting to be padded again come off as protests of not wanting a change… and with that paci in his maw he can’t tell people different.

Koopa: shadekoopa

Text and draw by: catmonkshiro


aww good thing the baby shadekoopa is back into some clean diapers now instead of the wet and messy ones. It is always nice to where something clean and dry.

Babyfur comic: The trouble with family

The trouble with family

So poor Digitz cousins can be jerks really. Poor Digitz size means he’s pretty easy to pick on.

Cub: Digitz

Draw by: BabyStar


Poor Digitz it looks like he have end up in some big trouble now when his cousins find out that he like sucking his thumb and snuggling whit his blankie. Now when they take him outside for a walk everyone is going to see him dress up like a baby.

Babyfur Comic: Dark Dee Chronicles Part 1 to 5

Dark Dee Chronicles Part 1Order: Rogeykun

Draw by: tato


Poor little boy bee it dont look like he wont to learn how it is to wear diaper but it look like the other bee dont give him any chance. I hope he is going to learn to accept the situation soon.

Dark Dee Chronicles Part 2Order: Rogeykun

Draw by: tato


Look like dee get introduce to more thing then the diaper. Now have the other bee force him to suck a baby bottle and the same time get his diaper bottom check. I bet he feel kind of humiliated now.

Dark Dee Chronicles Part 3Order: Rogeykun

Draw by: tato


And after dee have finish his bottle it seems like it is time for his nap and like all baby do when they sleep he need to get comfy to suck on a pacifier. Since he now seems to be a baby he wake up whit a wet diaper after his little nap.

Dark Dee Chronicles Part 4Order: Rogeykun

Draw by: tato


Now when Dee have finish his baby training it seems like it is time to put him in some weary thick diaper that can keep the skin and cloths dry from all his small accident that he have now so it need to be thick.

And it is good that he is starting to like it to.

Dark Dee Chronicles Part 5Order: Rogeykun

Draw by: tato


Look like the little baby bee have a new mammy now. Thats good a cub need to have one that could care for them and make sure they are safe and happy.

Back to the diapers!

Back to the diapers!One Sunday afternoon, Matt and  grandpa Richard were talking about many things, including when Matt was just a pup!

Feeling somewhat nostalgic for the past, Richard offered to his son Matt ,a  good cup of coffee … but this coffee had a very special ingredient!

And that “special ingredient” transformed Matt into a pup!

Grandpa Richard with a big grin said:”My Matt is a baby again and this certificate will proves it! You’ll be a baby for several days, oh Matt…my little puppy looks so cute wearing denim diapers!”

I am sure that grandpa Richard doesn’t feel nostalgic already!*giggling*

Lineart by Victor/colors by nelson88


Aww poor Matt it seems like he is back as a cute little baby again sucking his pacifier and wearing his cute poofy diaper.

Babyfur Comic: He’s a Natural

He's a NaturalCub: Digitz

Draw by: toddlergirl


I can really agree on the title of this drawing he is really good when it comes to be in a diaper commercial. Special now when he have had a taste of that FOY water. Wounder how long the power off that FOY water will work on him? But i most say that he look way more cuter as a baby bear then an adult bear so maybe they give him more water so they can use him for more baby commercial?

And i agree all diaper change should end whit a pat on the diaper bottom and snuggling. That is so cozy and awesome.

Downside and Upside on age regression

Downside when it comes to age regression.


tumblr_n6wstcMMo61t1o2w7o10_1280This is really some bad downside special when it comes to the last picture. But are it not any good things about age regression? Yes it is


tumblr_n6wstcMMo61t1o2w7o8_1280Yes this is some weary good points.

If you wont to see more drawing on the downside and upside on age regression you can find it on this Tumblr blog.


I have not draw this.