Babyfur Comic: Your New Bedroom

Your New BedroomOrder by babychloe

Draw by tato


It looks like it is back to baby hood for this girl it is even diaper time when it comes to school.

Sissy McCutie Girl – isidetape

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Looks like this diaper boy have a fun time in the nursery waddling around in only his ABU Lavender diaper :)

PWYW – Industrial Infantilization part 2

PWYW - Industrial Infantilization part 2ryuumaru gets taken further into the factory, rolled off a conveyor belt and falling into a rather snug pair of overalls. Quite a perilous situation!

Human ryuumaru

Draw by terribad


Aww this is one cute blushing baby boy we have here and the print of a Charmander on the front of his overall is so cute. It really fit good together whit his thick diaper :)

Trevor-fox sissymouse setup

Trevor-fox sissymouse setuptalk about a full restart… He never expected the game to manifest on himself… it’s bad enough that he’s been stripped of control over his faculties and been turned into a mouse, but by did the game recognise him as a girl on top of it! despite the pink fur… he is still male… must be a glitch in the code…

Maybe there’s a way to fix this? poor mousie…

Mouse Trevor-fox

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Poor mouse. It looks like it is back to the beginning for this furry.

Hope he found a way out of this mess before it is to late.

Just like a Big Boy

Just like a Big BoyLooks like someone’s a big kid now.

Draw and everything by ZuAgo


Looks like Falco is on the road to be a big boy now when he is learning to go on the potty instead of his diaper.

A not so accident in my diaper – Ditzi Puppy

Looks like this diaper boy ended up wetting his Tykables Overnights. It is kind of nice to suddenly see a wet spot that is growing on the diaper front.